Monday, March 7, 2011

Leopard Week Wrap Up

So, Leopard Week is over - aw, it almost felt weird not wearing it today! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

This is everyone who got their leopard groove on:

Laniza - Getting Fine

In the middle of the 30 for 30, she's still able to manage to add some leopard!

Pam - Over 50, Feeling 40

Rocking the leopard blouse!

Megan - Megan Mae Daily

All business in her leopard dress and killer boots!

The Style Crone - The Style Crone

Here's a lovely lady who's so elegant in her leopard.

Tat - Rate My Outfit

I want leopard Converse!

Lorena - Lorena's Every Day Wear

Leopard flats for a nice pop of pattern!

Bev - Style Underdog

She did 4 days with leopard (here, here and here) - a gal after my own heart!

Yvonne - Fashion RECON

Leopard and the 30 for 30 again - I'm impressed!

Jac - Dirty Shiny Pretty

All right, Jac - two days of lovely leopard! Here and here.

Tessa - Tessa Scoffs

Wow, four days! Well done, Tessa! Check it out here, here, here and here.

Dreamy Girl - Dreamy Girl

A cute leopard tank!

Karen - The Outfits of a Twin Mummy

Right down to her leopard nails! Make sure you scroll down to see her leopard watch!

Emma - Daily Clothes Fix

Another gal in the 30 for 30 who managed to get a leopard look in!

StephM - Style Sideshow

I can't resist the teddy bear with the leopard headband.

Genuine Lustre - Genuine Lustre

Got her leopard on for three days (here, here and here)!

Sarah - Misfits Vintage

The fab Sarah wore her leopard to a burlesque!

Reva - Reva's Rags 2 Roses

She knows her leopard (it's the new neutral) and she knows her Bob Dylan!

Jentine - My Edit

She did flats for leopard week, but she's also got a ferocious leopard dress!

Anika - By Anika

Playing with a leopard scarf to make a fab outfit!

Ray - Fashionable Academics

Mixing patterns with lovely leopard!

Thanks again to everyone who took part! We'll have to do this again sometime.


  1. Thanks for all the links - will be checking out these blogs too as time permits. I don't have any leopard, except PJs, but did wear my tiger-stripe sweater one day to be in the spirit of things.


  2. Rock on Sheila - thanks so much for organising Leopard Week. I should have done leopard every day and I feel I kinda let the team down so I think I might host the next Leopard week, unless you had plans for another?

    And what a fab collection of leopard loving ladies - I am honoured to be part of such a round up of awesomeness!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Mother trucker. I didn't know about this and posted my leopard heels on my own blog last week. Then the DIVINE Wendy B told me to include my leopard look.
    Woe is me!

  4. Aw, thanks, Wendy!

    Valleycat, you're welcome. Tiger is awesome too!

    Sarah, no way, it was no pressure to do it every day - I love that you did a day! You're welcome to go ahead and do a Leopard Week! I'm in!

    KT, ah well, there will another Leopard Week at some point.

  5. Awesome to have every participate. I think you need to make leopard at the minimum an annual event. I enjoyed wearing leopard everyday I could for sure!

  6. Alison, yup, it's cool that so many people got on board. Annual, for sure.

  7. Ah, I had a leopard dress to show you, but missed the boat! Had to have impromptu treatment on my knee last week. But all your outfits were lovely. And I smile every timeI reach for my leopard print silk scarf now!

  8. I would have loved to have seen that, SS! Glad you enjoyed the week.


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