Saturday, October 7, 2023

Pre-Long Weekend in Seattle: Non-Dessa and Shopping

Hello, my friends! I'm briefly back - L and I kicked off our Thanksgiving long weekend by taking the Clipper down to Seattle for a couple of days. 
Proof! There's the Space Needle. 

The Clipper is high-speed catamaran boat (link here, all links in this post 'cause I love) that goes harbour-to-harbour from Victoria to Seattle. 
Rock on! L and I in our seats at the bow for the trip down on Thursday afternoon. It was not very crowded and the 3+ hour trip flew by. We both read and listened to music on the way down - such luxury to have all that reading time. 

But before I get to pictures (and I did take a few), here's what I wore every day. 
My formula of band tee + funky skirt + comfy shoes + cool jacket. 

  • Thursday tee - Run the Jewels, from Rifflandia, not tracked
  • Friday tee (not shown) - Iggy Pop, from Rifflandia, not tracked
  • Saturday tee - Adidas Farm Rio, thrifted; first seen here in June with black and tan
  • Skirt - Ganni, consignment; last worn here in July for a Mom-Day at Willows Beach
  • Shoes - Marquess Swordfish, Fluevog; last seen here in July with a leopard suit for Tilt! 
  • Leather jacket (below) - Banana Republic, consignment; last worn here in April

I only took pics of Thursday's outfit, because the rest pretty much looked the same. 
I slept in the Run the Jewels tee on Thursday night, and slept in my Iggy Pop tee (this one) on Friday night. 

This denim skirt was excellent for three solid days of wear. 
Nice big pockets! 

I wore my red leather motorcycle jacket every day.
We had great weather - up in the mid-20s (or in the 70s down in the USA). 

I popped a hole in my grey nylons so switched to a pair of black fishnets for the rest of the trip. 
My leather black cross-body bag has lots of zips and compartments, good for stashing receipts for Customs, my passport, and shopping bags. 

Most people saw me like this - I had many positive comments from the lovely people I met in stores. 

Seattle, here we come! 
I ended up not needing the silk scarf or the leather gloves at all, aside from very early in the morning on Saturday on the way home.

Demonstrating all the room I have left in my knapsack, even when it's fully packed. 
So much room in there! I hope I have good luck shopping. L's back there - he wore varied band tees, jeans, 3-toned Fluevogs,  and switched between a floral shirt and his "Rock Star" jacket.

That's my favourite kind of travel purse - not bulky but holds a lot. 

  • Leather purse - Lodis, thrifted
  • Silk scarf - Janie Besner, thrifted
  • Leather studded gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff: 
Very grommet-y. Both my and L's shoes elicited gasps of admiration from people. These were incredibly comfy for all the walking we did, especially on Friday, our main shopping day. 

Favourite bling:
All armoured up. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Steel/leather cuff - Rimanchik
  • Silver chain ring - Mexican, consignment
  • Silver/red enamel ring - antique shop, Sidney
  • Silver/amber thumb ring - consignment
  • Silver/kyanite ring - consignment
  • Silver earrings - Israeli, consignment

L and I enjoyed a leisurely day of Not Being At Work on Thursday, and walked downtown to the Inner Harbour and all the way around. 
The blue arrow is where the Clipper docks are. 

We had a helpful map on board to show us where we were as we navigated south across the Juan de Fuca Strait and down Puget Sound to Seattle's waterfront. 
There were whales (orcas and humpback) along the way, but I didn't want to be a gawking tourist (I've seen lots of whales). 

Finally, the silhouette of Seattle appeared, with the looming ghost of Mt. Rainier. 
The Cascade Mountains are this area - we could see Mt. Baker to the north at times. 

We walked the few blocks to the Crocodile Lounge where we were going to see Dessa, one of our favourite female rappers, from the Doomtree Collective out of Minneapolis (link here, and I highly recommend my favourite albums "A Badly Broken Code" here and "Parts of Speech" here (links to full albums on YouTube).
There she is! You can also read L's review of "Chime" and her performance at the 2018 Phillips' Backyarder here (including a picture of him and Dessa!).  

We decided to stay at the Crocodile Lounge's hotel - why not just retire to our hipster room after the show? 
The usual kitchy things: vinyl albums, a "real" crocodile to greet us. 

A lounge with a disco ball, seating area and its own private bar. 
I had high hopes for this as a post-show hang-out area - maybe Dessa would be there?? Our room was down the hall on the left. 

