Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Stripes and A Fluevog A Day - Listen Up Audrey

Today's Super Stripes are my skirt:
I left the picture uncropped because Inigo looks so funny - he's licking his lips after just being fed.

I love the swooshiness of this skirt (last seen here):
And for my Daily Fluevog, I'm wearing another one of my older pairs, from the long-discontinued "Listen Up" family. This one is called the Audrey. They're super comfortable. I last wore them here.

The jacket is also new-to-me - it was $39 on consignment (a little high, I thought), but since I had enough credit to completely cover the cost, I took it. The portrait collar is awesome:
I did feel a little exposed at work - you can bet I stood up when someone came to my desk so that they didn't get an eyeful of cleavage, even though I had a cami on underneath!

The stuff:
My groovy bendy necklace thing.

A close-up:
I also had a snake theme going on.

Jacket (Tulle, consignment), skirt (MNG, consignment), belt (Plum), necklace (gift from Elaine), earrings (don't remember), ring and brooch (vintage 80s).


  1. Ooh! I love the neckline on that jacket!

  2. What a beautiful collar on the jacket! Loving the necklace and the snake brooch.

  3. Such a pretty skirt and those shoes are gorgeous!

  4. Oooh so many unique pieces. I adore the collar of the jacket, the shape of the shoes, the unique striped pattern and the snake pin! Ohmygoodness. Definitely one of my top favorite outfits of your's.

    I've also been meaning to ask, how comfortable is the twisty silver necklace? It reminds me of those metal necklaces that 'bite' when they move.

  5. I thought the kitteh was sticking his tongue out at you at first. Sassy!

  6. I love the snake theme!! You look great!

  7. I adore the fit of that jacket!

  8. Love the bendy necklace thing and those awesome heels! Great shapes!

  9. The Listen Up Audrey was one of the first high heels I ever coveted. I didn't buy them, but I never forgot them!

  10. Cara, isn't it cool? I fell in love.

    Terri, thanks!

    Keely, thank you!

    'Doll, you're going to raid my closet while I'm sleeping, aren't you? :)

    Megan, thank you - aw, I appreciate that. I find the bendy necklace really comfortable - no pinching at all. It's cold at first, but warms up quickly. No 'biting'.

    Heh, he would totally do that, Wendy!

    Dimi, thank you!

    Thanks, Sal!

    Yvonne, thank you!

    It's a gorgeous shoe, isn't it, Kelly? I have three pairs of the old Listen Up line and I love them.

  11. I have that same bendy thing, but I wear it as a bracelet wrapped round and round my wrist. I love it's versatility!

  12. Jody, I've worn mine as a bracelet too - they are so cool!


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