Monday, July 31, 2023

Bigass Winesday Women Adventure Vacation: Vancouver Weekend!

I'm back, gentle readers and I've had a massive weekend! It's been over 5 years since the Winesday Women had a proper adventure vacation (read about the White-Out at Mt. Washington in January 2018 here), so we crammed a car full of bags and headed over to beautiful Vancouver for the weekend. 

First, huge thanks to Caro for doing a house-swap with her mother-in-law, so that we didn't have to pay for a hotel. We stayed in Marianne's condo, and she and her gal-pals stayed at Caro's house. It's a win all around! 
I had everyone print their names and then decorated this ferry boarding card on the way home. It seemed a fitting memento.

I have loads of pics, from my own little camera, and from the iPhones of both Caro and Yvonne (and one from Vero!). I give them full credit for the good pics, I've now lost track of who took what. 

Secondly, it may come as a surprise, but I'm a really light traveler. This is my basic wardrobe for the entire three days (Fri-Sun). 
I changed up my socks, underlovelies and t-shirts (which I slept in each night) and only carried a backpack, which additionally held my toiletries and make-up. I also had a separate bag with a small pillow and some beverages for the voyage. 

  • Jean jacket - RicochetJackets, consignment; last worn here a week or so ago with Dries and a plain tee
  • Tee - thrifted, not tracked
  • Skirt - Soaked in Luxury; first seen here in April with grey and pastels
  • Boots - Doc Martens; first worn here with a pouf in June

This lovely blotchy skirt worked excellently with my jean jacket and Docs  - I built my travel capsule around those. 
An old Clash tee that I found at the old St. Vincent de Paul many moons ago. 

Off the shoulder - so risqué! 
I knotted it at the waist. 

Jacketed up - I wore it for physical sunblock all weekend, rarely removing it unless I was indoors or out of the sun. 
I had a few comments from folks as we explored North Vancouver (aka North Van). I was more colourful than most people.

Incognito, but it's okay, no one recognized me. 
My scarf rotated from around my neck, to my purse. 

See? Like this! 
A good cross-body bag full of shopping bags. Oh yes, we did shop.

The stuff: 
I put Dr. Scholl's sport-shoe inserts into my Docs, and then did some hand-shoe manipulation of the leather around the heels and toes to soften them up. They were good for our trip - I did protect my heels with some bandages, and my feet were tired after all the walking we did - but they are now officially broken in. 

Silver and coloured bling: 
I changed up my earrings every day, but wore the same two bracelets and 4 rings daily. Armoured up! 

  • Bracelet with stones - vintage 1920s, vintage mall
  • Silver/malachite bracelet - Mexican, thrifted, Sidney
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Silver/amber ring - consignment
  • Kyanite/silver ring - consignment
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Gold ear-balls - Dior, consignment
  • Green stone earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
  • Green stone earrings - Kate Spade, consignment

Friday arrived bright and early! Cat's husband Ross picked up me and Yvonne and drove us out to Vero's place. 
Cat, Ross and Yvonne. 

Where we met up with Vero, and Carolyn, who drove us out to the ferry. 
Vero's wearing an old pair of my jeans, and Caro's got her coffee! Woo! Let's go! 

We had a 10am reservation on the Coastal Celebration (that's the name of the ferry), which had been in dry-dock all week due to some repair. 
We'd been keeping an eye on the news all week, and it was with much relief that it went back into service on Friday morning! Thar she blows! 

We found ourselves seats and gazed at this hideous view. 
Gads, why would anyone want to live here? I mean, really. Tee hee!

Here we are with all our bags of snacks and Things We Might Need On the Ferry. 
I must be trying to see Vero's phone - I have my glasses off. 

Caro selfie! 
Rock on, gals! Adventure awaits! 

We arrived on time on the mainland, and drove into Vancouver proper. 
Going through the Massey Tunnel under the Fraser River. This used to freak me out as a kid. 

After negotiating all the traffic like a Boss, Caro led us into downtown Vancouver 40 minutes later. 
We had gorgeous hot weather all weekend. 

We got a bit turned around - roads that used to be two-way aren't any more! - but it gave us a chance to look at this weird offset building. 
I would feel nervous living in an overhanging suite! 

