Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flogging My Blog in Fluevog

Another crazy weekend! This coming week is our wedding anniversary, and is our custom most years, L and I go over to Vancouver to visit friends, do a little shopping and hit the Fluevog stores.

My outfit was purely for function:
The top is new-to-me - picked it up on consignment for $18. It's comfy soft cotton and is a small leopard print. The boots are my old standbys (easy to get on and off for shoe shopping) and the tights were essential for warmth and for trying on shoes as well.

I did wear my yellow leather jacket, fingerless gloves and a scarf with this for walking around (we did a LOT of walking), but was in a hurry to leave the house, so no pictures of the outerwear.

Top (Jones New York, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment), belt (gift from Ruth).

Inigo did not want us to go:
Maybe he thinks if he looks cute enough we'll stay home?

Last time we went to Vancouver, for our friend's surprise 40th birthday, we took a helicopter. This time, we did the cheaper route:
A seaplane! Most people take the ferry as it's relatively cheap and you can drive your car onto it, but it's actually a huge time suck - we always end up having take an afternoon off work and stay an extra night so that we can get a decent amount of time in Van. Factoring in all the costs vs. the time, this actually worked out cheaper!

We left bright and early Saturday morning:
Goodbye, home! I sat on the wing (the plane only holds 10 people or so at a time), so that's what that is in the corner of the shot.

Looking south, we flew by many small islands:
See the line of mountains on the horizon line? That's Washington State.

This rocky island has a house on it:
I wonder if someone lives way out there.

On this island, I saw a house with a tennis court:
I scanned the water for a pod of orcas, but no luck.

We did see lots of ferries, of course:
The ferry takes an hour and thirty-five minutes and it's still over half an hour drive on each end to get to the city. The seaplane (and helicopter) only takes 35 minutes, harbour to harbour.

We also saw lots of log booms being towed by tugs:
That's a real West coast sight. The logs are felled further north on the coast, then brought down south for processing and shipping off worldwide.

Soon, the Vancouver harbour came into view:
I see Canada Place - it's the building with the white sails. And there's our float plane docks!

This morning, we went for breakfast and then headed back down for our flight home:
The moutains on the North Shore are so beautiful.

On the way back, my view was of the Canadian islands (the ones to the south are belong to the US):
Another ferry making its way from Vancouver.

And here we are, back home:
The big white mountain in the far background is Mount Baker, in the US.

But let's get back to...Fluevog:
That's their design studio - John Fluevog works there!

I was utterly charmed by the cool interior - the store is basically a glassed-in space between two heritage buildings (that were built during the Gold Rush era/late 1890s).
Check out the windows on the wall. That's of course a picture of John...but I can't keep my eyes off the shoes!

They were laid out so precisely, grouped by style, on the ground floor. The staircase on the left leads up to the design studio on the mezzanine:
That's our wonderful Fluevogologist (seriously, that's his title, I have his business card) Wes, who helped L and I try on and decide on shoes. Shout out to him, and to the two ladies we met (I hope you got the green boots - they were fabulous). I gave them all my blog business card, and laughed to L that I was flogging my blog in Fluevog.

A shot of the coloured glass panels in the ceiling:
The light streaming in made it look darker than it actually is. It's a huge open space with amazing natural light. What an inspirational environment to design in!

I bought L a pair, and he bought me two. I will be rolling those (and a couple of other pairs from two other stores in Vancouver) out over the next two weeks. Yes, two weeks - we must savour the Fluevogs and not overdo our ecstasy. I will be doing "A Fluevog A Day" so that you can see every one of my 10 pairs. I am a dedicated Fluevogophile!

But I will show you L's two pairs...just as a taste.

The first pair is from the Imperials family, the "Marquis":
They are a very dark navy blue. Dig the red lining. Such a fabulous shoe!

It has the Imperials logo on the toe:
A crown entwined with "JF" and lots of scrolly bits.

I love that Fluevog soles have detail too:
So cool.

The second pair he got was the Tokyo "Kobe":
I love the very long pointy toe (very punk) and the Angel (a long-time Fluevog motif) buckle on the strap.

Of course, the bottoms are special too:
"Tokyo" with John's signature.

Please note that I did not get any compensation from Fluevog, discounts on shoes or anything other than great service - I link because I love.

In addition to doing "A Fluevog A Day"....

I have all my outfits planned for the next two weeks - I'm exhausted!


  1. I'm glad you like your new job! Those shots out of the plane's window are fabulous. As are the Fleuvogs!

  2. Oh, now I want to go to Vancouver. My students are going to a conference there next week, but I just got back from a conference and I can't imagine bouncing out the door to another one quite so quickly. Plus finding someone to teach my class...

  3. Thank you for the great shots of Vancouver. I lived there breifly a couple of times in my youth - I'd forgotten how beautiful the mountains are from downtown.

    That Fluevog store is amazing! What a great space. the store here in Toronto is a pokey little shop, granted on Queen West so it's in a funky neighbourhood, but still it's quite small and nothing special (aside from the wonderful shoes of course).

    Makes me think it's time for a visit out west.

    PS what day is Fluevog day? I can make sure to wear a pair of mine, and may-be post my small collection too.

  4. What a cool place! Thanks for taking us there along with you!

  5. Oh, LOVE the plane shots! Thanks for sharing!

    And I miss Mt Baker. I lived near it (in Bellingham, WA) for 4.5 years.

