Saturday, December 13, 2008

Special Occasion - Theatre with Mom

Mom and I did dinner last night, followed by a play at the local theatre. The temperature has rapidly dropped in the last days, from a balmy 6 to 10 degrees to 0 to -6. Yikes! We delicate West Coast flowers don't do well with extreme temperatures!

Anyway, I did a dress with tights and boots so that I'd be warm:
Sorry it's so dark - I have no natural light anymore for my pictures. The dress is actually blue with a black pattern on top.

Dress (OC for Oleg Cassini), tights (Hue), boots (Expressions), black choker (Grandma J's), black stone earrings.


  1. I particularly like the boots -- the heel doesn't look too killer yet they are very stylish. How nice that you get to go out w/mom for a fun evening!

  2. Yes, they are a very practical height (we walk to the theatre). Mom and I have always gone to the theatre together, since I was a teenager. It's nice that we still have this tradition.


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