Sunday, April 16, 2023

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Fancy Friday in Blue and Orange; Cobalt and Animal Print; Casual Sequins for Brunch, with Special Guests Bev and Daisy

Welcome back, my friends! I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I know I have - we saw three different sets of friends, and it was just the right levels of social, with still loads of kitty and quiet time. I also have a special guest appearance from dear friend Bev (hi!) and her Mary Quant doll, Daisy! 

Kicking it off is my Friday work outfit, which I also wore to the hairdresser and out for dinner with L.
I had oodles of compliments on this outfit, with the orange blazer being the firm favourite. I like it all! 

  • Blazer - InWear; last seen here in February with a mini and purple boots
  • Top - Bellessa, thrifted; last worn here in April 2022 for a Mom-Day Adventure on the harbour
  • Skirt - Hunkon, consignment; purchased here for $17.99
  • Shoes - Sole Talk Lenora; purchased here for $469.00 by L 

I picked out the bits of orange in the ducks for my contrasting colour. 
I'm wearing the skirt backwards as the more interesting pattern deserves to be seen. 

See? Blergh. Boring. 
I did a lazy job of undoing the side seams about 10" on the lining skirt, which allowed me to stride about properly. 

Done up - I am fond of long-blazer-over-long-skirt. 
I walked around the office like this, chatting with my coworkers and checking in on them. 

I only took my jacket off at the hair salon and when I first arrived at work. 
I climb several flights of stairs to get to my office, just for the extra cardio. 

I love a gold bold stripe as a neutral pattern. 
I don't wear this top a ton, but it doesn't take up much room - I thrifted it for $7.00 back in 2018 and this is its 8th wearing. 

Incognito. Blue and orange is such a fun colour combination. 
This was my outerwear look - I walked to work in this, ran some errands before my hair appointment, and then walked to Baan Thai and back to the car after. 

I adore that cotton scarf - I recall that I thrifted it for $1.95 several years ago. 

  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
As noted, I did a lot of walking in these and they were fantastic. The sole is rubber and the shoes are very padded and soft. A+! Love them! 

Blue and silver bling: 
I had many fans of my sparkly bits. 

  • Crystal bracelet - Juicy Couture, consignment
  • Bangle - vintage 1920s, vintage mall
  • Brooch - vintage 50s, vintage fair
  • Necklace/earrings - Sherman, vintage 50s, thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

A quick cuddle before I left for work. 
"Sigh. Another day alone."

As the temps are getting warmer, we've cracked one of the deck doors open for Vizzini to sit in the sun and watch the birds and squirrels in our trees. 

L and I hung out and played boardgames on Friday evening, and met up with Nick and Casey for brunch at Cactus Club. 
L and I had a little shop beforehand, and did a massive grocery shop after. 

  • Top - Alexander McQueen, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April 2022 for a long weekend gathering
  • Trousers - Seductive Pants, consignment: purchased here for $65.00
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here in March with blue and brown plaid and blasted buttons
  • Coat (below) - River Island, consignment; last seen here in November 2022

I have had these two pieces sitting together in my closet since I bought the trousers last weekend.
They were destined to be together! 

Okay, I admit it, I just looked in my closet for cobalt blue to  match the stripe down the side of the pants. 
I wore a blue cami under the top - which is Alexander McQueen! so CLASSY. 

The pants were so nice to wear. 
No wonder they're called Seductive Pants! 

The last time I wore this no-button, thin faux leather coat, I got caught in a wind and snow storm. 

It's a spring/early fall coat only! 
I did mixed animals prints - so daring! 

I liked the brown/black mix of the scarf to go with the brown/black animal print. 

  • Scarf - Celine, thrifted
  • Purse - Bruno Magli, vintage 80s, consignment
  • Gloves - Echo, consignment

That led me to the red bits, as there's red in the scarf print. 

The stuff: 
I didn't have to do too much walking in these heels. That colour is so rich. 

Blue and amber bling: 
Another blue/orange mix. 

