Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leopard Week! Plaid and Leopard? It Can Be Done!

Welcome to Leopard Week! Go here for links to participants.

For my Tuesday WW group, I wanted to bust out my leopard pumps. However, it's still frickin' cold out (thank goodness the snow is finally gone), so I didn't want to wear a skirt. I was waving my shoes around randomly at my various skirts and pants to see what went well with them, and lo! These pants looked good with leopard:
It's been randomly said around Style Nation that leopard is a neutral - TRUE! Treat it as the closest base colour (in this case, sort of a camel colour). Some leopards are more white/cream based, some are more brown or black, and yes, some are hot pink. Whatever. The rule of thumb holds true - go with the majority colour for mixing with other patterns.

This sweater is new-to-me:
I am secretly crushing on Emma Pillsbury from "Glee" and when I spotted this thin sweater in the consignment store, I grabbed it. I love the little bow! I think it was about $20 (and when I checked the Trina Turk website I see I probably got a good deal!).

The pants were last worn here, the shoes last worn here.

The stuff:
See? My shoes even have leopard inserts!

A close-up:
My spotty belt and earrings from Plum.

Sweater (Trina Turk, consignment), pants (no label), belt (Nygard), shoes (Steve Madden), earrings (Plum).


  1. You're a bold lady, pairing plaid and leopard, two things I'm afraid of! (Pattern mixing and animals prints!)

  2. Huh! I never thought of considering leopard a neutral. I just can't do it personally. I think the pumps work here, but I can visualize plaid as a neutral better than the leopard. You know I love the plaid pants.

    You're also reminding me of these fantastic wooly plaid pants I found the other day. I didn't grab them because they were a half size too big, but I think I'm going to grab them if I see them and see if the waist can't be fixed.

  3. I did leopard shoes today too! Dang! I wish a had a leopard belt!

  4. I just wore leopard yesterday!
    am i too late?
    also, I am still gonna do "raw" and am hanging on to your beautiful photo. will let everyone know.
    Thanks for all your support this month. what a whirl-wind.
    Love to you as always!!!

  5. This is so badass that I don't even know where to begin. Neutral prints! The notion is a genius, as is this outfit.

  6. I like the plaid and leopard together. Your new sweater is really cute. Now, to figure out what leopard to choose for tomorrow.

  7. This week's leopard workshop is teaching me a LOT - and it's only Tuesday. Probaby I'll just bookmark the lot.

    Also, huh. Leopard shoes with those pants? I like it. A LOT. This is like a master class.

  8. Megan, whatever works for you! The plaid can also be a neutral here. Those pants sound good - go get 'em!

    Tessa, I know, I loved your shoes!

    Thanks, Ponchmor!

    Reva, I will add you in if you're wearing leopard this week, darlin'! Looking forward to "Raw"!

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Alison, thank you! I'm going to be going casual again tomorrow...should be fun!

    A-Dubs, aw, glad this is useful for you, thank you. "Master class", ha!


  10. I love it. I'm inspired. You rock!

    Sarah xxx

  11. The thin sweater is so flattering! It looks great and I really want a pair of those shoes!!

  12. You are truly fabulous, Sheila. I'd never have thought to pair plaid and leopard, and it totally works!

  13. I adore this on you , specially that new to you- sweater :) I have to agree on leopard print being a neutral it works perfectly with those pants... I would have never tried it .
    I wore my leopard flats on Monday, I will see how else I can throw some leopard in this week. I also need the leopard attitude. Not the skanky one, just the strength.

  14. That skinny belt really jazzes up that top. Nice choice!

  15. Reva, you look fabulous in your hat and leggings!

    Thanks, Sarah!

    Thanks, Pam! The shoes are almost 5 years old now!

    Sal, thank you. It's always fun to experiment.

    Thanks, Lorena - I love how the sweater fits too. Yay! Dig out your leopard, girl!

    Thanks, Wendy!

  16. Love it!! You are a pattern mixing queen!

  17. Love it. And I think I love it because you kept the top so simple; it really plays off the unexpected patterns below just perfectly.

  18. Thanks, Kristen - yeah, I had to keep the top very plain so that it wasn't all crazy with patterns!


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