Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wardrobe Challenge Week - Day 4

Today's outfit:
Kept it simple (no belt! ha!), and just played with colour and texture today. I actually really liked this outfit and would probably wear it again. Today was the first day that people noticed that I was repeating things I'd worn earlier this week (the skirt is rather distinctive).

The pieces:

Aqua turtleneck
Floral skirt
Brown boots
Gold hoop earrings
Brown/gold necklace
Red bracelet.
Sweater (Smart Set), skirt (Mexx), boots (Roberto Vianni), necklace & bracelet (Plum), gold hoop earrings (gift).


  1. Hi Sheila
    That skirt is a real winner.
    What did people say when you told them what you were doing?

  2. Hey, if you made it until Friday before people started noticing your same clothing pieces, then I say you're doing great!


  3. Jane - I filled in most of my coworkers over a week ago (they know I'm a fashion nut - and some of them view this blog). They just shook their heads and said, "Oh, Sheila." and wondered why I was doing it.

    Katie - thanks! Yeah, I guess it isn't going to kill me to repeat clothing items, eh?

  4. The skirt is one of my fave things you wore this week, and while it may be distinctive you changed it up nicely I think by wearing different tops & accessories which both looked great. I could imagine that sooooo many colors go with that skirt it would be hard to run out of things to pair it with -- great choice for the challenge :)

    I guess I'm lucky...I really didn't see the same people from one day to the next so no one knew a thing -- except of course my kids & DH (aka the photographer) but they thought this was fun too!

  5. I've been so consumed with Self-Obsession that I failed to notice this Wardrobe Challenge!
    Now it's too late for me to take part in it because school is finishing on Wednesday this coming week & I'm on hols until late January. So I'm back to Holiday Wardrobe. And it's not the same as getting dressed every day for work!
    But I'm v. impressed with your wonderful attempt at The Challenge. And loving the idea of Organised Spreadsheets, which clearly paid off.

  6. Kayleigh: Thanks! I love this skirt.

    MR Style: Agreed, they are awesome boots.

    Sue: Thanks! I had so many ideas for outfits, but needed to organize them. It worked!


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