Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wardrobe Challenge Week - Day 3

I am starting to get sick of this belt. And these accessories. And the shoes.

I'm still good with the clothes, but am predicting that as of Friday, I will be quite thoroughly tired of everything I've worn all week.

Anyway, today!

This is the brown dress that I wore out for dinner the other night, only worn to look like a skirt, with the coral sweater over top. Comfy and it looks all right. I'm starting to crave other colours...and black!

The pieces:
The Dreaded Belt, which is making an appearance one more time.
The brown/gold necklace.
I never really get tired of gold hoops. My really big ones used to be a signature thing for me - I wore them with everything.
The brown dress. A lovely dress - it will be great for traveling. Worth the $24.

And the coral sweater. Great colour.
Dress (no tag, consignment), sweater (Esprit), belt (Plum), boots (Roberto Vianni), necklace (Plum), earrings (gift).


  1. Sheila - I've just scrolled through your clothes so far this week and think you have displayed lots of variety - probably more so than normal as you have experimented with different shapes.
    Stay with the challenge!

  2. Definitely a great color on you! I love Esprit, wish we had one in Dallas. I like the long necklace, too--I'm amazed at how everyone is making such different looks with the same pieces!

  3. I love these boots! And your poses look just fine to me! :-) I didn't really think I had such good poses ( I thought I looked like a dork) but you're like the third person to compliment my poses! :-) So thanks! You made my day! :-)

    I love your blog! Thanks for posting!


  4. I love the idea of the sweater over the dress to give the appearance of a skirt. And I love the outfit with those boots!

  5. I think you've done an excellent job all week. I know you're growing tired of the belt but it is incredibly cute! Put it in a drawer for a week or two and then you'll be glad to see it again.

  6. Thanks, chicks!

    Jane - appreciate your support. I'm just a whiner. :) I do love variety - but I'm in this for the long haul!

    Erica - you don't have an Esprit? It's even sold in department stores up here. You poor thing!

    Katie - hey, I know what works for me and I stick to it. I love your blog too!

    Goober - (love your name) Welcome! I checked out your blog - I will visit again when I have time and comment. You look great this week!

    HoneyChild - I know, I'll be back to loving it after I've given it a rest - like all these clothes!

  7. Just getting to this one now -- I think that shade of coral is just lovely on you, what another really great outfit :)

  8. I didn't even realize you wore the dress w/ a skirt over it. Love it! You look great!!


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