  • Hinged eelskin cuff - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Chain/leather bracelet - thrifted
  • Gold chain bracelet - Dad's
  • Kyanite ring - consignment
  • Smoky topaz silver ring - Anneli Neuman, Sweden, vintage mall
  • Amber/silver thumb ring - antique store, Sidney
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Amber/silver earrings - vintage 1920s, vintage mall, gift from L
  • Amber/silver necklace - vintage mall, gift from L

Before we left, I went looking for Vizzini. 
"I reclaim my Blanket of Shame."

We used to have to shut him out here several years ago, when he would rouse us at 4am to be fed. The blanket was on the tile in this spot prior to the deck redecorate I did during the pandemic - we put it there so he wouldn't be cold (we felt guilty for booting him out, but 4am is too darned early!). 
"I learned my lesson."

He did! Now he wakes us up at 5:50am. 

I did pop into Dots briefly before brunch, as they have a big 20% off on sale prices. 
Yes, another pleated skirt - I may have a problem! I love the painty mix of colours - this will go with a lot in my closet. 

It has an uneven front wrap hemline. 
I'm happy to see a nice lining. 

It's by Soaked in Luxury, and was an extra 20% off the marked price of $29.99, so was $23.99. 
Dots sells samples from a bunch of European lines - this is a Danish brand and the original retail price would be $90.00. This is called the Millia Skirt and is from 2020. 

I decided to risk this sequined slip-style dress as a fun casual look. 
It has a scooped front and back hem, longer in the back. 

It's fully lined and has adjustable straps. 
I can't wear a dress like this without a top under it - I am a fan of the 90s tee-under-dress look, which is how I plan to style it. 

I love the dark cinnamon-red colour. 
Uh-oh, one of the seams is quite worn/stretched. 

It's not super-noticeable when it's on, but it leaks sequins. 
The kind staff-person knocked this down to $10.00 from the last mark-down of $19.99. That's thrift store pricing! 

It's also by Soaked in Luxury, and retailed for $210.00 new. 
Dots originally tagged it at $69.99. I note that the colour is "Cinnabar" and that it's the Ily Dress. 

As I was futzing with it, I realized I had company. 
"Give me that ribbon to chew on, Woman!"

He can't resist anything dangling. 
"Wiggled that camera cord some more."

What a cutie! 

We had Cat and Ross over for a rousing and rowdy game of Arkham Horror until the wee hours, but were up early-ish to meet up with pals Steve and Bev for brunch at the Ruby on Sunday. 
I had to wear my new sequined dress, and this was the perfect opportunity to test-drive my recently-purchased second-hand Coach boots. 

  • T-shirt - O-Gen, thrifted; last worn here in March with the Dress of a Thousand Nipples
  • Dress - Soaked in Luxury; purchased above for $10.00
  • Boots - Coach, consignment; purchased here in Vancouver for $143.99
  • Leather coat (below) - Banana Republic, consignment; last seen here in February for Family Day

I put the dress on backwards (not shown) to adjust the rear straps to the right length. 
I will not be wearing it without a top or tee underneath. 

I wore a pair of old, holey tights, as I had a feeling the sequins would snag the heck out of them. 
I was correct! Into the trash they went when I got home. 

This dress was lovely to wear (so SPARKLY).
It shed sequins by the dozen wherever I went. My closet is full of them, and there are wee specks all over the carpet. I'm sure I left several thousand at the Ruby! 

I had the idea to source some three-striped ribbon and sew it over the raggedy sides of the dress to cover the frazzled edges and keep more sequins from jumping overboard. I can sew that! I'm excited to go find some edging stripes now. 

Done up - we didn't have to wait long to get a table. 
And the boots were awesome for a quick wearing - no rubbing or anything weird with them. 

The stuff: 
I just love them - can't wait for the boots to be more of a featured outfit item. 

Silver bling: 
A few favourites. 

  • Purse - Rebecca Minkoff, consignment
  • Big silver cuff - Mexican, Karen's
  • Enameled cuff - thrifted
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Amber/silver ring - vintage mall
  • Silver chain ring - Mexican, consignment
  • Silver earrings - consignment

Since we last had brunch with Steve and Bev, Bev has been reading my blog (thank you!!), and she loved my Mary Quant tribute from last week (here, if you missed it). Bev is from Sutton Coldfield in the Birmingham region of the UK (not far from Vix!) and immigrated to Canada when she was 25ish, so she knew Mary Quant and dug out...her doll, Daisy! 
Daisy still has her Mary Quant outfit: hat, gown, both shoes, a bouquet and a booklet, called "My Exciting Life as a Fashions by Mary Quant."

