Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Wee Bit of Retail Therapy

I'm getting slightly frustrated (and depressed) about not hearing about this dang job. However, I found out today that my former boss had forgotten to check her cell phone (she also got laid off, so can't blame her) and had missed the call for my reference! She said she gave me a glowing review, but still...yikes. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what's going on - it's been a week since the interview and it seems like I should have heard something by now. I don't think that's too pushy, do you?

Anyway, I didn't want to sit around all day waiting for the phone to ring, so I got dressed in what I'd planned to wear to Book Club tonight (it was pushed back to next week) and visited four of my regular consignment/thrift stores. I had some major scores - I'll be wearing all the pieces over the next few weeks.

I was inspired by this outfit of Audi's over at Fashion For Nerds - I have been struggling to do a non-costume-y look with my long striped jacket that I wore for Hallowe'en and I loved how she did hers with over-the-knee boots.

Here's what I did:
My funky blouse (first seen here), with these new dark-wash skinny jeans (they're actually cropped with zippers - will be wonderful for warmer weather) that Caro gave me (I love my friends!), and my olive boots (last seen here). This is probably the last wear of my tall boots as the weather had better smarten up and be Spring-like, dammit!

Moving on...*ahem*
I'm also wearing my new zebra belt buckle that I bought in December when I hit my favourite shoe store (I got it the same time as my pin-up girl one).

And then I added the jacket over all of it! I must say, this looked awesome walking around. I did up the top 3 buttons and let the skirt part swing around - the jacket is quite a stiff cotton, so it billowed most satisfactorily in the wind.
I love the bits of embroidery on it. Please check out the details in the Hallowe'en link above if you want to see more of it.

The stuff:
I love that the blouse - which has no olive or khaki in it - goes so great with olive! I had fun mixing patterns in this outfit.

A close-up:
I also wore that necklace - I liked how all the patterns worked, and I think it's because they are all based on black and white. I had several compliments on my outfit from the ladies in a couple of the shops (although one of the shops is completely staffed by volunteer elderly ladies, who eye me suspiciously and follow me around. You'd think they'd recognize me by now).

Hee, you can see me in the ball earrings.

Jacket (Noa Noa), blouse (Marcona, thrifted), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), belt (Shi Studio), buckle (She She Shoes), boots (Pegabo), necklace (Shi Studio), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love that jacket and there is nothing like a great shopping trip to take away the doldrums!! I do not think your phone call is being too our current job environment, it helps to separate yourself from the competition and let them know you really want the job!! I hope it works out!

  2. It's totally time for a follow-up phone call. And I've got everything crossed for you. Why can't people remember how hard it is to wait for important info?!

    Also, this is an outfit full of win. And as much as I will miss everyone's OTK boots (but especially yours, but don't tell the others), we all deserve some spring. And you live in Vangroover, so you should totes go first.

    And those jeans look great on you. Great!

  3. I think that it is fine to follow up afyer a week, unless they gave you a specific timeline that's different.

  4. I flippin LOVE this outfit and the mix-matching is sublime!!!!
    You so rock and I must add your photo to my inspiration files right now!

  5. 'Sorry for the disclosure. 'Good thing I was wrong! (It won't happen again.)

  6. Def call. I interviewed for a job yesterday where they had 300 applicants, and this is an admin job for a propane company in a rural area. Just my experience... there are a *lot* of people out there looking for work.
    (not sure your details but I've been unemployed for a year, worked 6 mo, laid off again - and on all these interviews it has been rare for me to get a call, or even have my calls returned, despite the interviews going wonderfully.)

  7. I'm watching the new about the earthquake an Japan and the pending tsunamis. Please let us know that you are OK.

  8. Advanced pattern mixing and total achievement on non-costumey styling of that genius coat! Smashing outfit.

    I think a followup phone call is entirely appropriate at this point. Toes crossed!

  9. Oh, yes... that jacket looks perfect with those boots. They were made for each other.

    And still waiting to hear about your job... should I call them, too? The suspense is killing me.

  10. Sweet! I love your OTK boots.. I'm ready for spring. Even though we're hovering in between the 40-50 range, it's just cold enough to still be miserable. The rains aren't helping.

    A week sounds like a good length of time for a follow-up, especially if they didn't give you a time window that they'd call you back.

  11. Pam, thanks, I totally agree. Thank you for your feedback on the job situation - it is not as bad in Canada as it is in the US, lucky for me.

    A-Dubs, thanks. I guess they've been checking references. Aw, thank you - I really loved this outfit, and am glad to have your approval for putting them away, ha!

    Rebecca, thanks.

    Reva, thank you, hon! Aw, to be in your inspiration files is such an honour!

    A-Dubs, no worries, m'dear, I just don't mention it due to sensitive circumstances with others in my life.

    Anonymous, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. The job situation is not too bad in Canada, compared with the US. Fingers crossed!

    'Doll, I am fine! The Japanese tsunamis are on the other side of the Pacific, far, far away. It's one of the risks of living in an earthquake zone.

    Kelly, thank you! Okay, I will call.

    Shy, thanks! Yes, you should definitely call, ha ha!

    Thanks, Megan! Spring is a rainy time here (but then, what time of year isn't?? Gotta love the West coast). I am going to call.

  12. Ooo, I like these patterns together. Such a fun outfit.


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