Finally, we were on the right road, headed in the right direction. 
Through Stanley Park and over the Lions Gate Bridge. 

And we arrived at the totally Classy Surfside Towers. 
Yvonne and the snazzy 60s door logo. 

It even had a pool! 
No one used it while we were there. We didn't want to make too much noise and disturb the neighbours, so none of us even put a toe in. 

A couple of shots of the living area of our condo before chaos (us) descended on it. We restored it to original condition! 
A lovely living room. The cutout leads to one of the bedrooms, where Vero slept. Cat and Caro shared a big bed in the other bedroom. 

And to the left of that, the dining area and kitchen. The bathroom is behind that. 
We refrigerated our beverages and scoped out the fridge for what supplies we'd need for two days of noshing. 

I haven't even taken my boots off, and that's my red pillow and bag on the floor. 

I went out to look at the deck that ran across the front of the condo. 
We were enchanted with two of the neighbouring buildings. This pink beauty has white arch details, and filigree railings. 

And this round blue condominium had some fancy details as well. 
We watched seagulls frolicking on the balconies. 

Looking down at our pool. 
We were on the 4th floor. 

After a breather, we decided to go for a walk along the water to a nearby shopping centre for our supplies. 
Begonias! Such pretty flowers. 

We had a couple of missions. 
Rocking out and being silly was foremost! Cat, Vero, me and Yvonne. 

Are we going down these tracks? 
Oh, nope, we're just crossing them to get to the esplanade. 

Here we are, a long gorgeous walk in the sun by the beach. 
Vero, Caro and Cat. 

That's the Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park ahead. 
The city of downtown Vancouver is hiding behind there. 

I quite liked this driftwood pirate ship. 
Complete with three wooden seagulls on the top of the mast. 

Looking back after about 30 minutes. 
Lots of folks hanging out at the beach. Gorgeous sand. 

We're way closer now! 
The iconic Sears tower is that spaceship-looking building. 

We followed the path under this bridge and arrived at the shopping centre. 
We explored Simons department store, where a few of us bought some housewares. Ramekins! Placemats! 

This sweater is...missing something! Yvonne, we must inspect! 
Vero (who took this pic) was enchanted with this idea - she looked for a thrifted sweater to replicate the connected sleeves and turtleneck - but not this price (I think it was around $75.00).

By now, it was close to 3pm and we were starving. 
Let's eat in the lighthouse! It's the Village Taphouse. 

We sat outside and ordered beverages and food. 
Cat and Vero. 

Caro, Yvonne and me on the other side. 
On both Friday and Saturday, a late lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?) was our main meal. 

My beautiful friends. 
Clockwise: Caro, Yvonne, me, Cat and Vero. 

Vero and Caro both found these thick leather/suede "log gloves" at Simons for only $15.00 (marked down from $75!). 
They both have yards and fireplaces/firepits. Those gloves are awesome, and such good posing, ladies!

But we still had a mission - Yvonne needed...toilet brushes. 
Me and Caro, looking for HomeSense. 

Which we found! I made a beeline for the Hallowe'en decorations where I played with this snake, and petted and sighed over all the cool skulls. 
"I need this, right?"

I didn't buy it. I don't need a snake. 

"But don't you have toilet brushes in Victoria, Yvonne?" Well apparently not nice ones like these!
Look at that selection! And there were more on the other side of the shelf! 

We are all agog! 
We were a cloud of frenetic energy, dancing through the aisles, exclaiming over everything. 

Who's a happy girl, who found not one but TWO toilet brushes? 
"My babies."

And one's a designer - DKNY - so Klassy, Yvonne! 

Flush (pun intended) with our victory, we swung by the liquor store and a posh grocery store and stocked up on every possible goody that a Winesday Woman would want. All the basic food groups: cheese, pickles, chips, licorice, veggies, chocolate, bread, wine, beer, kombucha and fizzy water. 
From left, Caro, Yvo, Vero, me and Cat. Caro sent this pic to her son, who is traveling through Europe. Hi, Rowyn, from your Winesday Aunties! 

And then we relaxed and sat out on the deck, watching the sun go down. 
What an ugly view (hee hee). Lots of tankers, barges, and little boats, plus planes taking off and landing from YVR, the Vancouver airport (not visible but straight ahead), as well as the hum and buzz of float planes and helicopters. 