I was gobsmacked - I have never heard of Daisy the doll. I grabbed L's phone and started taking pictures. 
"Fashions for Daisy by Mary Quant" says the booklet - and excuse me, Daisy, but I'm taking a picture of your garter! I had to take pics of the booklet too, so bear with me as I type out all the text.

"Hello! I'm Daisy. I have an exciting job as a reporter. And Mary Quant has designed fantastic clothes for me and I've got some super new furniture too! You can buy them in toy shops." 
"I've got lots of shoes, boots and handbags: Fancy Free (65337). Glad my Victorian-style Wardrobe (65502) is roomy! My Dressing Table and Stool (65503) match. (The mirror swivels. The lap really lights up.) Had a cosy evening with my TV, record player and guitar: Bed Sit (65335 - also includes phone, camera, sunglasses). Must put away my circular green-and-pink skirt, Be Bop (65333), and that jewelry, etc., Ritz (65336), on the end of my "brass" Bed (65501). Then - off to sleep in my long Victorian lace-trimmed nightie, Snug Bub (65226 - includes a vanity set). Busy day tomorrow!"

"New American Pop trio hits London. For an interview-with-a-difference, I ask them to dinner. Cook all day. Then change into fresh, flouncy, flower-sprinkled cotton frock and co-ordinating pink print scarf, Cucumber Sandwich (65230). I love my modern pedestal Dining Table (65504). Don't you? It comes complete with pretty table-clothes, flowers, place settings and four chairs."
"Next morning I write up my interview with the Trio. Tap, tap, tap on my typewriter - wearing yellow-and-white matching mates of chunky knit and pleated skirt, Bobby Sox (65129).Off to meet a friend - and nearly run into a bank robbery! Slip into a nearby hotel and phone the story to my editor - keeping my cool in sporty knit Licorice Allsorts (65331)."

"Scotland, here I come! By helicopter, to write about North Sea oil...suitably clad in tartan trews, matching scarf, snug blue sweater: Bye Bye Baby (65231). Coffee with the crew on the oil rig - in stripey shirt, Baker Boy (65330), rolled-up jeans, Straight & Narrow (65329), and saucy beret and scarf, Tam O'Shanter (65327)."
"Top Reporters Awards: win a cup for my bank robbery story - wearing slinky twenties dress with flower and feather trim, Sister Kate (65229). (The headband can be worn as a cummerbund). Next day, snap celebrities at a super garden party. Feel pretty super myself in lilac gingham dress and floppy hat, Shepherds Pie (651238)." 

"A day with the Fire Brigade. Am "rescued" from a pretend fire by high turntable ladder! My overall outfit, in blue denim, sparked with red and white, is just the job, Bumper Jumper (65228)."
"Visit The Towers, magnificent stately home, to write about its art treasures. Invited to a ball there. Lucky I'd packed my swish two piece with flowery check frills, May Ball (65130). Back in London - a charity tea dance. I have a terrific time in my shimmy dress with 'gold' straps and belt and big flower: Tea Dance (65127 - includes bag and pearls)."

"A fabulous trip to Caspia, at their Government invitation to write a travel article. Fly off in zingy tailored red coat with top stitching, red beret and boots: Moulin Rouge (65126). Write postcards to friends - wearing my exotic two-piece with rose-and-lace trimmed top and harem trousers, call Yum Yum (65131)."
"Lots of sightseeing! Feel cool and elegant in Neat Pleats (65326): criss-cross top of pink gingham attached to finely pleated white skirt plus pink sandals. Special interview with the President of Caspia. Feels suitably grand in my long, rich, brilliantly stiped lurex kaftan edged in red satin: Turkish Delight (65227 - includes chain with pendant and red sandals). "

"In England again, I cycled to cover the village fete. My bike is really super - and my yellow satin top, shorts and plimsolls are ideal cycling gear. You'll find me ready-dressed, with my bicycle in pack 65904. For the village hop, I wear my finely pleated dress, Fox Trot (65332) with dramatic shawl, Fandango (65208)."
"Sunday - so I go out on Archie, my very own horse. He's a champion show-jumper and I'm crazy about him. I ride him whenever I can - often before breakfast. Isn't he beautiful? And don't you just love my posh riding outfit of velveteen jacket with stretchy jodhpurs, boots, hat, stock and crop? You'll find me wearing it all and called "Dashing Daisy", with Archie (plus his saddle, bridle and reins and a trophy we won together) in pack 65902."

