Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fluevog A Day - Coffee Kope Tiam

After yesterday's crazy-leggedness, I thought I'd class up the joint a bit and reassure my coworkers (visually) that I'm not always a cuckoo-bird dresser. I wore my very plainest Fluevogs, which are new: Look at me, I'm all ladylike!

Before I get onto the bootie discussion, please take a moment to admire my new-to-me amazing marigold skirt. I actually tried this on in the store that sold them new downtown a couple of months ago (there were a bunch of them marked down to $30 from $60, I believe - I guess yellow woolly pencil skirts are not everyone's cup of tea), then spotted it this past weekend at one of my regular consignment stores on the 1/2 price rack for $9.50. And just my size! It's like karma, I tell ya. This is the second wear of this groovy tweed jacket (last seen here, scroll down) and likely the last of the season until Fall. I can't stop admiring my shoes. I got rather warm in the office today (I swear I am going through peri-menopause, egads), so I spent the afternoon with the jacket off:
We had a staff meeting today and I was the only person in the room, out of fifty-odd people (not fifty odd people, hee hee), wearing a colour. Neutral-o-rama! I am going to have to encourage more colour there.

The stuff:
Oh, let's look at those gorgeous booties. These are from the Coffee family (the heel looks like a coffee pot spout) and are called "Kope Tiam" which is a traditional breakfast and coffee shop in Southeast Asia.

As for the style itself, sometimes, simple is just right. I don't always need bells and whistles in my Fluevogs (hee, especially when they are on sale). There are some larger sizes in this style still available on the website, so you can still snag a pair if you have big feet like me. Just like my other Coffee family shoes, these run small. This pair is a size 10 and I usually wear a 9 or 9.5 (40 in Euro sizing), and they fit perfectly. These are a lovely taupe-y shade of brown.

I actually got these cheaper than the price on the website - I found them at a shoe boutique in Vancouver called Gravity Pope. This store is the mecca of shoe stores and is always full of people. They carry all kinds of brands of funky shoes (men's and ladies'), but not full lines. They have stores in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, and you can also buy online (and no, I'm not getting any kick-backs from them OR Fluevog - I link because I love).

I knew I had to scope out their sale table to see what they had, and I spotted these babies crammed near the middle on the second level. The only size they had left was the 10, so lucky me! And they were only $99 - regular $319. Score!

A close-up of the shiny things:
Pretty necklace - it's a staple.

Some shoe detail:
I love that sole.

And of course, John Fluevog's signature on the ankle:
Megan posted this thing yesterday and late, late last night when I was finally able to get on the computer and thank all you guys for your kind words, I thought, "What the heck," and I wrote this out (you can tell I was tired because I started to write "2." twice. D'oh!
10 points if you know where the quote is from.

Jacket (Zara, consignment), blouse (Esprit), cami (Inwear), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), booties (Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevogs), necklace (Melanie Lyne), earrings (Shi Studio).


  1. Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail! I'm not a medievalist for nothing. Fab shoes, as usual.

  2. Wow, I bet you stood out in a sea of neutral in that yellow skirt! It's sort of like how I'm often the only one not wearing jeans in my office most days.

    The skirt is pretty great - yellow really works for you!

  3. Omg -jealous here!- I have been hunting the perfect marigold skirt since like... fall. The fluevogs are lovely. Simple, but still a bit edgy - and hey at a wonderfully good price!

    I was tired when I wrote mine too. If you look at my URL I messed up the "www". And the quote is Monty Python and the Holy Grail ♥!

  4. Quote? Monty Python's Holy Grail. MY FAVE!!!

    And those boots? Oh. So beautiful! You are just so stinkin' pretty! You and your booties!

  5. I'm stumped on the quote, but definitely admiring that skirt and the fact that you are the colorful one in your meetings. I was at a daylong meeting myself earlier this week and found myself admiring a colleagues boots. When I told her, she informed me they were Fluevogs!

  6. I'm very intimidated by all outfits containing yellow! Not my colour...! But you look great in it!! Isn't the quote from Monty Pythons? It rings a bell...! Kisses

  7. I love yellow and this skirt really floats my boat. Gorgeous. It reminds me of the beauty of flowers.

    And "crazy-leggedness" is a wonderful linguistic construction! We come here for the fashion, but leave with erudition. :)

  8. I'm also a fan of "It's just a flesh wound."

  9. I adore those booties. I had something with that heel once, and couldn't walk in it to SAVE me, tho. I admire your Fluevog devotion!

  10. I've been wondering how the new job is working out. Do you like it? Are you happy at your new company? Do tell!

  11. 'Bring out your dead....' with wheelbarrow. oh man. 'python' is making me think about Egyptian Cobra, tweeting away....

    anyways, i love those shoes to begin with, (very newtral and all) then you show the soles - my mom has that exact style of antique coffee grinder sitting in her kitchen this very minute! i've used it to grind coffee more than once, and actually it does taste better. too much!

    and i do love your look today - that marigold is divine! have a great weekend, steph

  12. Oh, you are all so clever and good at your Monty Python! 10 points to anyone who mentioned Monty Python, "The Holy Grail" or gave another Monty Python quote. You are all awesome.

    D-Meds, of course you would know! Thanks!

    Anonymous, yup, missed being first by 12 minutes.

    Anne, I did! But I felt good in it. I love the colour.

    Megan, I sent you an email - I'll see if I can find you the same skirt. I love the booties - such a classic. Ha, nice to know I'm not the only one. Yes, you got the quote!

    Scary, good job! My fave too. Aw, thanks, hon - I don't consider myself pretty, but thanks. That's really sweet of yo.

    Terri, that's okay. I like standing out - how cool that your colleague's boots were Fluevogs!

    Dimi, it's not so bad - it's an easy colour to wear as an accessory. Just wear it away from your face if it freaks you out. Yes, Monty Python, good job!

    Ralph, thanks - it's my favourite colour these days (although red remains my all-time favourite). Heh, thanks!

    Anonymous, another good one! Same movie!

    Sal, thanks. Oh, that's too bad - I don't find this heel difficult at all.

    Jody, it's good - I don't really like to talk about my work that much. I'm happy, and I like the people (but I had a rough last hour today and was really ready to leave by 5!).

    Steph, heh, you got it! How neat that your mom still has - and uses! - a proper coffee grinder. Thank you!

  13. Hey Sheila,

    I follow your blog almost on a daily basis, but I seldom comment though. I live in Malaysia and you're right, in South East Asia where Malaysia is one the countries in the region, we call traditional coffee shops "kopitiam".

    As you can probably tell, kopi is how we sell coffee in our national language, tiam means shop in one of our local Chinese dialects.

    I totally adore your dressing style! Such an inspiration, what a pity that over here, we don't have consigment store concept.

    Even small boutiques seldom carry to-die-for items.

    Keep up your superb styles! :)


  14. Jen, thank you so much for commenting - that means a lot to me! How cool, that you've confirmed kopitiam! I hope you will think of me when you're in one next time. :) Thank you again!


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