Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Shoes Ever

I'm sure you are thinking, "She can't possibly have the best shoes EVER." But you would be so wrong! I do!
Oh, that - that's today's outfit. I am still going whackadoodle over-the-top in protest of my company's "Casual Month" (ending on Jan 19th, thank god!).

New stuff from my shopping blitz: the blue top. I am loving this slinky viscose stuff - it's the same material as my Hollywood gown from our Christmas party (scroll down, I'm too lazy to dig up the link). Also new: the necklace, the belt and the skirt.

But the newest and brightest jewel:
They are by Poetic License, and I bought them with my She She Shoes gift certificate on Saturday. One look and I was in loooooove. The glittery purple inside, the purple soles (sorry, forgot to take a picture of them), the multi-tones and the bows, the bows! Grey, white, navy and burgundy, oh my!

The other stuff:
Also, the brooch Mom gave me for my birthday.

And a close-up of my patterned nylons. Why go plain when you can go patterned?
Ah! The shoes!

Jacket (Nygaard), cowl t-shirt (Oxmo), skirt (Tobias), shoes (Poetic License), belt (Suzy Shier - $3!), hose (Hue), pin (gift from Mom), necklace (Plum).


  1. I love pretty much everything about this outfit--the burgundy in the jacket and shoes, the patterned tights, and accessories. Well done!

    We're going to link you. Feel free to link back if you like. :-)

  2. Those are the best shoes ever!!! Way cute. I've been looking for a cute pair with similar styling. Very, very cute outfit.

  3. Cat - thank you! I'm happy to be linked and will add you guys to my list soon (I've had you on my Favourites for a while).

    Alison - aren't they?? They also came in black/white.

  4. I'm inclined to agree with you. Those are AWESOME! I'm in love with this color combination now.

  5. This is such a lovely outfit! and your shoes are fantastic! have a wonderful new year :-)

  6. What a beautiful outfit! And you are too funny about your shoes :) I love how you put all this together -- and that belt is adorable -- I need a bow belt!

    But those shoes really do take the whole ensemble to another level...they are super special, um, excuse me -- I should say they are the best shoes evah :D

    Have a totally great New Years!

  7. Leigh-Anna: welcome back, girl! Yeah, I've never done this combo before...but it won't be the last time.

    Lady D: Thank you! Have a great New Year yourself. :)

    Kayleigh: Thank you. I wanted a grey belt and when I saw this one with the bow, it just said, "Take me home..." and at only $3? Get out!

    Yes, those are the BEST shoes!

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. I absolutely love your outfit.!! Your shoes are really the best.


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