Thursday, December 11, 2008

Party - Joanne's Christmas Party!

My boss, Joanne, always throws a fab Christmas party every year. Thanks, Jo!

I've been saving this dress for a party since I bought it in September. Isn't it gorgeous?
Would you believe it was only $29.99?? It came with the cream satin slip - and I just love the way the brown ribbon frames the waist and accentuates the shape of the skirt. So retro!

Naturally, if I'm doing a retro dress, I've got to do pearls:
Yes, all of them. Heh heh.

The costume pearl earrings I wore for my wedding (12 years ago); the vintagey-looking multi-strand necklace was $2 at a thrift store about 15 years ago; the thick "woven" collar is about 8 years old (it had a matching "woven" bracelet, but the elastic blew badly so I tossed it) and was around $6; the double strand is from Grandma J (1980s vintage); and the other two strands were purchased from the Bay in about 1987 for an outfit I wore to a friend's wedding - I believe both of them added up to less than $20 because I was quite poor back then! I'm wearing the long strand as a bracelet.

A close-up of everything on:
I believe in excess!

Dress (Raindrops), shoes (Jessica Simpson), necklaces and earrings (as above, a mix of costume, vintage and Grandma J's).


  1. You look beautiful! I love lace--I had my eye on a lace dress at Newport News but they were out of my size. :/ And the pearls are not overly excessive--they're classic, but with so many it's still a little edgy.

    And on another note, thank you for your comments on my blog--they are always so thoughtful and make my day!

  2. Thanks, Erica. :) Yeah, I didn't want to look too "stagey" with the pearls, like I was really trying to emulate a look.

    You're very welcome - I like reading your blog!

  3. You look lovely and very ladylike! And i agree with Erica. I think the pearls are not excessive, they lend a more modern edge to the outfit :-D

  4. Oh my heavens. That dress is FABULOUS. Where did you purchase it? The layers of pearls set off the vintage look expertly.

  5. Lady D - thanks! I have always loved the look of oodles of pearls.

    Hi, and welcome, Fashion Girls! I got it at a small store that specializes in selling off samples - it's local to Western Canada. The brand of the dress is called Raindrops (most of their clothes are a little on the hippie-dippy side).

  6. <3 <3 <3
    I adore the dress and the pearls (yes, all of them) are perfect with the lace! Very retro and classy.

  7. I'm catching up here (busy holiday week) but OMG -- another stunning dress!!! I adore the lace...and the pearls worn like that, well, what a perfect finishing touch. Really creative of you and just so well done -- elegant & bold at the same time. I will be totally copying that if I ever get to go out for the evening again :D

    Fab, fab, fab!!!

  8. Thanks, Leigh-Anna!

    Kayleigh, please feel free to copy - I'm so flattered. There's nothing like a classic dress.

  9. Oooh I love your gobs and gobs and pearls, my friend! What a gorgeous dress, too.



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