The Blue Boy. 
It has a swanky pool too. 

And Pinky in the sun. 
We felt pretty swanky and lucky to have such a sweet place to stay for free! 

A glimpse of ocean, and an umbrella on the deck. 
We moved inside when it was fully dark. 

A big fat moon reflecting on the water, as the lights started coming on. 
It's better than TV, just watching the world go by. 

Birds flitted around this tree. 
Sparrows, hummingbirds, crows and oodles of seagulls. 

Yvonne and I slept on the two couches in the living room. 
That's me behind my book on the left, reading before I fall asleep. 

We were up bright and early for Saturday's adventure goal - Granville Island! 
I cooked up a mess of scrambled eggs, and we had toast and fruit and cheese for breakfast. Caro, me (reading again) and Vero, waiting for everyone else to be ready. 

Well, I may as well do my pics! 
Deja vu, it's the same outfit, only with my JJ Wilde concert tee. 

My friends are always somewhat bemused by my blog stuff. 
Poses and such. I pinned my hair up for the day after I took these. 

We took an Uber to Lonsdale Quay where we hopped public transportation - the Sea Bus! We passed one while we were zooming across the harbour. See it? There's a massive cruise ship at Canada Place on the right too. 
It's kind of like the Staten Island Ferry in New York City - it takes pedestrians and cyclists across the river from North Van to downtown. Lots of people commute on it. 

Vero and Caro, and a grumpy-looking transit authority guy glaring at us. 
I guess safety-vest yellow is not his favourite colour. 

Me, Yvonne and Cat.
You'll notice us doing a fingers-under-the-chin pose in a few pics - I was demonstrating how to create a rockin' jawline in photos. Mad skillz, Cat! 

It was about 15 minutes to cross. 
We're going inside that covered area on the right. And boom, there we were in downtown Vancouver. 

We found a lovely alley way. 
"Take my picture!" says the blogger.

Okay, I'm good. 
Oh, you're still taking pics. 

Isn't it cool? 
Pink and yellow. 

Turning heads wherever we go! 
Peace out, Yvonne and Vero! 

By now, we were parched and in need of a bevvy and a bathroom. 
The Lennox (or Ox?) on Granville. 

Ooh, what's this new thrift store I see? 
This is Wildlife Thrift Store. Vero and I both found things here. 

My treasures - this vibrant purple-based leopard scarf. 
I like these colours! 

Ooh, it's silk, and made in Italy. 
Very Classy! 

I know that signature. 
That's Roberto Cavalli. 

And lo, it was so! 
For $15.00 - what a score! A big scarf like this would retail between $200-500.00 new. 

I paid for that, and we milled around some more, waiting for honourary Winesday Woman Whitney (Cat's dear friend) to join us. So I had a closer look at a few more racks (vs. a quick sweep). 
And I found something else! It's a fine knit sweater with woven cotton printed sleeves. 

I like the shell button detail in the back on the hem. 
Very nice. 

Made in Spain, how excellent. 
I know that name. 

Yup, it's Marni. I thought $35.00 was a little pricey for a thrift store. 
But I also know this is one pricey brand. A plain logo tee on their site retails for $495.00. 

Whit and Bea (her sweet pup) arrived. 
Bea has an injury and can't walk, and has a neck pillow to keep her from licking at her toe. Whit wheeled her around like a boss in her stroller. 

We walked down to the water and hopped on yet another type of boat. This one took us to Granville Island. 
Me, Cat, Whit/Bea, Vero, Yvo and Caro doing the selfie. 

Oh my, that's a lot of people. 
I did not enjoy Granville Island - me and crowds are not a good combination. 

It's a good thing my gals have my back. 
It was also getting late and I was getting HANGRY. Feed the monster! We had linner/dunch here under the shadow of the Granville Bridge - excellent Mexican food. 

After our food, we were all feeling so much more civilized, and full of vim and vigour. 
We're headed to South Granville, where Whit told us there was a BOUTIQUE Value Village. 

And here it is! Open late too, since it was around 5pm when we finally made it. 
We spent a while in here, to the bemusement of the staff, who just loved us (and sweet little Bea). 

