Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Stripes and A Fluevog A Day - Sumatra Coffee

And the week begins!
Today, my stripes are on my pin-striped shirt (hard to see in the pictures, but please take my word for it):
The vest is new-to-me; I got it on consignment for $13. It's 100% cotton, but it's a really smooth, almost shiny finish. It still had the extra button in its plastic bag attached to the label, so it's never been worn.

This is my second wear of my suede skirt too (last seen here). I felt a little overdressed for work, but whatever.

Today's Fluevog of the Day are my Coffee "Sumatra" shoes:
I've worn these lots since I got them (last time here, scroll down). This style is no longer being made - Fluevog brings out new styles twice a year and discontinues most of the older styles, but you can often find similar ones in the same family (here are examples - they all have the same last, heel and toe shape). There are still shoes in the Coffee family available (check them out here). I tried on the Macchiato (it was okay, but I wasn't in love with it), and the Breva and Restretto were a little too plain for my taste.

For those of you who asked, new styles are usually cheaper to buy online from the Fluevog website, although they are still really expensive (usually $99 - over $300, with most of the shoes being in the $200 range). BUT, I have often found their shoes, especially discontinued styles, marked down quite low in other stores - and lots of boutiques carry a very small amount of what a full Fluevog store does (check it out - scroll down - even Iceland has a store that sells them!)

Be aware that Fluevogs are extremely erratic in sizing from family to family, and it really helps to try them on. I have bought all the way from an 8.5 to a 10. If you check out the comments on the shoe styles in the same family (for example, in the Macchiato you'd probably want to order a half-size larger), it can give you a better idea of how the shoe's sizing runs. These ones that I wore today are a size 10, and I usually wear a 9 or 9.5.

I also find that some styles look amazing on the website and are a little blah in person - and some styles that I wouldn't look twice at online are fantastic once you put them on your foot.

But enough jibba-jabba! Feast your eyes:
I really love those shoes - they are one of my favourite pairs - so perfect for Day 1.

The sparkly stuff:
A vintage necklace - can't remember where I got it, but I've had it for a few years - a very old gold ring with a banged-up red stone, and my square ladies wooden ring.

Shirt (Mexx, consignment), vest (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog, Coffee "Sumatra"), necklace (vintage), ring (vintage), wood ring (consignment).


  1. Very cool - I really like the vest! And those shoes look so special! I've never heard of that brand before, so thanx!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! I hope it is going well. You are certainly dressing for the occasion - this outfit is great. I envy you your vest skills: I love vests but can never get them to work. And that juicy red necklace - utterly gorgeous.

  3. So, cute!! I just love these shoes! The vest look is great for work...

  4. I am seriously, seriously in love with that necklace. I like even better than the Fluevogs!

  5. Love the Fluevogs! You really rock these ones! I don't have any Fluevog heels myself, I only have boots, actually.

    Re: Fluevog sizes: I fully agree that the sizing can be all over the place. Luckily you can also call any Fluevog store to ask for advice when ordering online. The sales assistants are always incredibly helpful and friendly!

  6. This outfit is so perfect. And wonderfully topped off with the Fluevogs.

    I had actually been considering the Coffee Ristretto before going for the Attention Paris, but you're right - they are sort of plain. I'm sure they're great for people who need a super plain shoe (with a secret special heel), but I am swooning over the tricolored look of the Sumatras.

  7. I love the skirt!
    How is the new job going?

  8. I may have to try a pair of Fluevog's. Have you ever ordered them online?

  9. Thanks so much for the info on the stripes stuff--I had read about it a week ago and forgot who was doing it so thanks!
    You look so great and hope you like your new job. Its always wonderful at
    I've never gotten into the fluevog what makes them so special? I mean, other than the cute style...

  10. I want to be your neighbor so you can give me your hand me down shoes!! I love these, but then I love all your shoes!

  11. Dimi, thank you! Never heard of Fluevog? How sad.

    Baxter, thanks, it is! I find the trick to vests is the fit - they have to be just right.

    Thanks, Pam!

    Scary, thanks - I love the red rhinestones.

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Thanks, Waves. I have a couple of pairs of boots by them, but mostly shoes. Thank you so much for your advice on phoning Fluevog!

    Nany, thank you - and thanks so much for commenting.

    Thanks, Megan. I honestly think with your style that one of the other Fluevogs would suit your personality more.

    Thanks, Cara! It's good - a lot to learn.

    Terri, if you can find a store that carries them, so that you can try them on, for me, that's the best. I have not ordered any online - I would if it were a clearance shoe in a family that I already have a shoe from.

    Thanks, Paula, and you're welcome! Fluevogs are beautifully made, supremely comfortable and just so gorgeous - what's not to like!

    Ponch, ha, too bad for you!


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