Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Burgundy, Black and Sparkle

I love the time leading up to Christmas. I'm feeling all sparkly (let's just pretend work is all happiness and light, shall we?), so I have to reflect that in my clothes, right?
This skirt is actually a micro-polka dot pattern (see the background of the accessories shot), and I used to have pants, a jacket AND a dress in this, but every piece got just a bit too big when I finished losing weight. I gave away all but the skirt, which I love. '

I had fun putting this summery cotton jacket over top of the turtleneck (nice and warm!), then playing with sparkly accessories:
Love the shoes!
Jacket (Vero Moda Jeans), turtleneck (Plum), skirt (Precis Petite), shoes (Blecka), tights (Hue), assorted sparkly jewelry (I can never remember where I get this stuff, but it's all costume and nothing's over $20).


  1. I love the holidays too...always makes me feel like wearing red.

    That skirt is way cool -- I particularly like the tulip or trumpet flair at the bottom :)

    It's bittersweet to give away clothes that are too big, isn't it? Of course it's nice to be smaller & healthier, but on the other hand it's hard to part with pieces you love.

  2. Those shoes are to die for! I also love the micro polka dots.

  3. Kayleigh - I adore red, really rich reds.

    Isn't the skirt lovely? I love the curvyness of it.

    It was sad to part with some of my old things, but I know they all went to good homes.

    Leigh-Anna - One of my favourite styles is pin-up, so whenever I see things that fit with that look, I buy them.


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