Here are my treasures! Contrast stitching - my eye went right to these. 
Those are black high-waisted VERY wide-legged pants. They're 70% cotton, the rest is poly/rayon. 

You could fit a phone in the small pocket and an entire laptop in the big ones. 
I don't think I'll be doing that, but I like that they are functional pockets and that the snaps are stamped with the brand name. 

New with tags! I thought $34.99 was ridiculously low. 
These are the Wide Leg Cargo jeans, and they were sold at Urban Planet, a store I do not shop in, ugh, gross fast-fashion. These are made in Bangladesh (sad face). 

I'll happily give my money to Value Village, though. 
$15.99 is a good price - they are lovely thick denim. They're a smidge tight, so I'd better up my veggie intake for a month! 

I recognized the chain on this copper owl pendant, which was $19.99. It's the same as my Vix Necklace (pic here). 
Note how the outside border is irregularly-shaped. 

The back is crisply stamped. 
Solid copper! 

And there's the logo - that's Bell Trading Post. 
I saw a few of these online advertised as 1940s (no, this is from the 60s), with prices up to $65.00+! 

This was the thing I was most excited about. It's a jelly purse! 
"Souvenir de L'Exposition 1998" means souvenir of Expo '98, which was held in Lisbon, Spain (link here, always 'cause I love). Vero (who is Quebecois, and fluently French) translated "Un Voyage au Pays des Merveilles" as "Alice in Wonderland" and not my more literal translation of "a trip to a wondrous place/country". 

It's beautifully constructed, no raw edges, and this is thick plastic. 
Good hardware, although nary a logo or brand or tag to be found! 

Little molded feet! 
It's a smoky dark grey, but definitely see-through. 

It's a pain in the arse to open - that front flap sits over the centre toggle. 
Then each of those straps wraps across, one on top of the other, and then the toggle closes. Not a shopping purse! 

So...what is this? It's a rip-off of an Hermes Kelly tote bag that was itself a souvenir of the Expo in 1998. If this said "Hermes" on the front, above the lock, it would sell for between $1,000-2,000 or more second-hand. 
This bag might have been produced and sold to tourists who visited the Expo - a quick search revealed a rainbow of colours, all clear or smoky/transparent, but it was promoted in 2018, as seen in Glamour UK, as a cheap alternative to the Hermes version (here). So is it vintage 90s or a modern repro? Regardless, in 2018, it would have been $75.00 new - so I'm very happy with my $15.49! 

We paused at this cool street installation. Okay, now what? 
Uh, duh, we need food and drinks! 

I don't remember the name of this pub, but they made a nice plate of nachos. 
We completely inhaled it. 

Showing my finds to Whit. 
I can yak fashion all day. 

Okay, I'm ready to go home. 
Caro wants to dance! We called an Uber, and had the most lovely driver. 

Kuldeep nestled 6 women, their shopping bags, a dog and a stroller into his shiny new Mitsubishi SUV. 
Caro and I crammed together in the back. 

We feasted when we got back to the condo and tried on and modeled all our purchases. 
Cat, Whit, me, Yvonne, Caro. 

After a late night, I did one last picture out on the deck in the morning sun. 
My Frank Turner tour shirt from our 2017 trip to Portland, Oregon. 

We took the Horseshoe Bay ferry home - it was a quick drive from North Van.
I've never been through this ferry terminal - what a view! 

We sat outside and ate our leftover snacks and enjoyed the beauty. 
Caro in a new summer dress. 

Looking down on the car deck. 
An hour and a half later, we were in Nanaimo, and two hours later, we were home in Victoria. 

Aw, thank you, my dear friends, for this wonderful trip. 
Thank you for putting up with this crankyass woman. I love you guys so much.

Vizzini, I'm home! 
"I had the Man to cuddle with."

Aw, I know you missed me - you drooled all over me. 
"Okay, maybe a little."

And so, my friends, I hope you'll forgive the lateness of this post - I simply wasn't up to it after a day of travel, and needed to hang with my fam. 

I'll be back to outfit posts - including today's work ensemble - tomorrow. Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere! 


  1. So much fun. Thanks for sharing! Lise

  2. Whoa, truly a fantastically delightful weekend with Winesday Friends! Your packing skills or, more precisely, your wardrobe capsule packing, is impressive and I so admire your ability to do that. It’s a lesson worth teaching to others.Fred and I are about to make the switch from full size luggage to only carry-on, and that will be an interesting exercise for when we visit Robin in the late Fall.

