Friday, December 19, 2008

Casual Friday - Mad for Plaid!

I must confess: I wore my denim cropped jacket over this outfit all day, it was so darned cold out!

This is one of the dresses I got last weekend.
I totally love the style, colour and cut of this dress. It has a faint reddy-orange stripe (you can see it better in the close-up below), so I went festive with my red tights. The only downside is that it got very wrinkly over the day from sitting in front of my computer.

Mom gave me her other 70s choker last weekend - thanks, Mom! I'd always wanted it.
She bought it from some hippie in the 70s, who told her it was from Egypt (right off a camel). It's sandalwood and amber beads.

Jean jacket (not shown, Ann Taylor Loft), plaid dress (Vero Moda), tights (Merona), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Plum), choker (vintage 70s, Mom), gold hoop earrings (gift from L).


  1. What a cool dress -- love it! And I bet it looked great w/the denim jacket, too. I've been looking to add some plaid to my wardrobe but haven't found any pieces that work yet. My Scottish ancestors would be so disappointed :)

    I keep getting vintagey jewelry from my mom too, lol. But then she sees me wearing it and wants it back -- tho just in a kidding way ;)

  2. I love that plaid dress! It is really cute on you. It looks very versitile as well. It would be cute with a sweater over top too. I wonder if I can find something similar down here in Minnesota... I love the choker too.

  3. Sheila!
    I really like this look on you!Especially that you paired it w/ red tights! I like your choker as well, your mom has great taste too :-D

  4. Kayleigh - it looked good with the jacket - it mellowed out the plaid a bit. Ha! You tell your mom no!

    Thanks, WendyB.

    Alison - A sweater would look great over it...hmmm. I'm sure there will be lots of plaid in the stores (they're always a bit behind the trends in the magazines, right?).

  5. Lady D - I thought of you and your tights, you're so inspiring. :)

  6. Love that plaid dress on you. You were so happy to find it at the store and you had all sorts of ideas about how to where it. Well you pulled it off beautifully. The red tights gave it a contemporary look and the designer jean jacket along with your accessories finished it off nicely.

  7. Aw, thanks, Elaine! You're a great shopping partner - you looked fabulous in your outfit last night!

  8. This is my favourite look of yours! The red tights are fabulous and your hair and makeup are spot on. Even though it is a casual look - it is very youthful and trendy! I love it.
    PS. thanks for visiting my blog - . I didn't think anyone read it!
    PPS. did you see my friend Veronica?

  9. Hi, Kiki! Thanks for your kind words - that means a lot to an old broad like me. ;)


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