Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party - Our Open House!

Whew! I'm reminded why I only do Christmas every two years. Two parties in one day is exhausting!

The Open House: Great to see you all: Mom, Cindy, Dave, Zoe, Hannah, Angie, Natasha, Eddie, Emily, Jean, Michael, Kieran, Chelsea, Isabella.

This is what I wore:

This is my $20 dress. No kidding - it's Nine West, it's new, and it was on a rack with a ton of other dresses for only twenty bucks. Sweet. And it's washable (of course, I spilled stuff on it - ha!).

My groovy shoes:
I found these at a consignment shop I don't usually shop at (the clothes are way overpriced) about a year ago. They're a little tricky to walk in. But they look great!

The accessories:


Four hours later, it started to snow. We tidied up, had a nap (ah, such luxury), had dinner and prepped for the evening party.

Dress (Nine West), shoes (Hale-Bob, consignment), bracelet (Melanie Lynne), earrings (Plum).


  1. You look so glamorous! And what a find at $20...I love grand deals like that!

  2. I agree w/ Erica. you do look fantastically fabulous! That dress and your shoes are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, Erica! I do love a bargain!

    Thanks, Lady D! I felt so fancy-schmancy!

  4. $20???? That dress is to die for! You look so lovely in it :D

    And I thought the belt was actually embelishment on the dress -- that it's a belt is even MORE cool (so many ways to use that!!!)....

    Fab, fab, F A B!

  5. LOL, wait -- I had to go back and take a second look -- it IS the embelishment on the dress -- you had the other accessories laying on the dress! But it's still totally super-duper fabulous, lol!!!!

  6. That's a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous in it!

  7. Kayleigh: I know! Total steal! Yes, that is actually the waistband of the dress: velvet with sewn-on crystals.

    Kasmira: Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Cat! A gal cannot have too many dresses!

  9. Hi, V - welcome! Thanks very much - they were a great consignment find!


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