Sunday, December 7, 2008

Special Occasion - Whisky Club Formal Dinner

I do love formal occasions - there's something about the preparation that thrills me. The long gown, the special makeup, the extra attention to the hair, all the glitz and glamour. makes me feel happy.

I belong to a whisky afficianados club (yes, I drink scotch) - actually, this will be my last year in it, as I trim away some things from my life that I don't get the same fun out of as I used to. Every year we have a formal dinner, but I missed it last year due to a conflict with my work party.

This is a dress I got last year, off the clearance racks for around $49. Not bad! It's great because the style is timeless, the colour is neutral and you can accessorize it a lot of different ways.
It's a heavy jersey, with ruching down the front and down the back. It has great weight and movement in the fabric, and I feel like an Oscar-nominated actress in this. A shot of the back:
It's also very long, so here's a look at the shoes (I was totally in a hurry to get ready, so you get to see my shoes On My Feet, which I don't do anymore since I had a comment from someone who wanted me to send him pictures of my feet. Ew.):
The shoes are Guess, from DSW in NYC, from my trip with mom a couple of years ago. They go with everything!
The accessories:
My lovely brown beaded purse. This was $12.95 on clearance a few years ago.

The earrings and Grandma J's copper cuff.
Dress (Enchante), shoes (Guess), purse (Plum), cuff (Renoir, vintage 1960s), earrings (don't remember, but they were on sale).


  1. OMG -- you look stunning! I love the dress & the accessories are GORGEOUS. You really do look like an actress on Oscar night...WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!

  2. Thanks very much, Kayleigh - I felt very glamourous all night. :)

  3. You look so fabulous! I agree, like a movie star. :) I hope you had a good time!

  4. You look soo gorgeous and glamorous! You look absolutely fabulous in that dress!

  5. Thanks, Erica! Yes, it was a blast...aside from the drunk old men leering at my boobs all night. :D

    Thanks, Lady D! Be prepared - Xmas season is party season and I love to get dressed up!


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