Friday, December 26, 2008

Special Occasion - Christmas Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. As usual, L spoiled me. I'm so lucky. These are my presents:
Books/graphic novels/reading material: "Darkly Dreaming Dexter", new Stephen King short stories & "Duma Key", "Let the Right One In" and another vampire book, "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and 3 graphic novels in the "Criminal" series, and a crossword puzzle book, Australian Vogue. Also got "The Dark Knight" and "WALL*E" and a computer game that looks like a blast. Also, little flavoured vodkas, chocolates, a necklace, the new Killers album and a magnet.

And this necklace and earrings set:

We also got a digital photo frame, a Chapters gift card, a movie gift card, some frames and canvasses for painting, a puzzle book, some sticky notes mom is so sneaky. She was with Elaine and I at that charity auction over a month ago, and she bought a gorgeous set of necklace & earrings by Shi Studio. Knowing she was bidding on them, I stayed away (but I was envious, because what a beautiful set!). Well, she gave them to me! She's the best.

I also got a gift certificate to a very chi-chi shoe store, so I will be hitting the sales tomorrow. Today, I'm going to hang out and read...bliss.

Anyway, yes, I got spoiled and I am so looking forward to having some down time and enjoying all these lovely gifts. This is what I wore for Christmas Day:
Isn't that the craziest skirt? I just love it. I picked it up about a month ago for about $30. I'm wearing my waterproof walking boots, since we walked to my sister-in-law's (about an hour), then walked to the bus stop from Mom's place after dinner (about 35 min in deep snow and very slippy roads!).

A close-up of my new necklace from L, and my old Guess ring:
I bundled up with my leather jacket, my cream fuzzy bucket hat, my long black leather gloves and my Smoking Lily scarf:


Wishing you all the best for a peaceful and happy weekend!

Turtleneck (Smart Set), skirt (Kensie), tights (Hue), boots (Cougar), necklace (Caracol), ring (Guess), crystal stud earrings, gloves (Ricki's), scarf (Smoking Lily).


  1. Ah Santa was good to you! lol. I LOVE your skirt. So pretty, especially with the unexpected bubble hem. And the necklace from your mom is gorgoeus as well.

  2. Yes, I was a very good girl this year.

    The skirt is a new favourite - I loved wearing it all day. Not the most versatile item, but one of those things I'll hang onto for a long time.

    That's actually the necklace from L - I haven't taken a pic of the necklace from Mom yet.

  3. Wow, you made out like a bandit, lol!!! What a nice DH you have :) And I especially LOVE the necklace & earrings -- a real statement piece in such gorgeous colors. And the idea of relaxing and reading....well, that's my kind of down time.

    Oh, and that skirt is sooo pretty & unique..I just love it on you :)

    Glad you had a Merry Xmas!!!

  4. It's a good thing you decided not to bid against your mom!

  5. I love the outfit, cute and functional all at the same time!

  6. Kayleigh: yes, my DH is the best! I should say that I spoiled him as well - he is so fun to buy for. I always look forward to seeing how he's going to like his gifts.

    I was thrilled with the necklace & earrings from him - I wear all those colours, so I'm excited to choose what I'll be wearing with that set.

    Wendy: totally! I'd seen this designer in a shop and couldn't afford the jewelry, so to find out that she was giving it to me...ah, so sweet.

    HoneyChild: That's the goal! What's the point of looking fab if you aren't comfortable in it?

  7. Wow Sheila! What a Motherlode! All those gifts you got (except Australian Vogue, which I think is 'VogueLite') are wonderful & would have suited me as well! You must have had so much fun unwrapping them on Xmas Day. And all that snow too.! It's not exactly a heatwave here, but far from Snow.

  8. Hey, Sue, Merry Christmas! Yeah, I was a pretty happy gal on Xmas morning. The Australian Vogue is pretty slim, but L knew he'd be safe buying it.

  9. That skirt is crazy fun. I like your choice of gold as a holiday color. The skirt is festive with gold and cream, and funky with that balloon (?) silhouette.

    I am thoroughly impressed that you managed to make that fabulous outfit fit for trudging through winter weather. Well done.

  10. Hey, Cat - thanks so much. The shape of this skirt is so fun, but it's quite narrow at the knees (and no slit), so I could only take fairly small steps. Even harder for walking!


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