Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a Major Award!

Since I started this blog last March, I've been presented with a few of those blogging awards that tend to circulate around (rather incestuously, it seems at times). I'm always honoured that these amazing women want to recognize my little corner of the blogoverse, but I never pass them on.

But hey, I also never pass on those "send this to 7 amazing women" emails. Call it lazy, if you wish, I don't mind. I think of it as Economy of Time.

So to everyone who's ever given me one, thank you, from the bottom of my silly ol' heart. You're all wonderful and I'd nominate you right back, but then there's that whole laziness thing.

Instead, here are Major Awards to all of my favourite bloggers, in no particular order, whether you read my blog or not. These are big and small blogs; some get a kazillion comments, some get none. I've embedded links if you care to visit - I recommend it!

The Blog That Always Makes Me Feel Less Alone In The Universe:

The blog that posts anonymous secrets sent in on postcards. It's beautiful, horrifying, tragic and uplifting, and utterly human. We really are not alone. If you've never been to PostSecret, go now. They update every Sunday. Buy their books.

The Fashion Blog That Showed Us How It Was Done:
What I Wore Today

Kasmira, you inspired me and countless others to start our own blogs, and you constantly encourage us to experiment and be creative with what we wear. I love to see what you've chosen, even if it's not to my taste. Every time I wear something a little "out there" to work, I take comfort and confidence in knowing that you do it every day.

Why One Day You Will Read About The Crazy Lady Giving Out Tickets To Poorly-Dressed People:
The Fashion Police

I've always wanted to make up business cards in my printer that I can sneakily plant on unsuspecting sartorially-challenged people. TFP is here to point the way! From Bad Prom Dresses to the Return of the Dropped Crotch, there is nothing their eagle eyes miss.

Everyone Should Dress This Classy Instead Of Head-To-Toe Lululemon:

The gorgeous and always tasteful Londyn is a shining example of how to look professional, with a twist of fun. She also has an amazing shoe collection. I want to look like her when I grow up.

How To Wear Trendy Clothes And Still Look Like Yourself:
Africana's Wardrobe Diary

Lady D is a beautiful young lady with an impeccable sense of style - she also poses like nobody's business! She's an expert at mixing thrift with what's trendy (and clothing from her native Nigeria!) and always comes out looking completely unique.

Where To Go To Find Out Anything About Fashion:

Angie's a great writer and a professional wardrobe consultant. She has common-sense advice on how to wear trends, and what does and doesn't look good. I read her every morning before work. An indispensable blog if you're timid about getting your fashion bug on.

The Blog That Makes Me Laugh Out Loud:
Go Fug Yourself

Poking gentle fun of celebrities' fashion mis-steps, these ladies are the A+ of fashion critiquing. They revel in the ugly, the mismatched, the Bai Ling and do it in a way that isn't cruel or mean. If I were a celebrity I would LOVE to be featured on GFY.

The Inspiration For Challenges And Making Your Clothes Fun:

Jane is a true inspiration! This UK lady is classy, a mom, a writer, a teacher and all-round fun chick. She's the one who pioneered the 10-piece Wardrobe Challenge, and I've loved watching her work her way through her wardrobe as she nears the end of her One Year Without Any New Clothes.

Proof That Style Is Not Limited To The Very Young (Not That She's Old, Of Course) Or The Very Rich:
Della Street Dreaming

Australian Sue is completely out there: her wardrobe is nearly entirely thrifted and her style is ecclectic and frankly, a little crazy. But I love it! She's a teacher - how I would have loved to have been in her class! Please check out the most recent entry on "Abundance Through Frugality" - hilarious!

Greatness Is In The Details, Or Why She Will Make An Excellent Lawyer:
Fickle Brown Sparrow

Erica is a law student who must stick out like a sore thumb (a very fashionable thumb!) amongst all the other students, due to her attention to detail, pattern and texture. Her outfits always show superb planning, and she is a sweet and funny writer (with an adorable dog).

Sass And Talent Will Get You A Long Way In Life:

She's got killer style and attitude to spare (and you can buy her amazing finds on Etsy), and her advice on fashion is always bang-on. I wish she posted more pictures of herself in her amazing clothes...if only so I could copy - I mean, be inspired by her ensembles.

Proof That Stay-At-Home-Moms Can Still Have Rockin' Fashion:
Fashionably Later

Kayleigh burst onto the blog scene and has quickly become popular, partly because she puts together great outfits, partly because she's a dedicated bargain hunter (Target!), but mostly because she is such a genuinely sweet and kind person. Rock on!

