Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Fluevog A Day - Listen Ups O'Hara

Thank you all for your very kind words about my blogging b-day - it was also my 900th post, coincidently. How's that for timing? Today's outfit isn't really what I envisioned. I think I am going to relegate this ruffly sweater to casual wear. It's not quite right with my outfits. I last wore it here. Agree? Anyway, let's move on!

Taking inspiration from the name of today's shoes, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" And "After all, tomorrow is another day." The Fluevog of the Day is from the new and revamped Listen Ups family (I have 3 pairs from the older, now discontinued Listen Ups family, including these ones that I wore last week). It is so aptly named the O'Hara (see the Fluevog listing here).

My tights are not that pink - they actually do match the burgundy in my blouse! I think of this now as my "Lorena blouse" because she wants it when I'm tired of it (no, I have not forgotten that). Last seen here. This skirt is new-to-me. I picked it up a couple of weekends ago for about $18 (I can't remember, and they took the tag off in the consignment shop). It's a really thick velvet and replaces my old white jean skirt that I thrashed.

But back to the shoes. The sweet, sweet shoes.
Oh heavens. Believe it or not, these are super comfortable. I was shocked in the store when I tried them on, and I walked all over my office today with absolutely no pain.

Here are some shoe details. The sole:
Of course, it says "Listen Up".

The heel has John's signature:
And his signature is stamped on the ankle.
I love all these details that they do on their shoes.

The stuff:
Yup, that's stuff.

A close-up:
Pretty standard!

Cardigan (American Rag Cie, consignment), blouse (Zara, consignment), skirt (B.U.M. Equipment, consignment), belt and earrings (Plum), ring (Fossil), wrist wrap (Club Monaco), shoes (Listen Up O'Hara, Fluevogs).


  1. I like how the Fleuvogs look like typical trendy shoes until you see their unique Fluevog details.
    Sadly, I had guests over last night and the chili chocolate is gonnnnneeee.

  2. Oooohh those 'vogs are just as lovely as I imagined (from oogling the site). I think your shoe closet has just won my "Most Coveted" label.

  3. Jentine, yes, me too! These are not Payless knock-offs! Aw, you need to buy more. STAT!

    Megan, I liked them on the display but once I saw them on my feet I was sold! Hee, covet all you want, I know you have little feet. ;)

  4. Wow, what striking shoes. Their radical design really catches your eye. Glad to hear they aren't uncomfortable.

    In the Fashion Parade, you're leading us!

  5. Great shoes and outfit! I love it that you can mix different styles like that and pull it off!! Why don't we get those cool shoes in Greece?? (....or do we?)Kisses

  6. Wow, 3 years AND 900 posts? That's almost as awesome as your shoes! Congrats :)

  7. I am so impressed by how comfortable Fluevogs are. Makes it easier to end up yet with another pair after you make the mistake of trying them on in the store!!!

    Those are a great pair of shoes, they really make that outfit. (Except for the cardigan - I know you can find a better jacket or sweater)

    And I know your feet are much bigger than mine, or I'd be considering a raid on your closet too ;)

  8. Haha! You read my thoughts, I was thinking OH WOW it's that Zara top again, the one I want ! haha :)
    Those Fluevogs are fabulous ! The detail makes all the difference - I must add that for some crazy, unknown reason I almost never wear my Fluevogs....

  9. I was so impressed with the blue-eyed kitty that I forgot to say Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more posts!
    Fluevogs are amazing and so is your collection. I remember when the store just opened in Vancouver (about 1997 or 98), I went in there and drooled non stop...

  10. Wow! happy belated blog birthday! 900 posts - you're like the 'ironman' of blogging! ;)

    and i REALLY like the tunic with that velvet skirt - yummmm.....then those shoes, it's like a heart attack! and i think that cardi looks nice, the ruffles echo all the swirliness on the tunic fabric. heehee, 'Lorena's blouse' - that's fun! have a great day, steph

  11. Wow, love the Fluevogs (what a surprise that is...); the buckles are wonderful.

  12. Thanks, Ralph, aren't they cool? I need a better outfit to show them off, though.

    Dimi, thank you! Sorry, there are no European retailers of Fluevog (I checked the website for you), but you can order online. Make sure you read the comments to get an idea about the sizing.

    Thanks so much, Anne!

    Northmoon, I do find it really depends on the style. I had to get rid of a pair of their Angels that totally destroyed my feet. I actually tried on about 8 pairs of shoes, knowing that ones that look good on display aren't always the ones that will look good on my foot. I'm often surprised when ones that don't initially appeal to me look fantastic on, as was the case with these. Hee, get out of my closet, you!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Lorena, ha ha, I knew you would comment on it. I am still loving this top, but it's got your name on it. Thanks so much - you should wear your Fluevogs!

    Aw, thank you, Tanya! They've had a store on Granville since the 80s (I remember going there as a teen).

    Steph, thank you so much! No, the Ironman (woman?) is Kasmira - she's been doing this forever! Aw, thank you. I still think the cardit is too casual for my daytime work look.

    Thanks, Waves! I love the buckles, any buckles!

  13. I loved those O'Haras as soon as I saw them on the Fluevog site; but they look even better on you - I love that you paired them with bright tights - it really draws attention to the shoes in a gorgeous way!

  14. Thanks so much, Karen. I'm looking forward to wearing them bare-legged.


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