Monday, December 8, 2008

Green and Ruffles

It felt so liberating to be able to choose whatever I wanted to wear when I picked all my outfits this week! Of course, I do tend to gravitate towards the same colours over and over...

Just like here:
Good old green and brown! I love this ruffled-front shirt (it ties behind the neck in a big pussycat bow which you can't really see in the picture) but have struggled a bit with putting it with other items. I'm pleased with how it looks under a sweater.

Love this suede belt and of course, adore the shoes:
Ooh, I'm so matchy. Ha!
Sweater (Max Studio), blouse (Vero Moda), pants (Mac & Jac), shoes (Luichiny), belt (Aldo), gold earrings (some ethnic boutique).


  1. I bet you feel so free and the wardrobe now has endless possibilities!
    Thanks for joining me.

  2. I LOVE shoes shoes AND the shirt! I'm sure the shirt is really cute! I love tops with bows and such!


  3. Yay for freedom! I love the richness of this outfit...something about that particular shade of brown (which I love, but I love all shades of brown) that just exudes classic style to me.

  4. Yay for ruffles! and those shoes...i'm going to steal! B-D

  5. <3 the belt and the ruffles! The green and brown look so nice together.

  6. Jane - it's really made me appreciate my wardrobe, and want to have only multi-functional pieces. Thank YOU!

    Katie - thanks! I love bows too.

    Kayleigh - brown is the best, especially with a couple of shades.

    Thanks, Goober!

    Lady D - I know you love the shoes - mine!

    Leigh-Anna - thanks! I vaguely thought I kind of looked like a tree, ha!


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