Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leopard Week! Got the Red Pants Memo

Welcome to Leopard Week! Go here for links to participants.

Another casual day here at Leopard Central. Tonight I'm headed off to a friend's place for a Craft Corner Deathmatch (not really, but we will be doing crafts). I really loved that show when it was on - but I don't look much like the Craft Lady of Steel:
These are my new-ish red mystery jeans (last seen here), with one of my graphic tees, and my denim shirt. Ha! I'm doing double denim!
I added my leopard flat wedges (last seen here, oh my, in June) and a leopard scarf at the neck - and I rolled the cuffs of my jeans for sort of an Audrey Hepburn casual look.
In a bizarre coincidence, both Bev at Style Underdog and Jentine at My Edit are also doing red jeans - with leopard! It's always nice when you get the memo.

Unfortunately, due to crazy weather, I had to bundle up:
This is the first appearance of my toes since probably around September (I quickly slapped on some coral 60-second nail polish on my naked nails), and my feet were freezing all day while I was out. So now I'm in socks for crafting.

The leopard bounty:
Denim shirt (Mexx, consignment), t-shirt (Upper Playground), jeans (mystery, no label), shoes (unknown, The Bay ages ago), scarf (Fairweather).

I was out browsing in The Bay today, checking out the clearance racks and seeing the new Spring '11 clothes - I couldn't believe how much leopard there was! Did I buy any? Well....I think I have a leopard addiction! I did buy a few things (everything was extra 40% off sale prices) and would you believe every single item has leopard on it? I may have to extend Leopard Week...or at least have another one in a couple of months!

Oh, and this is something I would normally never, ever show on the blog:
My Betsey Johnson leopard bra (I have matching panties) that I got nearly 4 years ago in NYC, at Lord & Taylor. Heh.


  1. Love it all! Those shoes are super cute and such a nice alternative to the dreaded ballet flats (which are cute as a button but I'm yet to find a pair that don't feel like wearing concrete blocks after five minutes!)

    I have TWO leopard bras and I am ALWAYS showing them off!

    Yay for leopard week! You're gorgeous!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I really need to invest in a pair of red pants. Those jeans look fabulous on you.

  3. OMG! Love that bra!

    And if you ever see any BIG shoes while thrifting, let me know and I'll travel to Canada. You don't know how rare they are. :)

  4. Leopard shoes are going to be my go-to this year. you have been warned.
    Love the red and leopard (obviously)...haha. Sadly, my one cat panicked and scrambled off my lap, ripping my red cords....whaaaa!

  5. Well done! I really want to get either some leopard flats or small wedges just like yours. Maybe since leopard is 'in' this Spring I'll be able to find some that I like!

  6. Oooo Red and Leopard print !!! My Absolute Fave !! I especially LOVE the red pants. I recently bought a pair.

  7. How uber cute! Love the little peeptoe wedges. Also A++ for going all out with the bra!! XD Lol!

    I wore red pants today too! No leopard though. I nearly snagged a leopard top while thrifting, but a cherry print won out.

  8. Red and leopard are my favorite combination. Lol I am tired. I think I typed print instead of combination on the last comment. I need some sleep.

  9. I'll have to add this to my next red-legs-on-bloggers post!

  10. Oh, gosh- I have a leopard bra too! I love it! The bummer is that it shows through any solid color...(except really dark stuff) so I don't wear it as often as I'd like. But when I do, I feel like a super hero! ;)
    So, what wonderful crafts did you bring to life at your craft extravaganza?
    Plus, good luck on interviews tomorrow!

  11. Oooh, cute outfit! You're definitely rocking an Audrey Hepburn vibe. I miss open-toed shoes, but I fear that won't be an option here for another month at least. Sigh.

  12. Thanks so much, Sarah! I loathe ballet flats - they have no support! Woo! Two leopard bras, you bad girl (and I mean that in a good way).

    Rebecca, I searched for a long time to find these!

    Shy, thank you! I will keep my eye out - I'll spring for the postage. ;)

    Jentine, no kidding, they're the best! Oh no, that darned cat!

    Laniza, thank you! I'm sure you'll be able to find something.

    Emma, me too - red and leopard is the classic combo, isn't it?

    Megan, thank you! I do believe in going all out, heh. Nice! You got the memo. Cherry print is pretty sweet, too.

    Emma, no worries, hon. Go to bed!

    Wendy, nice, thank you!

    Rita, awesome! Aw...but at least you can wear it with dark tops. Our crafts were making paper flowers - a very 70s project. Thanks! I'm nervous...

    Thanks, Anne! Open toes was not the wisest choice today.

  13. I have been craving red skinny jeans for a while-think I'll have to give in a hunt some down! Love the outfit. I am loving leopard week and I think I could extend it to leopard month! It would be fab to do another one soon! ha ha :D
    Thanks for your fab comments.

  14. These pants are perfect for spring. I am seeing the short,fitted pant in catalogs everywhere...I love the shoes and the bra is my favorite!!

  15. I was inspired by you and have also donned red and leopard today. I feel so classy and sexy at the same time...I could really get on board with this leopard thing.......

  16. Karen, they are tough to find! I agree, I could totally do this for longer!

    Pam, thanks! I love that they are a really bright coral-red. Thanks so much!

    Goose, awesome! Get on the leopard train!

  17. I really wish I had red pants!

    I would love to be included among the leopard participants, Sheila!

  18. Those shoes look super comfortable and would probably be the only shy way I might wear leopard. It does look great with the red.

  19. They're not bad for a day of walking around, Terri. I think you could do a leopard belt well, also.


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