Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shiny Green - and the Heather Skirt

This is the second wear for this patterned green shirt. The label (Point Zero) is kind of surfer-dude and jeanswear, so I was so thrilled to find something more classic, but still with a lot of funkiness to it. Paired it with the brown skirt and turtleneck for warmth:
Then my very sweet co-worker Heather came to my office and gave me a skirt she bought and never wore! And it fit perfectly! What a nice thing to do. I wore it all day.
Ooh! Look! A skirt!

Considering this is Suzy Shier (a teen-oriented store, kind of like Forever 21 in the US), it's a really good quality (lined). I love the herringbone texture.

A shot of the accessories:
My lovely faux croc pumps, gold earrings and my mom's vintage chain belt.

I "liberated" the belt from her in about 1983. It originally had gold chains hanging down in a U-shape between each set of square links, and gold chain tassels hanging in the centre of each U. I left the little bits there so that I would always remember what this belt originally looked like. I removed the U and tassels around 1988 because they severely limited the wearability of the belt. You can see a little bit of one of the U chains on the left near the square link, and one small link from a tassel left on the O-link centred between the square links (it looks like a mark on the O).

Blouse (Point Zero: Nicole Benisti), turtleneck (Kersh), suit skirt (Kensie), Heather skirt (Suzy Shier), shoes (Jessica Simpson), gold earrings, belt (vintage, Mom's).

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  1. Haha!i like your second pose. And its really sweet when co-workers do nice things.
    Fun work outfit!


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