Thursday, April 10, 2008

Drow Duelist

Just finished last night! This is a Drow duelist. A Drow is a dark elf (evil) - they live underground and are nasty. Male Drow have white hair; all Drow have dark blackish grey skin.
This guy is pretty awesome (I wish I had him). He's got a great pose, with the cape billowing out and his groovy armour and sword. Great shading on the cloak and the purple armour is funky (must be magical). I find the black/grey skin doesn't photograph well, though -I'd like to see some shading/highlighting on it to really bring out his features (I have a Drow female coming up in my next batch of figures, so I'll get to play with that myself). A shot of the back:
You can really see the shading on the cloak here and the highlighting to bring out the texture of the hair. This is one of L's best figures, in my opinion - he's really stepping up his game.

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