Friday, October 27, 2023

Funky Friday: Witchy PANK and Sweetums

Happy Friday, Gentle Reader! Here's a special bonus post for your reading pleasure, as I start my weekend. 

I gave myself a jolt of colour today, and also indulged in some seasonal spookiness in this witchy outfit. 
There's absolutely nothing new in this outfit - I'm just shopping my closet and mixing things together. 

  • Wool moto jacket - Gap, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in a summer brights in September
  • Top - April Cornell, vintage 90s, thrifted; first worn here in September with blue boots on a Mom-Day
  • Skirt - Twinset, consignment; last seen here in December 2022 with enormous sleeves
  • Boots - Jubilee Gladstone, Fluevog; last worn here in September with another piece of PANK
  • Sweetums cape - vintage 70s, consignment; last seen here in April for a Mom-Day Adventure

I have never worn this PANK jacket with this skirt before. 
Although the skirt has had a bevy of unique tops, sweaters and jackets worn with it. 

I'm glad I kept some bright colours out for the gloomy season. 
The skirt delights me to wear - it's very soft and swooshy and swoopy and is multiple layers of netting and dotted mesh. It's also a leaf and twig magnet and is getting a bit ratty at the edges. I discovered a maple leaf and some sticks attached to me when I arrived at work.

Showing off my boots. 
I have paired them with the jacket many times before. It's a winning combination - just change out the skirt. 

On its second wearing, I'm very pleased with this gold top, which is not just a gold top, but a lace, silk, velvet-trimmed, ruffled, tiny-buttoned, vintage gold top. I've achieved Peak Gold Top! How exciting. 
The office was very warm today for some reason, so I bared arms a few times. 

Outerwear. This cape is named Sweetums, and I welcome her back! 
Wearing a cape requires planning - I never just "throw one on." I usually plan my outerwear and accoutrements when I plan my outfits. I like it all to go together harmoniously. 

Incognito. Excellent pockets! 
I did a bit of shopping after work and ended up being overly warm - I stuffed my toque and scarf into my tote bag. 

I wear my purse cross-body UNDER the cape. Capes are not purse or pack friendly. 

  • Purse - Michael Kors, consignment
  • Silk/cashmere pashmina - Portolano, thrifted
  • Mohair toque - street find
  • Wool gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
I walked to work and back in my boots (they are that comfy). The laces flap around dramatically - very fun. 

Spooky bling: 
Black cats, anatomical hearts and Mighty Cthulhu himself. 

  • Belt - vintage, consignment, Powell River
  • Cthulhu pin - gift from Cat and Ross
  • Wooden cat pin - consignment
  • Porcelain cat earrings - Winnie Tam
  • Leather heart brooch - Smoking Lily
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Brass ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Brass heart locket necklace - gift from L

L filled the locket with pictures of my "boyfriends." 
This always makes me laugh. 

Signing off until Sunday, when I return to regale you with tales of adventure. Thank you so much for dropping by! 


  1. You "shopping [your] closet" is like us shopping a big store -- so many beautiful clothes! Have fun this weekend.

  2. Excellent outfit, Sheila! I'm loving the mix of spooky and pank! You're very brave wearing that skirt to work and risk it being eaten by the wheels of your chair ...
    Your Sweetums cape is a delight and the sleeves of your pank jacket compliments it so well.
    And how fabulous is that anatomical heart locket!
    Wishing you, L. and Vizzini a most wonderful weekend xxx

  3. I love that skirt and of course the PANK jacket! I have a lot of fuchsia in my wardrobe but would love a jacket like that. I find jackets so hard to come by in opshops, but perhaps that's because I'm in Brisbane where people don't need/buy a lot to have so many that they need to donate, haha! I will forever keep my eyes peeled though :)

  4. The Boyfriends pictures made me laugh! What a fine set you have there!?
    PAAAAANK! It's popping beautifully against the gorgeous black ruffles! And with it poking out of the beautiful cape-sleeves- swit swoo!
    I love those boots- they look very much like Irregular Choice even though they aren't! I really like them.

  5. I love everything about this look.
    The bright pink jacket is so fabulous!
    I love how you layered everything!

  6. Fabulous outfit especially that divine cape. I agree, they do need a bit of planning to wear.
    I recognise Vin Diesel but I'm no idea who your other boyfriend is! xxx

  7. Hello Sheila! I'm still here. I have been reading, although not always commenting as we've had a manic month or so and my phone will never record my comments, which is very irritating when I'm reading on the go!
    I love the witchy vibes of this outfit and who doesn't love a pop of pink?!
    Your "boyfriends" locket has to be the most thoughtful gift from L. ;-D x

  8. I am wondering why those guys are your "boyfriends". To tell you the truth, I don't know who they are but I bet they are movie stars.
    The skirt is heaven.

    1. Vin Diesel is the bald one; Hugh Jackman is the other. I used to have "celeb crushes" on them, many years ago.


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