The Kindred Spirit Who Reminds Me Not To Lose My Rocker-Chick Roots:
Memos from the Bat Cave

Leigh-Anna is a bit gothic, a bit punk and a whole lotta fun. She's got great fashion style with a rocking edge that I love....and who else do you know with a clockwork heart tattoo and a skeleton on her Christmas tree? I only wish she posted more.

The Most Foul-Mouthed Self-Promoting Funny Woman Ever:
Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Did I mention Wendy was talented? Do great b*tches wear red lipstick? Ha! Do yourself a favour and check out her funny blog...and cross your fingers that you have enough dough to buy some of her amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Proof That Thrift Clothing Is Pure Gold - And That One Day When She's Published We Can Say We Knew Her:
a cat of impossible colour

She even spells "colour" right. Andrea is possibly the most photogenic and creative person I've ever "met" in the blogoverse. She thrifts the most amazing clothing and accessories, and puts them together in the most wondrous ways. She also has very cute cats.

The Blog For Drooling:

Can you ever get enough shoes? Can you ever look at enough shoes? Dumb questions! Of course not! Get thee to ShoeLove and love the shoes! Love them! Don't forget to check out Londyn's guest blog entry!

The Bold, The Ecclectic, The Quirky...And That's Just Today:
Thrifty Muse (edit: link fixed -sorry, gals!)

It's actually two muses: Lisa and Cat. Between the two of them, I see an amazing ability to cut through the BS and put together some chic and classic styles. It's a pretty new blog - I can't wait to see what they do in 2009.

Fashion Is So Not Just A Woman Thing:
fashion du jour

Iain's a local guy who was named "Best Dressed Man" in our city. His blog's pretty new to me, but we all know the format. Awesome taste and a guy! He elevates menswear to a new level with his awesome Geek Chic combos.

The Most Talented Woman I Actually Know:
Carollyne's "Art of Consumption"

How can you not love someone who idolizes Wonder Woman? And I did I mention her amazing painting talent? Check out the squirrels! The big-eyed women! Buy a print!

Photos And Random Thoughts On Life:

My good friend Xine's blog, which is just not updated enough (but maybe this will encourage her, heheh). I just love to look at the pictures of her house and peaceful.

That's it - I hope you enjoy these great people and read what they have to say. Have a very Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. You picked some good ones! Love many of these blogs, and will be checking out the ones I haven't heard of yet!


  2. I am honoured to receive your award and I look forward to checking out the other blogs. Hope 2009 is a winning year for you. X

  3. BWAH HA HA! I'm so fucking vain, I probably think this blog is about me. Yeah, Carly Simon needs to update those lyrics. I'm glad that I've given you a chuckle.

  4. My heavens thank you! We're touched. If I had an award for you, it would be Most Enviable Shoe and Vintage Jewelry Collection followed closely by the Dresses I Would Like to Steal award.

  5. What a great and amazing list you've compiled, and I just love all the clever blurbs you wrote about each blog (and gosh, I'm totally not just saying that 'cause you wrote one about me, lol!)

    Seriously, I am thoroughly flattered by what you said -- it especially means alot coming from someone I admire so greatly :D

    And I've been having fun checking out some of the blogs I wasn't familiar with, too....very insightful descriptions you gave. I'm thrilled to be counted amongst such interesting and talented company.

    Thank you so much, Sheila, you are a pretty darned wonderful person yourself!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! You all deserve every nice thing said - that's why you're my favourites. Enjoy the rest and spread the loooove.

    Cat: glad someone caught the reference.

  7. My roommate just noticed that the link for Thrifty Muse actually takes you to Shoe Love. Shoe Love definitely deserves many links, but could we get some link love as well? ;-)

  8. Fixed that - thanks for letting me know, Cat. It was a lot of heavy-duty copying and pasting.

  9. Thank you sooo much for the award!. Sorry about my delay in thanking you, you defintely made my day.

  10. Thanks so much!

    I am also guilty of never passing awards on. It seems too contrived and chain-mail like. (And not the GOOD kind of chain-mail, you know, the sort you wear.) Thanks for taking the time to do a fresh take on blog recognition.

    I have to join Cat in my envy of your wonderful jewelry collection. Could I be adopted into your family so that I could get some of these lovely hand-me-downs? Or perhaps not, because then you and I would have to fight for them.

  11. Lady D: You're very welcome - you totally deserve it.

    Kasmira: I think the intent behind them is good...I just am not much at "playing well with others", haha.

    Get in line on the jewelry - my nieces are already wanting to know who I'll pass it on to!

  12. Thank you! That gave me the warm fuzzies. :) And now I have so many new blogs to go to, as well!

  13. Yay, Erica's back! You're welcome - I love your blog!


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