Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday WW Group - Plaid Prada Peeking Out

After last week, this week feels very anticlimactic: I'm still waiting to hear if I got the job (they called yesterday for my references, yay!), and there are only a few social things on the calendar.

Today, my Tuesday group:
Our theme was "Celebrating Success" and it was a really good meeting - my group has now lost over 100 lbs!

I love this creamy white jacket - it was a fabulous consignment find a few years ago - it's amazingly good quality and fit. I haven't worn it since the 3rd Wardrobe Challenge (it was in the dry-cleaning bag for several months).

I built this outfit around the blouse:
First worn here (ha, same shoes and belt), this is my $3.99 Prada. I love bragging about it!
The stuff:
L and I are going to Vancouver soon, and I'll be checking out Fluevog for another gem like the ones above. What will it be? Hmmmm...

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Prada, thrifted), skirt (Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, thrifted), belt (Plum), shoes (Listen Up, Audrey, Fluevog).


  1. Congratulations on the total group loss..that's amazing! Also,thanks for the encouragment for my dieting! It is tough, so encouragment really helps! I love your skirt and the heels are wonderful! I hope you hear about the job soon....

  2. Calling references is a great sign. Good luck!

  3. the red shoes and prada--how good is that? Paula

  4. Cruel to put in the link to Fluevog!!! HEHE!! You know secretly I love it. Even when I don't have any money I love to look at shoes!! The blazer looks great. It's nice when you find a great fitting blazer. It's Fat Tuesday and you don't have plans?? Hubby is out getting whiskey so we can celebrate at home... I did get an awesome pair of boots last week!!! $10 for a pair of Justin lace-up ropers. Boy do they feel good on my sore foot...(Much better than buying a foot wrap for it, and I get to wear them after my foot heals up)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - those shoes!!! I love this outfit!


  6. You are rocking that outfit and the shoes. The shoes I want.
    AND I am certain that job is yours Sheila so stand close to the phone for that call !

  7. Checking references is a good sign! I hope everything works out with the job!

    Great outfit! I love the touches of red :)

  8. 3.99 Prada? Where!

    I love the pops of red with the blouse.

  9. When you say what the group loss is, I absolutely can't stop thinking of that episode of The Office where they are trying to lose weight and all standing on a giant scale together. It gives me the laughs.

  10. Can't wait to see which Fluevogs you bring home!

  11. I love the vertical stripes in the dress. And the suspense of your job-application is killing me! All sounds good, though.

  12. Pam, thanks! I know you will reach your goal - just stick with it! Thanks, my Fluevogs are my favourites.

    Rebecca, yup, fingers crossed.

    Paula, thank you!

    Thanks, Emma!

    Alison, oh, I know - I spent about an hour drooling over the shoes. Thanks! I love the blazer. No, I don't do Fat Tuesday, and haven't done Lent for a few years (I'm not religious). Woo, your boots sounds lovely!

    Sarah, thanks!

    Lorena, thank you - I'm still waiting...

    Anne, I hope so too. Thanks!

    Terri, at Value Village (read the link I posted from last time I wore it). Thanks!

    Wendy, I know!

    Sal, might be 1 pair...might be 2...we'll see how generous L is feeling.

    Thanks, Shy - that's a skirt, by the way. Fingers crossed over the job.

  13. Oops, you're right. I meant to write skirt. I knew it was a skirt. My mind was elsewhere when I was writing. That happens sometimes when I'm preoccupied with work and trying to relax with blogs.

  14. What a great find, the Prada and the shoes. The more I read you blog the more I need a pair!

  15. No worries, Shy. :) I do that too.

    Thanks, Iris! Fluevogs rule.


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