"The model booked for a bridal feature doesn't arrive! They asked me to pose for the photograph - wearing this fabulous satin wedding dress with rosette buttons,  Confetti (65605). I try being a nurse, to write about hospital life. Feel the part in starchy blue-and-white uniform with cape lined in red satin, Nightingale (65601). Attend a beauty contest - and see my friend, Amy, win! That's her in sleek swimsuit and sash, cloak trimmed with 'ermine' and glittering coronet, Miss Chelsea (65602)."
"These three outfits are from the special FANCY DRESS range."

"My hobbies (in addition to riding Archie) include ballet. For practicing, I wear a leotard, leg warmers, and a scarf to keep my hair tidy; for performances, a classic, gleaming white tutu: Swan Lake (65802). I also do a cabaret act, high-kicking and twirling my cane, in this black satin suit with white dicky, shiny red cummerbund and snazzy top hat, Showbiz (65804)."
"Some times, when I ride Archie, I dress up as a Western range rider in blue jeans, blue gingham shirt, white waistcoat, boots and stetson: Calamity Jane (65803). In winter, I whizz down snowy slopes in this sensational pink ski-suit with quilted top and matching hat: St. Moritz (65801). These four are from the  Dashing Daisy ACTIVITY OUTFITS range." 

"Do look at my other Mary Quant clothes before you go:"
"...first, my leotard for lazing in, Dizzy Daisy (65001 - in blue, red or green). Then, flowery Angel Delight (65003) with shirred bodice. Angel Delight comes in pink to go with brunette hair, lilac with auburn, and blue with blonde. One day, I'll get married in a satin dress and blue-ribboned hat, Wedding Cake (65032) - includes posy, glue garter, horseshoe, etc.). For keeping smart when it rains - blue dress, red PVC raincoat and hat: April Showers (65031). And for lively ballet performances, this delicious lilac dress and pink feathered headband, pink shoes: Dashing Daisy (65702 - includes special pirouetting stand). I come ready-dressed in all these outfits."

"For ages 4 years and above. For carrying me around you'll want this smart Daisy Travelling Case (65505). It's filled with shelves, mirrors and drawers - hold me plus a selection of my outfits."
"For carrying around when it rains, you'll love this Daisy Dolly Brolly (65506). The deep shape will keep you beautifully dry. And my picture on it will keep you company!"

Flair Toys Ltd. reserve the right to vary the colours and contents of packs. Flair Toys Ltd., Riverside way, Bedford Road, Northhampton, NN1 5NX. Printed in Hong Kong." 

Bev, you have Daisy in her Wedding Cake outfit! 
She still has her garter (as shown above), pink sandals, (likely from another outfit) hat w/blue ribbon and bouquet, but the horseshoe is missing. 

Daisy was manufactured from 1973 until 1983 (about the dolls here, link 'cause I love). The booklet dates this to 1975, and there are Daisy (dolls and other ephemera) in the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum), link here. Hang onto this, Bev, it might be worth something one day! Thank you for this amazing glimpse at a bit of Mary Quant that I didn't even know existed. 

And there you go, my friends, that's my weekend. Thank you all so much for coming by! 


  1. Holy cow! Who knew there was a Daisy doll! I loved Mary Quant and remember buying one of her lipsticks called Sky Blue Pink. That was all I could afford of hers (I was a teenager) but drooled over her designs in the fashion mags. So cool to see this -- thanks for sharing.

