Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leopard Week! Leopard for Luck - 2nd Interview

Welcome to Leopard Week! Go here for links to participants.

Yes, I wore leopard to a job interview! Following last week's successful interview, I carefully prepared my outfit for this one:
I'm wearing my leopard blouse that I wore for the Wardrobe Challenge in February, with a black cami underneath and a denim blazer (yes!) over that. I kept the jacket done up the entire time.

I thought long and hard about wearing denim for an interview. But frankly, I didn't want the interviewers to be put off due to my age (it's easy for employers to figure out about how old you are when you start listing your education), or feel like I am too old for this position (I kind of got that vibe at the last place I interviewed), so I chose to wear the denim jacket to project more of a youthful image. It's also quite a casual office, so it wasn't inappropriate.

I thought it also toned down the leopard, and I love that it is cut so nicely - it holds everything in! I last wore it here.
On the bottom is a new dark chocolate brown pencil skirt that I got at Plum (it was a sample, $18). But check out my shoes!

The stuff:
They're a thick suede penny-loafer with a lug sole and a pointy heel. What I love is that the heel is not actually as high as it looks - it's barely 2.5". I ran half a block to the bus stop in these and they were comfy as heck.

And even better? They were cheap!
$115 on for $34.50, not bad! I do love Town Shoes' clearances.
Overall, I think I did really well in the interview, and I hope to get some good news next week!

Jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), blouse (Planet, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Tobias), shoes (kate & mel).


  1. Oooo, so fun! You put so much thought into the outfit. Those shoes are so cute and remind of some I saw from the Cavalli show a blogger posted, yesterday I think... I'm not sure though. If I find it I'll add a link for you.

  2. You look great, Shelia! I think you nailed the style portion of the interview!!

  3. I hope you get the job! I think the leopard is subtle enough for an interview somewhere that isn't too formal. I wore a tan suit when I interviewed for my current job, so sometimes being a little less formal works out.

  4. The photo of this interview outfit looks VERY classy. Hope you get the job!

  5. Thanks, Alison, yeah, I always try to get the look as right as I can. How cool if my shoes are trendy!

    Pam, thank you!

    Rebecca, me too, thanks! Many companies seem to be relaxing that suit stance, which is nice.

    Thank you, Terri!

  6. This looks great. Fingers crossed about the job!

  7. Ha ha! That's awesome how you worked leopard into your interview item!

  8. I found them! Scroll down a bit and look at the heeled penny loafers... So cute!

  9. You look great! I love that you still went for the leopard print. Fingers crossed for you. I love platforms at the front of shoes, they help make things more comfortable and make your legs look miles long.

  10. Thanks, Kelly!

    Cara, but of course!

    Alison, wow, those are way more awesome than mine! I wish I had those hot pink ones!

    Thanks, Megan! So true about platforms!

  11. Fingers, toes, and elbows crossed about your job opportunity!!! Based on the awesomeness of your outfit, you're bound to get it :)

    Also, I am covetous of those amazing shoes AND your shoe thrifting skills.

  12. You leopard print outfits have been flawless. A true dedication to a timeless look.

  13. Scary, thank you so much! FYI, the shoes were purchased new - and although I was thrify, they weren't thrifted.

    Style Crone, thank you so much - I really appreciate that!

  14. I love animal print and you rocked it with this outfit.

  15. Looking fantastic! Good luck with the interview, and I hope you get the job.

  16. It's a great outfit - you look smart and very polished. Good luck ... I 'm looking forward to your good news next week!

  17. You looked classy and fashionable. A home run for an interview outfit, I say!

  18. Those shoes are fabulous... and I like them even more after I saw the price tag :)
    I am wearing leopard today in my shoes !!!
    I hope you interview went well - have a good weekend.

  19. Gooooood luck! I think you look SMASHING.

  20. Hey There Carole! (love the name), thank you so much!

    Thanks, 'Doll, me too.

    Thank you, Baxter. Fingers crossed.

    Aw, thanks, Goose!

    Lorena, aren't they cute? I would never have bought them at full price. Woo, I will be over to check out your leopard shoes shortly.

    Thanks, Sal!

    Hi, Citizen Rosebud (Bella), thank you so much!

  21. Awesome outfit- you look SO well put together. Best of luck!

  22. Love your outfit! Best of luck with the interview. I hope the job is yours!

  23. Well done, Sheila. I like that you adjusted your interview outfit for the group. Great eye for details with that -- which we already knew you had. :)

  24. Thanks, Rita!

    Jodi, thank you - fingers crossed.

    Thanks, Kristen! I hope it made the difference.


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