  6. *grabbyhands* WANT! Oh, to own a Fluevog of my very own! They (and Miz Mooz) are the Holy Grail of shoes/boots for me.

  7. Hi!! I love the animal print and of course- Respect for the yellow jacket!! Pics of the trip are awesome (welcome to my life, hah! It's cool to fly isn't it?? You reminded me of work!). Kisses (I love the cat too! I'm a cat person).

  8. Thanks, Jody!

    Cynthia, it's lovely there, but sounds like you have a full plate!

    Northmoon, you're welcome! I love the coast. We don't even have a Fluevog store in my city, sadly. I'm starting wearing my Fluevogs as of today (Monday) until next Friday. I'd love to see yours!

    Pam, glad you enjoyed it!

    Kasmira, I recall that - you're welcome!

    Wendy, aren't they the best?

    Scary, ha, I agree with you - Miz Mooz are lovely too.

    Dimi, thanks so much! I love flying.

  9. I'll admit: I read this post with bleary morning eyes, so I missed the whole: "I did get shoes too, but you don't get to see them" bit, not realizing it until after I had started to type a comment commiserating about shoe shopping for men and not getting anything for myself, which is how I spent my weekend. However, I'm glad you were at your your favourite place and got some new (hopefully) favourite shoes!

  10. Those are some great vistas - including the interior of the Fluevog store. Although I am on GAAD, I will be getting a new pair of Fluevogs when I have finished the publication project I am currently working on. I adore them, and can't wait to see you unroll out your new ones.

  11. Are they cheaper at the store? I have just recently been introduced to Fluevogs, and I love them but sadly can't afford them.

  12. Wow, the Vancouver Fluevog store looks so spacious! I've only been to the New York store, which is pretty small. The staff is amazing though, as of course are the shoes! I'm a newcomer when it comes to the whole Fluevog-craze, but holy moly, once you Fluevog, you can't go back! :)

  13. OMG, you are killing me w/the trip to Fleuvog mecca!!! I adore the men's shoes & cannot wait to see what you got. Ah, some day, I will save my pennies for a pair of my very own...

    Oh & I'm planning on stripes too :-)

  14. I am tired from being on that plane ride with you! :)
    Wow you had some amazing sights.
    AND you went to THE FLUEVOG store ??!! Wow I had no idea they had THE STORE the and the actual design shop....
    I look forward to seeing your stripes :)

  15. I just spend too long goggling at this post. So many beautiful photographs and a great view into the Fluevog world. I actually just bought my second pair of 'vogs. I now know why they're such a phenomenon. They are remarkably well designed and comfortable to boot. I can't wait to see all your fluevogs!

  16. Oh sweet shoeness! I am bookmarking this post so the Hubs and I can peruse it together. Because we are romantic like that. (And because I'm trying to make him feel shoe love.)

    In one of my fantasy lives, I live in Vancouver. Thanks for helping keep the dream alive.

  17. Holy moly, a seaplane! What an exciting way to go. You're such an adventuress.

    Great post. It's so descriptive we feel like we went with you.

  18. Whoa, I loved the photo of your plane flight to Vancouver...I was there several years ago and these photos took me back. Was the plane very noisy?

  19. Happy Anniversary, Sheila!!

    Fantastic photos of Vancouver -- I would love to get there someday.

  20. What a gorgeous place! On the west coast, I've never been north of San Francisco... I will need to correct that oversight!

    I've never seen Fluevogs in a store, either....

  21. Thanks, Rebecca!

    Cara, glad you got that cleared up! ;) I did spoil myself slightly, as you will see over the next two weeks.

    Ray, thank you! Glad to hear you are a fellow fan!

    Kari, no, not really, and they don't have as much selection as you can get online, as I discussed in today/Monday's post. However, I like seeing them in person and trying them on - it makes a big difference.

    Waves, it is! It's the biggest Fluevog store I've ever been in. The staff is the best, I agree. I know, I will always love my Fluevogs.

    Trystan, sorry, hon! I love so many of the men's styles (some of them are unisex too, so go for it!). They are worth saving for!

    Lorena, it was a quick ride - not tiring at all (I was more tired from writing the post!).

    Megan, happy you enjoyed it! Ooh, I must see your new Fluevogs - love them!

    A-Dubs, aw, that's so sweet. :) Your hubs (A-Dubs and Hubs, love it) would like Fluevogs - they are super comfy. Vancouver is an awesome city - you should live there.

    Ralph, it's not all that, haha! But I guess we get so used to them when you see them every day. Thank you!

    Terri, yes, they give out earplugs - and even then, very noisy. Tiny plane!

    Thanks, Kristen! If you come up to Vancouver, I will meet up with you!

    'Doll, thanks, you must come up here - it is amazing. Aw, there must be some near you - check the link I posted today/Monday.

  22. oh Sheila, i can't believe i'm saying this because your daily style is so utterly exceptional BUT i think i love your 'travelogues' even more! how exciting to fly in a seaplane! and i love the Fluevog space - there are many 1849'er gold rush era towns in the californian foothills (i believe Audi was even raised up in one), and the old buildings create wonderful spaces. what a great use of the old city!

    and there's no way i'm letting mr. e check out those 'vogs for mens' ;) take care, steph

  23. Steph, that's cool, hon, I don't mind. :) I don't travel that often, though, so I hope it won't keep you from visiting. I love the Gold Rush era buildings (my city has a lot too).


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