Monday, December 29, 2008

The Painty Skirt and a Cream Jacket

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I'm back! The snow's almost melted away and we're back to slush and rain - ah, real West Coast weather. I've been out in it for the last few days, bargain hunting and stocking up on some basics, so I'll be rotating all kinds of new stuff into the outfits. Oooh, exciting!

The jacket was a bargain at Jacob: $29.99. I like the velvety thin-wale corduroy and the slightly military cut of it. It has a belt in the same colour, but I swapped it out for the brown belt this time.

I love this skirt - it's so pretty and painty.

The jewelry:
A Christmas gift from a few years ago from Mom - it's Avon. I haven't worn this set much before, because the dangly parts just don't sit right. Think I might find it a new home.

This is the Shi Studio necklace and earrings Mom got me this year:

They are pieces of silk pressed behind glass and framed like stained glass. Pretty! I love the shape of them and the gorgeous fabric. I want one of their belt buckles...

Jacket (Jacob), blouse (Mexx), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine West), tights (Hue), boots (Roberto Vianni), belt (Plum), jewelry (Avon).


  1. I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE Avon jewelry. My grandma opened up her jewelry box over Christmas and let me have the pick of jewelry that had belonged to her mother. It's all darling vintage costume jewelry from Avon of all places.

  2. I don't mind some of it, but this piece isn't the highest quality.

    That's so cool that you were able to do that. I love having my grandma's jewelry to wear and love.

  3. Oooh, you should do a post featuring grandma's jewelry.

  4. My daughter got a lovely Avon necklace from my mum for Christmas.
    The skirt really does look hand-painted and you look full of fun. Thanks again for your kind thoughts. X

  5. That skirt is so fun and i like that you paired the brown belt w/ the jacket. You look fantastic as usual!

  6. I am off work until January 5. Am truly digging the extended break. Especially since it allows me to catch up on sleeping, reading, writing and blogging. Love the cream jacket - that was definitely a good deal. Wishing you a great 2009.

  7. Love that necklace...the colors are great w/the outfit! And I really think the pairing of the skirt w/that jacket is so cool -- they are sort of opposites...skirt seems romantic and jacket more structured, like you said, kinda military in shape. They work together SO beautifully.

    Glad you're back :D

  8. Cat - I wear my grandma's stuff all the time! Just click one of the "vintage" tags to see some of it. I have too much to do one post on it. I did have a Vintage Jewelry Week not too long ago.

    Jane - so good to see you! Ha, Avon is world-wide!

    Lady D - thanks!

    Xine - you lucky thing! How was Hawaii? Take care of yourself and best to you in '09. Hope to see you soon.

    Kayleigh - I'm glad to be back. :) I'm happy that you like the contrast of the jacket and skirt.


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