Thursday, July 13, 2023

Mom-Day Adventure: Willows Beach in Double Denim and Tassels; Cat in the Leopard Pod

Mom and I took advantage of the beautiful hot sunny day and had a stroll along Willows Beach in Oak Bay.

We last visited Willows here in February 2022 - wow, I hadn't realized it was so long ago! 

I wanted my first wearing of this magnificent jean jacket to be with Mom. 
I knew she would appreciate all the detail.

  • Jacket - Ricochetjackets, consignment; purchased here for $199.00 (a gift from L)
  • T-shirt - The Beaches "The Professional Tour", Feb 2019; not tracked
  • Skirt - Ganni, pre-Spring/Summer 2019, consignment; last worn here in March for Mom-Day at Finnerty Gardens
  • Boots - Original Samedi, Fluevog; first seen here last week at a concert

The nice thing about a mixed media/patterned jacket like this is that it goes with everything! 
I chose this thick denim asymmetrical skirt for its first outing. 

And just an old band tee underneath. 
I'm matching the purple boots on the tee.

Why wear a plain jean jacket when you can have an extra-special one like this? 
I adore the purple tassel fringe on the cuffs and hem. 

I was a little overdressed for a beach stroll, but didn't care. 
One person's hot day is another's chilly. I didn't even break a sweat.

I took the jacket off at Christie's Pub where we had a delicious lunch after our walk. 
I strolled home from there, and blogged and kept an eye on Vizzini. 

We're took him to the kitty ophthalmologist in the afternoon. 
I never did the jacket up (it's a bit snug but the denim is stretchy) - just demonstrating the massive pockets in the skirt. 

This was a fun version of double denim. I'd totally wear this again - I'll probably wear these boots with this jacket frequently, as they match so well. 

The stuff: 
I bought sport insoles and put them in the boots - they were even more super-cushy.

Shiny bling: 
A neutral silver bag, and pink accessories. I had to wear tassel earrings to go with the jacket - double tassels! 

  • Purse - Zara, consignment
  • Belt - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/smoky topaz ring - Anneli Neumann, Sweden, vintage mall
  • Silver/amber ring - consignment
  • Earrings - consignment, Vancouver

We found a shady spot to park at Willows Beach, right near the Kiwanis Tea House. 
The entire park area was full of people. As well as picnic tables, there's a big field that was covered with loads of squealing kids from a summer camp program. 

We walked down to the "promenade", a paved walkway all along the beach. 
This is the prime sunbathing beach - my girlfriend Janet and I used to stroll along here in our bikinis back in the 80s, flirting with boys. 

It was challenging not catching any people in my pics! 
The islands in the distance speckle the strait between Vancouver Island and the mainland. 

People have been making sculptures with the driftwood. 
A few brave souls were in the water (that's the Pacific Ocean - it's COLD).

I spied Mount Baker in the distance. 
Do you see it? It's disguised as a cloud, right in the middle. 

Mom spied a flat-ish path down to the water's edge. 
The person with the rainbow sun brolly was our landmark. 

I am fond of this piece of kinetic art. 
It whirls in the wind. Hello, Frog! 

Long berms lead out into the shallow water. 
There were folks on paddleboards, kayaks and sailboats. 

A lovely stretch of sandy beach with almost no people! 
On a weekend, this would be packed. 

"You're not actually here unless you write your name in the sand," I proclaimed. 

Mom used her pole. 

Yes! (fist pump)
Very expensive houses along here - they cost multiple millions. 

"Mom, take my picture!"
I walked out on one of the barnacled berms, keeping away from the salt water. 

Hooray for a sunny day at the beach! 
I like that zigzag top on Mom. 

Time to turn around and head back. 
We had a low tide, so lots of sand. 

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is on the end of that point straight ahead. 
What a wonderful day! Thank you, Mom, I love you! 

I went looking for Vizzini and found him snoozing in his leopard pod. Hey, bud, time to get in your cage! 
*snort* "Kitty treats...mousies...sunbeams..."

Come on, little guy, let's go get your eyes checked. 
"Didn't I just go through this trauma?"

Sorry, that was the regular vet check-up. This is the one where she looks deep into your eyes. 
"And sees nothing but handsome."

All is well - we just have to monitor his eyes and keep an eye on him - he doesn't even need to go back to the eye doc unless there's a problem. He got spoiled with some kitty treats, and was very well-behaved. Gotta take care of our furry boy! 


  1. That's definitely double denim with a difference! Such a fantastic outfit in any way. But what do you mean, overdressed for a beach stroll? Not at all, in fact, I'm sure everyone else was underdressed :-)
    Squealing kids aside, it sounds like a wonderfully refreshing walk!
    Glad to hear all is well with Vizzini! xxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much, my dear friend. Ha, yes, of course, you are right - everyone else was underdressed! We had such a nice day, walking in the sun - Vizzini's clean bill of eye health was the cherry on top.

  2. Your Mom’s blue zigzag top was perfect for an outing at the shore; it is in harmony with waves and water! Water walks, regardless of weather, are refreshing and envigorating, calming and soothing. Ahhhh :)

    Yea for Vizzini getting a clean bill of health on his eyes!

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Doesn't she look lovely, Laurie? I love when we can spend time at the water - we're so lucky to have so many great beaches. Hooray for Vizz! I hope you and Fred are doing well!

  3. You both look fabulous for a beach stroll and Ann's dead right, it's just that everyone else was underdressed! Check out that blue sky and Mount Baker lurking behind the clouds, a wonderful way to spend Mom's Day!
    Vizzini looks very cosy, you're both in leopard print! xxx

    1. I concede, you are both right - everyone else needs to step it up! It was a glorious day!

      Vizz is the king of the house, Vix!


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