Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Know Me So Well!

Today was my First Day at the New Job - and following yesterday's poll, I realized, wow! You guys really know my style!

Here's what I wore:
Pencil skirt: check! (30 votes) Blouse/shirt: check! (15 votes) Belt: check! (16 votes) Kitten heels: check! (17 votes) Bold jewelry: check (21 votes) Also, good job on predicting neutrals and pattern mixing!

I fooled you, too, though. I wore sheer (the shirt) and strapless! The single votes for those are mine - of course, I always vote on my own polls.
The skirt is new - I got it at the same boutique as the fab New Job Jacket.

Oh, and blazer: check! (19 votes):
It was sort of sunny today, and this jacket is a heavy velvety brocade, so I wore it as outerwear (only worn once, here).

I did wear a scarf, because it got chilly!
I walked to one of my company's offices this morning for the HR orientation, then walked about 8 blocks to my main office (it's only about 6 blocks from my old office, so I'm actually on exactly the same route to walk as before).

For those of you who've asked, I will indeed be able to continue doing my Tuesday WW group - I'll just make up the time missed. Pretty sweet!

My first day was good - I liked all the people I met and it seems like the job will be right in my wheelhouse. Lots of different things to do - and you can bet that in a year, I'll be running things like clockwork!

This skirt deserved some detail shots:
It's hard to see but it's a felted wool, with patches of fuzzier wool with loops of yarn felted to it, and random stitches. Above is the front of the skirt.

And here's the back:
I like the pockets.

The stuff:
You can see the nice brocade texture in the jacket there.

A close-up:
Naturally I went with bold accessories: my watch necklace, my silver ring and big white gold hoops.

I also did cufflinks:
These are L's and are 60s or 70s vintage, I think. The silhouette is of Pallas or Athena.

When you open the "lock" mechanism, you can see the "Hickok" stamp on them:
The opposite side says "USA".

Jacket (Nine & Company by Nine West, thrifted), shirt (Banana Republic, thrifted), bustier (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Solola), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, swap from Cat), belt and necklace (Plum), ring (gift from Cindy), earrings (gift from L), bag (Ollie & Nic).


  1. I'm so happy you're fitting into your new work-environment. And cufflinks!!

  2. Woot woot for your first day at the new job!

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on your first day and pulling it off with style. This is so 'you'. I love the cut of the red blazer. Almost an Edwardian(?) feel.

  4. So glad your first day was great! That jacket is DIVINE and I love the strapless over blouse look. You look professional/quirky/fabulous!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Congrats on your first day!! The worst is over! Very cute and detailed outfit. I really admire the way your mind works!
    p.s. - Since I'm new here, I have to ask: What is it that you do in your new job??
    Have a lovely day! (And Athena... Wow)!

  6. Glad the first day went well and now all those butterflies are looked every detail right down to the detail on the skirt! Hope it continues to go well!

  7. That is such a fun first day of work outfit. Your new skirt is so very cool. I'm glad to hear your first day went well. I was told yesterday that I was wearing fancy clothes...hehe!! I wore a purple tweedish blazer and a paisey tee shirt and jeans... Not sure that qualifies as fancy.

  8. Thanks, Ralph! I thought of you with the cufflinks. :)

    Thanks, Ray!

    Megan, thanks, hon. I like the portrait collar on the blazer.

    Thanks, Sarah! I hope this will prepare them for what's ahead (muahahah).

    Dimi, thank you! I work as a project administrator for an IT company.

    Pam, thanks, hon, I hope so too!

    Alison, thank you! Ha, you're breaking them in, good job!

  9. You look sharp, and I hope the first day was great!

  10. Very happy to hear that your first day was great! I love that your first outfit was very YOU. And I also found it interesting that your outfit had a slight men's wear vibe, but also a tiny smidge of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! That jacket is brilliant...

  11. Whew! I'm absent for a week and so much goes down! So glad to hear you're starting a new job with an offer you like.

    So, how'd it go? This is a seriously kicka$$ first-day ensemble. Love the sleekness of it and the play with classic looks. Plus that skirt hugs all the right curves in all the best (and most professional) ways.

    Also, good goddess you've got accessorizing skills and then some. And now I'm heading on down to see what else I missed last week! (I think I saw a freaking fantastic jacket in my recent quick scan. . . )

  12. Thanks, Rebecca, I am liking it!

    Rita, of course, I can't change who I am! They will just have to get used to me, hee hee. I need to wear that jacket more!

    A-Dubs, totally crazy week, my lady! Thank you! It's good so far - I like the people, I like what I'm doing. Yes, you should go look at that jacket. ;)

  13. What a great outfit for your new job! Congrats!!!!

  14. What a great Sheila outfit! Love the bustier peeking out of the top of the jacket. Glad the new job is going well!

  15. Love the cufflinks, but one thing has always bugged me about them: why only have the design on one side? Why not double-sided?

    Don't understand....

  16. Well, on men's cuffs, you only see the back of them. Plus, they have to have the mechanism for removing them and it's got to go somewhere!


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