It unusual room. In this picture, see if you can spot the rabbit, the confused man, and the neon "fuck" sign. 
That neon sign ended up being representational of my state of mind later in the evening. 

Note also the (I'm certain) hard to dust plastic greenery wall. 
Complete with orange butterflies. Sure! 

Opposite the wall, our small bathroom, a soft cushy bed (I see myself in the blue-framed mirror). 
Our windows looked out over the garbage area. Did you know that Seattle garbage pick-ups happen at 11pm at night? Weird! 

With a couple of hours before the 7pm doors, we wandered our slightly skeevy area, found a good Italian place for dinner, and then came back to the Crocodile. But wait...what's that? 
Oh no! "Postponed due to illness"?! That sucks. It's not like we can just jet down to see the rescheduled show. Boo! FUCK! 

I seethed with disappointment for a while, and we hung out in our room trying to figure out how to adjust the volume on our Roku TV service (who puts buttons on the sides of remotes??), until we went to bed. 

We were up early on Friday morning, with our spirits higher as we'd planned out an entire shopping day based around two record stores L wanted to visit (he's a CD collector). Our first stop was Easy Street Records in West Seattle. 
L looking cool. We prevailed on a few people at our various stops to call cabs for us (I don't have a phone and L is not allowed to cross the border with his work phone), which was at times amusing. The poor staff at Easy Street had never called a cab before! 

While L browsed and hunted down elusive albums, I did an up-and-down of California Ave SW. I did my homework before we left and had a list of six intriguing thrift, consignment and vintage shops on this street. My first stop was the American Cancer Society's Discount Shop (link here). 
I took pictures of my favourite spots (hello to Karen!), so that I would remember them, and so that I could prove to the Canada Customs agent that I'd really bought things in thrift stores. 

I found this gorgeous 100% wool scarf there. 
Isn't that beautiful? It's like big wings, and if you think it looks vaguely Egyptian...

You are correct! It's from The Treasures of Tutankhamun collection, sold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA aka The Met, as in the Met Gala). This was one of the reproduction/inspired pieces available for sale during the 1977-79 tour of King Tut's treasures. 
My scarf was a mere $8.00. 

From the MMA, here is a link to the book with pictures of all of the pieces you could buy (L has a pair of cufflinks from this collection that I bought for him many years ago). 

The collection of reproductions, publications, and commemorative objects specially prepared for the exhibition by The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Catalog of jewelry and other Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop reproductions to accompany the 1977-1979 traveling exhibition of Egyptian treasures that were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen.
I did a screen-grab - my scarf is called the Eagle's Wing Shawl, "a repeated sweep of eagles' wings has been adapted from the golden pectoral of the goddess Nut. Pure wool challis, fringed, 36" square." It sold then for $27.50 - that's the equivalent of $139.33 in 2023 $. 

I also bought these unmarked modern earrings. 
They were $14.00 and looked like good quality, probably either Banana Republic or J. Crew. 

I enjoyed a good browse in the West Seattle Stop & Shop Thrift Store (link here). 
It was a chaotic place, full of EVERYTHING, a true thrift store. 

I was thrilled to find these cherry red cuffed cords. 
I'll need to tack the cuffs up - they were sagged open and full of dust! 

Two (real) pockets in the back. 
It's a very fine wale of corduroy. 

Not included in the sales? Aw! 
$25.00 is still a solid price. 

As they're by Diane von Furstenberg! They are cotton with a touch of stretch, I think. 
With that low waist and flared cuffs, these are classic turn-of-the century/pre-Internet. I'm sure $25.00 is a good deal! The tags inside were very worn - these have been washed a lot! 

I was also drawn to this gorgeous pattern and fabric (what I always look for first when scanning racks of crap). 
This is 100% wool (and no moth-holes, I checked so carefully). What a stunning pattern! 

It's by Adrienne Vittadini, a name I see on good quality vintage from the 80s and 90s. 
I think this sweater is from the early 90s - the colour is a dead giveaway. 

$10.00 is a bargain. 
I'm looking forward to wearing this! 

Cherry Consignment (link here to Instagram) was my next stop with success. 
It opened at noon, so L and I sat outside and waited, enjoying the sun. 

I found this magenta/cherry red top.
The colour will be useful with my patterned bottoms, although this is probably more of a spring-summer item than for fall-winter. It's a cotton/spandex blend. 

Aren't the sleeves cool? I love the dramatic ruching. 
Why have a plain top when you can have one with some funky detail? 

