Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday WW Group - Coral for Spring

Ah, my last day off before I get back to the ol' grind. I'm excited/nervous about starting fresh - I'd been at my old job for 5 and a half years before they outsourced us - but with Spring finally arriving, everything feels like a fresh start!

I even decorated my flip charts for today's meeting with shamrocks and tulips. Unfortunately, I got caught in a flash rain storm on the way home and got completely soaked - at least it was warm!

Anyway, I have all these lovely Spring-y things I've thrifted and nowhere to wear them (yet!). First up, this new cardigan and skirt:
The skirt is almost a neon coral - it's a linen and nylon blend, so it feels luxurious but doesn't crease! It was all of $5 in the thrift shop a few weeks ago. I vaguely recall that coral is an "it" colour this Spring, so woo!

The cardigan is also new-to-me - it was around $18 on consignment.
I love the big ruffles on it.

The blouse is one I've had for years - last seen here. Ha, I always wear the same accessories with it!

I can't wait to start building some new outfits for my new job...I have my clothes already selected for My First Day tomorrow, but how about a game? Let's see who guesses the closest to what I'll actually wear. Here's a poll - you can pick more than one item.

What Will Sheila Wear For Her First Day of Work?
Mini skirt
Pencil skirt
Long skirt
Floral girly
Multiple bright colours
Primary/basic neutrals
Pattern mixing
Sheer fabric
Bright legs (tights)
Dressy boots
Casual boots
High heels
Low or kitten heels
Flat shoes
Subdued jewelry
Bold jewelry
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The stuff:
Lovely orangey-yellowy shoes. The buckle on the belt that came with the skirt is actually made out of bamboo!

A close-up:
I usually toss these belts, but I am going to keep that one. You never know when I might need to go on safari.

We donated a huge amount of stuff to charity lately. Inigo is very happy that he has his box back:
Lovey eyes!

Cardigan (American Rag Cie, consigment), blouse (I.N.C.), skirt (Rocket, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo "Erebus"), cuff (thrifted), earrings (Foxy).


  1. Good luck tomorrow, I am thinking you will play it safe your first day, with maybe one or 2 "funky" pieces?

    P.s. how long have you been on WW? A group of friends and I just started a new exercise program today (for 30 days)and am looking at other ideas when this is over.

  2. Inigo deifnitely has the 'happy kitty eyes' going on.

    Coral is one of the "it" colors for the season but if I'm not mistaken, they've dubbed it "Honeysuckle". It's actually closer to that reddish pink than the traditional orangey pink coral.

    To have linen that doesn't crease? so swoon~!

    Wishing you the best of luck. You'll do fantastic!

  3. Good luck tomorrow, Sheila. Remember it often takes a little while to acclimate to a new environment so don't worry if everything isn't perfect right away. I'm sure you'll fit in eventually. Best wishes!

    You know, this is interesting: we've never met in person and yet I feel you are my friend. Even more, I *care* about you. Wow!

  4. Excited for you to begin your new job tomorrow- good luck- ps- you will be fine!!!

    Inigo is such a big sweetie.

  5. How exciting !
    Its like the first day of school.
    I put my money on pencil skirt... let's see what you chose.
    What a coincidence I was just looking at these same color shoes on line.... are the comfy ?

  6. Hey - congrats on the new job!! And the best of wishes for a fresh, stressless start!
    The more of your outfits I see, the more I think that you're my kind of gal!! Have a lovely day!
    I love your style in general!

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  8. Congratulations on your new job - I hope your first day is wonderful and that all the kids play nice! I'm looking forward, as always, to seeing what you fabulous outfit you choose.

  9. I just love these shoes...I must find something in this saffron color...it is great with coral! I think on your first day you should lean to the side of business/conservative/chic! After you get a feel for the office and the atmosphere, then you can SPICE it up!

  10. Hope you have a great day! Your new colleagues will love you!

    Coral and yellow together are so happy. :) What a great combo.

  11. Ponchmor, thank you! You'll have to wait and see. I wrote you an extensive answer on the WW question on your blog.

    Cara, thanks!

    Megan, yes, he does. Ah, thanks for the clarification (not that I really care what the "in" colour is!). I know, no creases! Thanks, hon!

    Shy, thanks! I know...and you know I like things to be perfect (I'm so hard on myself). Aw, thank you, hon. :)

    Thanks, Alecia!

    Lorena, totally! Yes, these shoes are awesome! I can wear them all day.

    Dimi, thanks so much! I really appreciate that.

    Dorota, I did visit you, but I don't like that when I leave a comment, I automatically follow you. Maybe if you actually read the posts, you would get more people visiting you.

    Thanks, Kitty! Thank you also for visiting my blog.

    Baxter, thanks! I hope they play nice!

    Pam, it's such a great colour, isn't it? I think you are right, but we'll see what actually happens, heh heh.

    Thanks, Eileen!

  12. Oh! Are those Tsubos comfy? I was told they weren't, so skipped 'em ...

    So thrilled about your new job, lady. Woo hoo!

  13. Good luck with your first day! New jobs are so exciting, and I hope you have a flexible dress code.

  14. I would have never thought about teaming yellow & coral - but you do it, and it WORKS!

    I'm excited for you - beginning your new job. Will you be able to continue your WW position?

    I didn't even TRY to figure out what you'll wear! You are so full of original and classy outfits--But I can't wait to SEE!

    Best wishes, Sheila. The office/company is lucky to have you.

  15. I hope your first day is a blast, and that there is much mutual "world rocking" going on!!!

    I voted for pencil skirt, cardigan, dressy boots and bold jewelry, so we'll see if I'm anywhere near correct...

    No matter what you wear, you'll undoubtedly look great.

    Have fun and maybe even learn some cool stuff!

  16. Break a leg tomorrow! Um, not literally. You'll be awesome, and I can't wait to see what you're wearing.

  17. Ooh I LOVE those colours together. You look fab Sheila (honorary Australian).

    Fleur de Guerre also had a kitty named Inigo!

    Sarah xxx

  18. Sal, these are my most comfy Tsubos - even more than the Acreas! Thanks so much!

    Rebecca, thank you! Yes, it's "business casual" so I'll be able to pretty much wear what I want.

    Rebecca, aw, thank you - you know I love the brights! Yes, I am continuing with my WW Tues group, thankfully. Ha, I hope I did not disappoint! Thank you so much.

    Rita, it was great - nothing earth-shattering. I think you are pretty close. Thanks!

    Scary, thanks!

    Sarah, thank you! Aw, how cool - it's a perfect kitty name.


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