Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

So, following yesterday's outing to drop off my signed offer at my new job (!), I headed downtown to look for a Desigual jacket - I really wanted one like my dress so I went to two stores that usually have a few.

Not much selection, sadly, but then I remembered another store that I'd seen them in last summer - and I found an amazing jacket there! Yay!

I caught a bus home, then quickly realized it wasn't going where I thought it would, so I hopped off and headed for another bus stop. On my way, a woman stopped me and asked if she could take my picture. She does a Twitter thing where she takes pictures of people on the street that she thinks are well-dressed. Well, how cool is that?? Shout out to Missy - I've forgotten the name of your Twitter account, so if you drop by, leave me a comment.

As I was standing at the bus stop, I waved to the bus driver so that he'd stop (they're touchy that way sometimes), and some random person started waving at me down the block. It was Ruth! And G! And they had just picked up Ruth's engagement ring! We celebrated the good fortune of all of us with a few drinks. How cool that we all got to have a nice moment together. Awwww.

Which brings us to today:
I do like to dress when I'm going out, even if it's just to the regular ol' diner for brunch. This is my purple cashmere sweater (last seen here) and long denim skirt (last seen here), along with my purple combat boots (last worn here).

But no one looked at that stuff. This was the star:
Let's take our time and fully enjoy this beauty. It's Desigual and it was $489.00. Yes, I choked a little bit when I heard the total, but I'm in love and it's worth every penny - this is a piece of art and I can tell a lot of hand-work went into it. Plus, I paid cash so I don't feel a smidge of guilt. I will always own this jacket.

Fully buttoned-up (except for the collar):
Like on my dress, every button is unique. I love all the emerald greens with the turquoise. The black sections are a felted wool. That sort of pebbly texture at the cuffs and on the centre panel is the same as the back panel on my dress (although the dress has black beads sewn on it). And yes, that's a peacock embroidered on the front!

Someone is helping me show off the back:
Hee, he always looks so startled when he's listening to the camera timer.

Ooh, the purple, the floral patterns, the line of embroidered roses across the waist! Like my dress, this also has the large panel at the top. It reminds me of how guys would put a "back patch" (like an Iron Maiden one or something) on their jean jackets back in the day. Heh.

As with all of Desigual's pieces, the attention to detail is wonderful:
Emerald green satin lining and the backing of the front edge is a fine turquoise and brown dot pattern. There are two hidden pockets on the front as well (you can see my hand in one above) and both are lined...with different fabrics. Attention to detail is my thing, man, and this jacket goes to 11.

Here are some detail shots:
The inside back lining. It's two fashionable ladies having a stroll in some overgrown gardens. I am too old for such short shorts/skirts.

The front of the jacket:
Click the pic to enlarge a bit.

The wonderful mix of fabrics, patterns and heart is happy. The peacock is sewn with metallic thread.

The back patch:
It's some sort of crazy abstract art composition. The entire patch of fabric is fuzzy, like bouclé wool. And check out the purple lamé section across the back of the neck! Caw! The crow in me loves this.

I had to take a picture of this button - it's the bottom one:
Just like with my dress, I've always got my eye on you.

Anyway, the jacket caused a stir (well, duh), and my favourite waitress at the diner bought me mimosas to celebrate my employment, so lunch was delightful.

But best of all, tonight it's Winesday and I'm going to surprise my lovely women (whoever hasn't read my blog in the last 24 hours, ha) with my exciting news and we will eat and drink and be merry and swap clothes.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

And because it's not a great weekend without another cat picture:
Such cuteness!

Jacket ("Abrig_Colette", Desigual), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Congats on your new job! SO excited for you! :)

  2. Wow, Sheila, that jacket is sublime, lux, and worth every penny. It looks like it's a substantial weight too. I love the Inigo pictures! So much is looking up for you lately. I'm glad to hear it!

  3. This must be one of the best coats EVER! I really adore most of Desiqual clothes!! And it seems like it suits your style! Thank you for your nice comment over at Ralph's! Nice to meet you! (hey - I love that your blog has a greek word for a title!-You're my favourite new blogger now!)

  4. Delurking to congratulate you on the new job. That's fantastic! And that jacket is beautiful on you.

  5. Your new coat is so spectacular! Way to celebrate!! Congratulations.:)

  6. I'm so in love with that coat! It really has everything a beautiful coat should have:-) Congratulations on your new job:-)

  7. That coat is the perfect celebration for a new job! Awesome and congratulations again!
    (and glad you're okay)

  8. WOW! That was a great weekend for sure! Congratulations on the new job!!! Have fun getting to know it and everyone you will be working with. What an amazing way to celebrate the new job with a stunning new jacket. Expensive, but so worth it and you will have it forever. Thanks for the Inigo pictures too, he's so cute!