It's by Ted Baker and was misfiled due to the size 3 on it (which is actually a Large). 
It was $34.99 - similar tops new run about $245.00. 

I also found this AMAZINg scarf. 
I had to fold it in half to photograph it - it's massive. I adore the small and large dot bordering the forest of triangles. 

It's 100% cashmere, made in Germany, and "hand tailored." 
I paid $32.99 for it, and it had a boutique tag still on it for $58.00 so I know I got a deal. This is going to go so well with my winter coats! 

The last shop I found something in was Swan Dive (link here), which was the best consignment/vintage shop I found. I tried on Kenzo, Missoni, and admired other beautiful things that were either too small or too expensive (add another 25% to every cost here for the Canadian dollar value, ouch!). 
This silver mini-skirt caught my eye. 

First of all, look at these buckles. I am a sucker for buckles, grommets, laces, anything like that. 
I see that the hardware is custom: Cynthia Steffe? You can read about her here.

I was surprised to see it was actually leather! And full-lined, gotta love that. 
Made in the USA - you really don't see that at all anymore. 

And yes, it's by Cynthia Steffe, likely from the late 90s, based on the design. 
I tried it on, even though size 14 is not even in my ballpark, but it is a very small 14. Ignore the sizes! 

I couldn't get a receipt for Customs (as I don't have a phone...), so I took a picture of the tag before the owner removed it.
Not cheap at $56.00, but when do you find silver leather skirts, ever? 

L and I then cabbed over to Ballard, and while he browsed in Sonic Boom Records, I poked around in Buffalo Exchange (hello to Sophie, a very lovely staffperson there). We wandered all over the neighbourhood which had loads of cool restaurants and shops, but nothing was grabbing me. 

We ventured into a pop-up shop where L found a t-shirt and got to chatting with Anne Livingston about colour.
I bought her book from her for $20.00 cash - so nice to meet you, Anne! I'm looking forward to reading it! 

We had a lovely dinner of seafood tapas, then cabbed back to the Crocodile where we ate snacks and watched old game-shows all night.

We were up at the crack of dawn to walk back down to the Clipper docks. 
What a view! 

The Clipper was PACKED with hundreds of people coming up for the Royal Victoria Marathon on Sunday. And of course we breezed through Customs with not even a single question about our purchases (L bought a dozen CDs and a t-shirt). 
Yeah, thanks, I'll mask up with that gaggle of humanity! 

Much love to L for all of his support of his often grumpy, sometimes very anxious partner. Thank you for taking care of me, love. 

We arrived home at noon on Saturday, greeted Vizzini (who immediately drooled all over us), and then headed to Christie's Pub for a quick brunch followed by our weekly grocery shop. 
Unwashed hair, no make-up. I couldn't wait to get in the shower and get out of these clothes.

And as for Vizzini....
"How DARE you leave me?"

I'm so sorry, bud, but I know Cat and Ross took good care of you! L and I will be hanging out all weekend and making it up to you with cuddles and board games you can swat at. 

And speaking of hanging out...back to my vacation! I hope you enjoyed our jaunt to Seattle! 


  1. Sucks when a show gets cancelled when you are already in transit. I was headed to on in Vancouver years ago and they announced the cancellation on the radio AS we were driving onto the ferry. Still had a fun weekend, but dang!

    1. It's so frustrating! Yeah, we still had a good time, but DANG, not like we'll be able to go back to Seattle again. :(

  2. Nice surprise post! Ugh I know the feeling. Years ago went to a Monsters of Rock concert in Johannesburg that had been cancelled and I did not know. Funny the only other three people who did not know and also rocked up were people we knew. Lise

  3. Splendid to have a catamaran ferry between Victoria and Seattle! Especially on a nice clear day it makes for a refreshing way to travel and skip the use of a car.

    Disappointing about the concert cancellation and the definitely unusual hotel room. Nonetheless, it sure seems nice to have a major change of scenery and do something out of the ordinary. :) Plus it kicks off your birthday weekend!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I love the Clipper - it's so smooth and the time just flies by.

      Yeah, we were disappointed for sure, and we won't be able to go back to see the rescheduled show. But it was a fun trip - my first time over the border in 4 years! - and yes to birthday week!

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time! We took a clipper from Vancouver to Victoria some many years ago.

    1. We did, thank you, Hena! There isn't a clipper service between Vic and Van - although there was one VERY briefly many years back.

