Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party - Our Christmas Party!

The weather turned into a blizzard! We haven't had snow like this in years - easily 12 years. So grateful to have friends who will trudge through this to come to our party. They all rock in the best kind of way. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Everyone got home safe and sound, the last person left at 4am. Ah, another successful party!
I got this dress about 3 months ago - I've been saving it for this party.

I love the dusty purple colour - the grey cami underneath is a separate piece I got to go with this dress. I felt like a movie star from classic Hollywood in this.
Sorry about the pictures of my feet - I was rushed. Rockin' my Jessica Simpsons:
The jewelry set is one of my most prized possessions:
That's the original purple velvet box, straight from my Grandma J. I was so happy to get this. This is signed Sherman, a famous Canadian jeweler who specialized in these crystal pieces in the 50s - the crystals are Swarovski and the metal is gold plated. The finish on them is called "aurora borealis".

Dress (Oxmo), beaded cami (RW & Co.), shoes (Jessica Simpson), choker, bracelet & earrings set (Sherman, Grandma J's).


  1. You look like a classic movie star! And that jewelry is beautiful. Glad you had fun at your party despite the blizzard!

  2. You look amazing! That dress is beautiful.Now i feel like i'm missing a long dress in my life. I glad you had a good time @ your party :-D

  3. Thanks, ladies! It was a fun party - whew! I'm exhausted.

    Lady D - everyone needs at least one long gown. You need one!

  4. OMG, I don't even know where to start. That dress DOES make you look like a Hollywood movie star! It's soooooo pretty, so chic, so elegant.

    And that jewelry would be my prized possession if it were mine too! Wow, what great pieces to have -- not only are they stunning in and of themselves, but that they were from your grandmother makes them that much more special.

    I don't have a long dress either...hmmm, now I've got two things to hunt for -- a lovely long gown and a place to wear it, lol!

    You look beautiful :)

  5. Kayleigh: Thanks, and would you believe, that dress felt like wearing a nightgown, it was so comfortable!

    I almost never wear the jewelry - I think it's been about 11 years (at my 30th birthday party) since I last wore them.

    Every woman needs a long gown! Get one!

  6. Wow, nice dress -- I had one almost like that in green and I'm pretty sure I consigned it .... I'll have to look. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hey, Ruth! I love this dress - and can you believe it's been marked down to $39 at Plum? Arg! But they aren't selling - it's one of those dresses that doesn't look good on the hanger. Merry Christmas!

  8. that necklace set is about the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. id like to see it on!!

  9. Hi, and welcome, Veronicahhh! If you click on the picture of me you can see me wearing the set.

  10. Wow, you do have some gorgeous vintage pieces from Grandma J. I am jealous that you have an entire set still in the velvet box.


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