Monday, December 1, 2008

Wardrobe Challenge Week - Day: Evening

Adding to the technical difficulty overall, I had an evening event to go to: dinner out with another couple. Fun and drinking ensued, but one must look fabulous. But what to do?

A dress is essential! Keep it nice and simple with some pretty shoes:Add a few accessories for visual interest: The hoop earrings again.
A funky turquoise, red stone, brown stone necklace strung with gold thread.

The red bracelet again:
Top it with a lovely deep purple satin raincoat:
This camera - colour does not show up well, my apologies!
And here I am ready to socialize:
And a shot of me in the coat:
Non-wardrobe challenge item: nude fishnets.

"But Sheila, where's your purse?" Ha! I didn't carry one - I stuffed my ID and credit/debit cards in one pocket and lipgloss and keys in another. You don't need a purse!

Dress (unknown, consignment), shoes (Aerosoles, NYC), necklace, bracelet (Plum), raincoat (London Fog), gold hoop earrings.


  1. Hey Sheila,
    I love both looks and your enthusiasm for the project. The skirt is fab.

  2. I'm in love with your raincoat! The shoes are also adorable.
    This sounds like a fun project/challenge!

  3. Your coat is so fab!You look great! i can understand the whole, no purse thing.I'm taking baby steps to give the big bags a break...i carried a clutch instead of my usual duffel bag today..hehe

  4. Hey, thanks everyone! You are too kind.

    Lady D - I am just not really a purse person. I'm a minimalist when it comes to bags (and what goes in them), at least as far as numbers go! It helps that I carry a nylon backback four days a week.


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