  9. As one who sews I have to say that coat is gorgeous! A lot of work went into it.

  10. Sheila's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat! Love it.

  11. Thanks, Faith!

    Megan, isn't it amazing? I love it - yes, it is quite thick and heavy. I won't be able to wear it in the summer! Thanks so much - last year was a tough year, so it's good to feel things are turning around for me.

    dimi, thank you - I agree! I love Desigual's stuff. Nice to meet you too!

    Thanks, Iris!

    Emmanuelle, thank you so much for commenting! Aw, thanks!

    Jody, thanks!

    Eileen, thanks!

    Comewhine, thank you - I agree. Thanks so much! I'm really excited about it.

    Rita, thanks, hon!

    Alison, isn't it fab? Yeah, it will be weird to have a whole new set of people to inflict (heh heh) myself on.

    Chris, I thought so - thanks for confirming!

  12. The coat is just gorgeous...and everything seems to be looking up!

  13. wow! Beautiful coat! Love all the details. Great way to celebrate the new job. I have a short jacket that reminds me a little of yours. see

  14. Indigo is so cute!!! Love that you got a new job. That celebration jacket is amazing.

    PS Indigo still looks like he could use some Weight Watchers! ;)

  15. Congratulations on your new job!
    The jacket is divine, as you already know. Well done.

  16. Desigual is totally unexpected... there is a store here that carries the brand. I am afraid to go.

  17. HOORAY!!!!!! Congratulations on the new job, Sheila! So glad you had such a perfect weekend (and surrounded by so much cuteness)!

  18. Thank you, Terri! I does seem that way - maybe karma does come around!

    Kari, thank you. Your jacket is awesome!

    Northmoon, heh, I need to post more cat pictures. He's getting more exercise with me being home and he has dropped a bit, but we're going to have to figure out something for when I'm gone all day.

    Kelly, thank you!

    Lorena, they make purses like this - maybe that would be more your style? Check it out!

    Judy, thank you!

  19. I'm a bit late to the part here, but congratulations on the new job! That must feel good.

    And, wowza - I love that coat. I hadn't even heard of the brand until a few months ago, and now I'm stalking a bunch of Desigual auctions on ebay.

  20. Wow, that coat is just phantasmagoric! You'll be able to gaze into it for hours--and it looks good on you~Paula

  21. Congrats on the new job! Well done! You do know that we will all expect new and exciting OOTD's to go with the new job. You will have a brand new "audience" with new colleagues.

  22. Sorry I've not had a chance to read blogs for a couple of days and I missed your fantastic new job news! Whoo Hoooo! Congratulations :-). Will you carry on with the WW leading as well?

    Love this new jacket - it's just perfect for you, and such a perfect treat! :-)

    Good luck in the new job - you rock Sheila :-)

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  24. Ack, I could cry over the long denim skirt I hacked to a boring middle of the road length.

  25. Woah! That coat is just incredible! Completely stunning, and so very *you*.

    Congrats on the new job, too - that's fantastic news! :)

  26. Karen, thank you, it does, it feels great! Thanks - I know, it's popping out of the woodwork like mad lately. Good luck - I hope you get some!

    Donna, thank you! Yes, I'm pretty excited about showing off all my clothes to new people. I hope I don't scare them!

    Tat, no worries! Woo hoo! thank you! Yes, I can carry on with my Tues group during my lunch break, and I'll still do some fill-ins on the weekends. Thanks! I love the jacket - can't wait to wear it again, but it will soon be too warm for it. Thanks, hon, I appreciate that. :)

    Hi, Dorota, thanks very much.

    Wendy, aw, what did you go and do that for?

    Cat, thank you! I love it so much. Thanks! I'm a little nervous now.

  27. Congrats Sheila - this is awesome news indeed. I hope you really love your new gig.

    And that jacket.......swoon! It's perfection in jacket form. Great choice!

    Where is there other Desigual stuff in our little town?


  28. R, thank you! You can find a few jackets at Didi's Boutique in Market Square, both location of Mango's on Johnson street (the lower Johnson store also has dresses and handbags and shirts), and The Bay also carries some of their line.

  29. Had to go back and look at this again. That is the most beautiful coat I have ever seen.

  30. Thanks, Lesa, I'll be wearing it again on Tuesday.


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