  5. I do love a day of Not Being At Work, and I absolutely enjoyed tagging along on your trip to Seattle. Cancelled show aside, it looks like you had an amazing time. Loving the weirdness of your room!
    The "wing" scarf is absolutely gorgeous, what a find. The cherry red DVF cords are fabulous too, and so is the Adrienne Vittadini jumper. And oh my, I can't wait to see you wearing the silver mini skirt!
    I'm glad to hear you breezed through customs ... this is definitely something we are not used to here in Europe, where there isn't even border control anymore. xxx

    1. As do I, Ann! As you noted in your own post, it's getting harder to go back every time! Isn't that the most odd room?

      I think that scarf has to be the treasure, for sure. I'm excited to wear all of it.

      Yes, I've had many experiences at customs - you often get a very rigourous questioning or demands to see All The Receipts. This was very smooth.

  6. Ah, that's gutting about the show being cancelled! What a great shame!
    You did weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll on the purchases. My favourites- the wings shawl and the cherry red cords- swit swoo! I had red cords as a child and I adored them!
    I love your hotel room!
    I'm often anxious and fretting when travelling- I know what that feels like- you feel really guilty when it's all over and you're aware you've been acting a bit ca-rraaazee!
    You travel so light! I am in awe- I am crap at that!

    1. "Gutted" is the word Dessa used in the postponement announcement! But we had a great time anyway - it's stuff like that that builds the memories. I loved those pieces too - the scarf is such a win.

      I am the worst anxious traveler - I can even have complete meltdowns if I'm hungry/uncoffee'd/anxious. You're not alone!

      I always go light - I prefer to be mobile, always!

  7. Oh, what a bummer! About the concert, I mean. Still if someone is ill there is nothing you can do about it except suck it up. I hope you get a refund if you're not able to travel back to Seattle.

    I've been to Seattle for a day trip from Vancouver but OH drove us there and back. I like it very much but didn't have a clue where to find the thrift shops not knowing that's what they're called in USA and in Canada; and I didn't have a clue about consignment shops back then. I thought the prices in Seattle for the items you bought seemed cheaper that what you pay in Canada or have I got that wrong; taking into account the exchange rate?

    We found some fab record shops in Seattle; I recall Tower Records, I don't think we had them in the UK at the time; where I bought loads of CDs I hadn't been able to buy in the UK.

    Wonderful finds! Loved the scarves in particular; I bought a cashmere scarf today, too!

    Vizzini certainly has his grumpy face on...

    1. Yes, we were bummed for a bit, Vronni. No refunds, only a reschedule, and it's far too expensive to go to Seattle again for a show. At least the tickets were only $25 each!

      That's a long drive! I have been in downtown Seattle without doing any research and there's NO good shopping there. I found the prices pretty comparable overall, even with the exchange rate not being in my favour. Some things are always marked up a bit higher or a crazy steal. I am never that bothered by the price - it tends to even out over time since I shop so much.

      There are no more Tower Records there - L was hoping for some of the local bands or US issues of obscure albums. He did well!

      Vizzini is very sulky when he knows we are going out.

  8. What a shame about the cancelled gig, its gutting when that happens.
    What a fantastic trip though, I loved tagging along. I recognised the Space needle immediately, it occasionally pops up as a picture clue on Pointless.
    Love your go-to travel outfit and that, like me, you're a light packer. Your room looked sublimely hipster, just a shame that that *F*ck* neon sign was a self-fulfilling prophecy!
    The kids are starting to collect CDs again here - L's ahead of the game.
    Loving that Egyptian shawl, what a beauty! xxx

    1. It sucks, especially since we can't afford to travel to it twice. We had a great time, though, with many awesome interactions. Everyone knows the Space Needle!

      Yup, I would rather wear a variation of the same thing for a few days than have to lug around a huge suitcase. That room was SO hipster! Oh, good to know, thank you - he'll love that. Thanks, Vix!

  9. Sheila, I know I am commenting late on this--I missed the post because I had just returned home to Tucson after three + months away and was so busy resettling into my life here. I am so glad to have seen the link you put to this in yesterday's post. I just want to say that it made me happy to see what fun you had there; Seattle has been a lovely place for us to travel for the past three decades. First, my brother moved up there, and then my sister, and then my son. For many years, my brother and his husband lived in West Seattle, and I particularly loved hanging out there. You could walk from their place to California Ave SW, and we did, many times. I also love the Ballard area. Bummer about the concert being postponed, but you made the most of your time there. Great shopping finds!

    I'll actually be up there in three weeks (for a baby shower for my son and his wife), but it will be a short visit and I doubt there will be anything happening but family time.


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