Sunday, December 14, 2008

Special Occasion - Lawrence & Carollyne's Christmas Cake Party

It snowed last night which, contrary to what you might think you know about Canada, is very unusual for this part of the country. We do not get snow here very often - once a year, if that!

While it is very pretty, the novelty quickly wears off and the practicality of gettting out and about rears its head. It isn't a far walk to Lawrence & Carollyne's house, but I had to wear something warm:
Layers are the key: I have a t-shirt on underneath this. I put the shoes in my bag and walked in my boots, but unfortunately, it was a "no shoe" house, so I had frozen toes for a few hours.

A close-up of the vintage jewelry:
Both the necklace and the bracelet are by Coro. The necklace is from the late 50s, I think (Grandma J's) and the bracelet is from the late 60s (Mom's).

Sweater (Tobias), skirt (Nygaard, consignment), tights (Hue), shoes (Wild Diva), jewelry (Coro, vintage).


  1. You look so elegant.
    Iam sorry but I hate going to place where I am asked to take my shoes off. I think it is very bad manners. What is the point of making an effort and getting dressed up if a key part of the look has to be dispensed with?

  2. Our weather is a bit unusual too - it should be hotter, but I'm still wearing a cardigan at times.
    Love your snow outfit. And that jewelry is fantastic!

  3. Your lucky to live in Canada and not have to deal with huge amounts of snow. We just got about 9 inches here in northern Minnesota yesterday.

  4. I think i have a skirt similar to yours except mine has a smaller pattern. And i love that leaf pattern jewelry. You always have the best jewelry! :-)

  5. Jane - I totally agree. I HATE having to walk around in stocking feet (they did offer slippers but I detest them). You'd think people would either have floors that won't scratch or waive their rule for clean, indoor-only shoes!

    Sue - it is freakin' freezing here. I'm dying! I'm having to wear tons of layers and I feel like a marshmallow.

    Alison - the rest of Canada laughs at us when we get snow. Most of Canada is like Minnesota!

    Lady D - it's a classic houndstooth - you can't go wrong with it. I love the vintage jewelry. It's so pretty.

  6. I really like this alot -- the red w/the houndstooth is so classic and then that jewelry is really unique & special...true statement pieces.

    We take our shoes off at home but I would never dream of doing so w/company or asking a guest to. I also hate it when I go to someone's house that does that...I went to the trouble of selecting shoes as part of my outfit and I wanna wear 'em, lol!

  7. Missed you at the party on the weekend. Evangeline was running a high fever. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and hope to see you and L on NYE.

  8. Kayleigh - we don't wear shoes in the house either, but when we have a party, we always let people (especially women) wear their shoes if they are clean. I always bring my good shoes in a bag. But you know, not my house, so gotta go by their rules!

    Xine - missed you too, hon! Poor Em, I hope she's doing better. See you soon!

  9. Sheila,

    I've been browsing your blog for several days and I really like your style. You are so pretty and feminine in your tights and stockings, I hope your husband appreciates you because I certainly would.

  10. Thanks very much, romantic524 - I appreciate you reading way back 8 years ago! Yes, my husband is an awesome guy - he is very good to me. :)


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