Saturday, March 5, 2011

Leopard Week! Leopard with Leather

I'm doing leopard today, but this is my last day for Leopard Week. I enjoyed my daytime outfit:

The return of the $20 leather dress (last seen here)! This was probably a little heavy for my weigh-in at WW today (I was up a pound, boo), but I had fun with the leopard tights and another leopard scarf (tied around my neck).

Aside from the outfit I'm wearing tonight, this is pretty much it for my leopard collection. I think I am going to look for more when I'm out thrifting now, though! I love that this dress has pockets - so comfy! I wore this out for lunch as well, so it got lots of looks.

The stuff: Those boots need to go into the re-heel bag for the cobbler.

Dress (Truly, Part Two), tee (Banana Republic, thrifted), tights (Le Chateau), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Le Chateau), scarf (Fairweather), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Yeah, you know it's because of that dress you were up a pound. But, I love the color and that it's leather. The leopard tights are perfect with it. So awesome that you are getting so much wear out of those boots, they are really perfect.

  2. Leather and leopard...a nice combination.

  3. A great combination, I think! That is one of the widest belts I've seen. I like it.

  4. A leather dress! I love the color of it. I think you can definitely chalk the pound up to the dress. Do you weigh in boots too?

    What a fabulous spotty week. XD

    (Btw I headed back to the thrift store today to look for those plaid pants and managed to score them for $2.00!!)

  5. Wow, you are daring! I would think the combo would be a bit too much, but because the leather is a neutral, soothing brown, I think it works! Quite sexy tho, nontheless! Paula

  6. Agree with Terri - leather and leopard is a very nice combo. I love your tights! Gorgeous, subtle outfit - you look fab!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Those are some great tights and they look amazing with your wonderful leather dress. What a bargain it was.

  8. I adore those tights and boots on you!! So cute.

  9. That dress is amazing and so are the tights!

  10. Alison, I know - it's okay, though, I'm still under my goal. Thanks!

    Thanks, Terri!

    Rebecca, isn't it an awesomely wide belt? I love it.

    Megan, yeah, isn't it cool? No, I take my shoes (and belt, and jewelry) off for weighing in. Ooh, glad you got the pants!

    Paula, thank you - I think you are exactly right. It wouldn't work with black leather (too much). Thanks!

    Sarah, thank you!

    Emma, thanks! I know - score!

    Thanks, Londyn!

    Eileen, thank you - and thank you so much for commenting.


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