  2. In the process of collecting vintage Barbie dolls, you learn about lots of her colleague fashion dolls, so yes, I knew about Daisy, and would definitely be seduced into buying one if she came at the right price. Bev's got quite a treasure there, and I'm sure that garter alone is worth a bit of money. Things like that often are.
    As for your outfits, I'm swooning over Friday's orange and blue one. The shoes are to die for and I'm totally getting you wearing that skirt back to front, as I would have done too.
    Saturday's trousers are fantastic and the classy Alexander McQueen top was indeed most perfect with it.
    Your newly found pleated skirt is gorgeous too. I love the sequinned dress on you, but shedding all those sequins would drive me mad! xxx

  3. I'm impressed with your animal print mixology! It really works.
    I hadn't heard of a Daisy doll either. What a life Mary Quant had though. A photographer I know recently carried out some work with the Mary Quant company and was surprised to discover that Mary was still working as a consultant at the age of 93!

  4. I'm amazed at how many of you hadn't heard of a Daisy doll, shocking!! I've tagged you in my post today, I'm in Team Bev and still have a couple of my childhood Mary Quant dolls.
    Fabulous outfits, you were right to wear that skirt backwards and show off that fabulous pattern. It looks good with the orange blazer.
    The side stripe on the leopard trousers is so flattering, your legs look a million feet long!
    Shedding sequins! I've got a coat like that. Strangers can follow my trail at festivals.
    William sends love and blicks to handsome big boy Vizzini! xxx

    1. This post was like a master class in fashion. Thoroughly love your outfits and you know I am a huge fan of the cobalt blue and similar shades of blue. The vibrancy of that color never ceases to wow me with its enlivening blush.

      Yesss for turning the skirt around to highlight the print where it would be seen. Plus you get to see it, as well!

      Returning to the cobalt blue, like many of your shoes and other pieces of clothing, the vibrant, strong, bold color (or patterns) reaches out to me. I have a lot of the color in my closet and have always enjoyed when you are wearing the color.

      I remember Mary Quant as a fashion name from when I was younger, also associating the name with makeup. I had no idea there was a doll and book - filled with fabulous drawings and color! - to document a period in fashion’s history. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Oof, apologies Vix, meant to leave this as a separate comment. Cheers, Laurie

  5. I seem to remember Mary Quant's logo/emblem was a daisy so not surprised at the doll's name! I want to be Daisy the reporter and to have her wardrobe...

    Lovely outfits, Sheila. My favourite was the cobalt blue top, shoes and fab trousers! Loved the skirt and the sequin dress with tee shirt vibe. Amazing shoes and boots and the bling was fabulous. I'm glad you've found a solution to the leaking sequins...

    I find pleated skirts very hard to resist, too but am learning to control my urges!

  6. What a great weekend. I am another newbie to Daisy, and she knocked my socks off with her glamorous wardrobe and journalism career! I guess I got into that line of work 30 years too late. Sigh.

  7. Oops, meant to leave my comment (and sign it, too!) as a regular comment and not as a reply to Vix!

    Cheers, Laurie

  8. Because of my illness/blindness I've missed some blog post, such as your one on Mary Quant's death last week. At your first mention of her I was going to alert you to this but see you already knew and did a tribute post. (Thanks for the link.)

    I had a connection to her. When I was in high school she sold -- briefly and without success -- a makeup kit designed and marketed FOR MEN. Really! Friends of mine who didn't know but surmised I'm trans (it wasn't spoken about back then) bought the kit for me. When my mother found it in my room, she was upset. She thought she'd beaten that impulse out of me a decade earlier. I never used Mary' makeup but enjoyed simply having it for symbolic reasons.

    1. Proof!

  9. Never knew about Daisy either. How fabulous that Bev still has hers. Your leopard trousers outfit is a treasure for the eye. And what a amazing weekend you had! Brunching twice!

  10. I love how you wore that maxi skirt, and you're right blue and orange is such a good combination. I hope that the stripe ribbon is able to help the sequins stay on the dress as I really like it, it's stunning on you and you wore it so well here!

    It's incredible your friend still has that doll, but wow I can't believe it's older than I am!

  11. I had a Daisy doll - in fact I think she's at my mum's house with all my other dolls (I had a lot!). I love the orange and blue combination and the snake print coat with the cobalt and leopard print.

    Emma xxx


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