Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casual Wednesday - Denim and the Boyfriend Cardigan

My work is doing yet another "Casual Month" so we have the option of wearing jeans if we want to. As we still have snow, and as I type this it is snowing yet again, and I didn't plan my outfits this week, I decided to take advantage of this.
My H&M blouse, and some pretty jewelry that L got me for Christmas a few years back:
I seem to have a boot theme going on this week, also due to the craptastic weather.

A better shot of the jewelry:
I now have to venture out and get party supplies. L and I are hosting both an Open House AND a drunken revelry party on Saturday (one daytime, one nighttime). This requires supplies.

It also means I'll get to wear two party outfits in one day! And I've been saving a few things just for occasions such as these.

Sorry for not getting around to everyone's blogs lately! It's been a very busy week.

Cardigan (no label, consignment), blouse (H&M, consignment), black cami (InWear), belt (Tommy Hillfiger), jeans (Esprit), boots (Rinaldi), jewelry (Le Chateau).


  1. Hi Sheila! Thanks for commenting - you're in the draw.

    I can never find vintage shoes to fit me - well, hardly ever. I wish I had tiny, dainty feet! But then I would topple over, I suppose.

    I'm freaked out by the number of comments too - wow!

    A xx

  2. Ooooh, I really like that cardigan on you! I've been hesitant to wear longer cardis myself but maybe I'll copy this idea with the belt because it totally works, it's a great look :)

    And that jewelry is gorgeous -- he's got good taste!

  3. I LOVE the jewelry!!! So pretty!!! But, I can't see the main pic, it's so dark! Are you wearing your boots inside or outside your jeans? I've been trying to pull off that new look with the skinny jeans tucked into the boots, but I'm just not feeling it yet... lol! It seems to look great on everyone but me! LOL!


  4. A cat/A: Cool! I actually have 2 pairs of vintage shoes that I found years and years ago - I'll have to post a picture of them some time.

    Kayleigh: Thanks! It's a lovely soft wool blend - you do need to keep the bottom piece close to the body, though. Yes, L has great taste in jewelry.

    Katie: Sorry about that! I have a cheap camera. The pants are over the booties - I can't quite get the jeans-in-boots look either.

  5. Hey Shelia,
    I just love the thin belt over the cardigan. That's one of my favorite looks right now. Also I posted a repy to your question about the obi belt, I hope it helps.

  6. I like this look on you. I have a long sweater vest, and i'm kinda @ a loss on how to wear it. but i think you've given me some ideas..anyway, you look fab, and L's taste in jewelry is fantastic!


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