Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wardrobe Challenge Wrap Up

Thanks so much to Jane at Work That Wardrobe for setting up this challenge! What a lot of fun to see what she and the other participants did!

Things I liked:
- having to work with a very small amount of items - I do love a challenge!
- once my outfits were set, not having to think too hard about what I was wearing each day;
- seeing how the other participants worked their mini wardrobes!

Things I didn't like:
- having to wear the same clothes over and over;
- limiting my shoes! Ha!
- limiting my accessories.

What I would have done differently:
- added another pair of pants;
- more layering pieces for tops - three of my tops were only worn once each;
- adding another belt or a scarf.

What I learned:
- I'm really inflexible about wearing the same items more than once!
- no one who saw me every day really cared about what I wore;
- I could pack a very efficient wardrobe for travelling.

There's a poll over on the right for you to vote for your favourite outfits - you can choose as many as you like.

My personal favourites:

My favourite outfit: Day 3I really liked the coral and brown together, and loved layering the dress underneath this. The boots are also shown off well. I got the most compliments on this outfit from my coworkers.

My favourite clothing item: The floral skirt
I think it's unanimous: this is a great skirt. It's got aqua, teal, green, shades of orange/coral/red, brown and grey, not to mention the white background. And it's machine washable! This skirt rocks!

My favourite accessory item: The brown/gold necklace I was surprised how much I liked wearing this. I wore it doubled up as a choker on Day 1, long on Day 3, and short/long on Day 5, and I could have wrapped it around my wrist as a bracelet.

Whew! Anyway, I am looking forward to digging back into my wardrobe and wearing some different clothes/accessories/shoes this week, not to mention wearing some different colours!

Thanks again, Jane! What a lot of fun this was. I am in for any other challenges you might come up with.


  1. I really think you managed to create such very distinctive looks that no one would have guessed you were limiting your pieces....not to mention you did an evening look too -- that really took it to another level!

    I especially loved the same outfit you did, w/the coral top, but also the floral skirt w/the aqua t-neck. And I meant to tell you all week how much I LOVE that belt -- the buckle is really unique.

    Fab job...but I expected nothing less from you, of course :D

  2. Thanks, Kayleigh!

    You know, I love the belt too (it was totally cheap, on clearance for around $8), especially for that buckle. I just got tired of wearing it all the time.

    Oh, the pressure! ;)


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