    Convenient and helpful to have been able to do a house swap, yay Caro’s MIL! It’s no small thing to save money on lodging! Plus then there is more to spend on fun and frolicking. :) And it sure looks like you all did plenty of both. :)

    So glad for you to have had perfect weather conditions for the ferry and the frolicking. I especially enjoyed your travelogue as it reminded me of when Fred, Robin and I explored the area after our visit in Victoria and then Ladysmith, not far from where we went kayaking. You live in a beautiful area of the world!

    And I remember your Winter Whiteout post vividly, didn’t even need to reread it, that’s the impression it made on me back then!!

    Delightedly and with cheers, Laurie

    1. It was a whirlwind of activity and people and things going on, Laurie - I'm still exhausted, 3 days later! I prefer a minimal capsule for travel, so that I don't have to think too much about what to wear, and I have lots of room for stuff I may purchase. Oh, good for you! I suggest some plain basic pants and/or skirt, a simple dress, and two pairs of comfy shoes. Add a couple of easy tops, and bring a bag of jewelry to zhuzh it all up!

      It was a huge savings for us to stay at Caro's MIL's place - she and her friends had a blast house-swapping. Yes, much frolicking was had!

      It really could not have been better weather - cool breezes, warm sunshine. We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place.

      Ha, I thought you might have! That was an Adventure!.

    2. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for your suggestions! I took a screen shot and am printing it out and putting it with my “travel notes.” I am going to use it. There is also a fun second hand shop in Olympia so there will be room for a purchase or two. :)

    3. And if you have any old underthings or socks or even tees - leave them behind when you go home! Even MORE room in your bag for new things (and you probably needed new socks/underwear/tees anyway). :)

  3. What a fantastic weekend!!! I can’t believe you pack light!!!! That is a total shocker:-))
    VV Boutique in South Granville? How wonderful! You got some fab stuff…that purse is so cool!
    Great to spend a weekend away with long time friends.

    Hostess of The Humble Bungalow

    1. Ha, yes, I am a minimalist when it comes to packing - I know, a shocker! Yes, the VV Boutique was quite good - I didn't have time to really go through things, just a surface look in less than an hour, but I sure got some treasures.

  4. What a fantastic weekend! And a great idea to house swap. We've started doing a weekend every year with my book club gals and it's the best.

  5. That looks like the most fun ever. And I love all your finds! Can’t wait to see how you style them.

    1. It was a blast, thanks, Julia! I'll be working my way through everything in due time.

  6. Well after so long I visit to find the most wonderful post that has really cheered me up! (life is throwing so many curve balls at the mo so I thought ahh lets play in blog land.) Sanity break ha ha Well you had the best time with your friends and I love the fact you pack light. Your boots go so well with the skirt. Love the mexican bracelet. Anyway Sheila it's good to have escaped to your wonderful part of the world for a while Shazxx

    1. Dang, Shaz, it is so good to see you again. I'm sorry life has glad you took a wee break to come and visit. <3

      Thank you! Big hugs to you!

  7. Wow! What a great report. Experiences like this with good friends are the best. And it isn't a real trip until yo get lost. :) Thanks for sharing your fun.

    1. Yup, it's making memories that will last forever, isn't it, Ally? Ha, we didn't get lost at any point, but it was still loads of fun.

  8. What a fun trip you girls had, I absolutely loved tagging along with you all vicariously.
    I'm truly in awe of your ability to travel light, too! And how fantastic that you were able to do a house swap and thus stay over for free! xxx

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Ann! I've really learned the benefit of packing light - more room for my shopping goodies! We save so much $$ by swapping - hotels in Van are over $800 a night this time of year!

  9. Oh fantastic. Times like these are priceless. Good friends are a treasure.

    1. For all the stress in the moment, it's worth it for these wonderful memories. Glad you enjoyed it, Nancy!

  10. wow, what a fabulous weekend with friends and fun (and food and fashion too, so lots more of Fabulousness!). Totally love the idea of a house-swap so you could enjoy a comfy home, so beautiful place and those condos around are lovely too. Actually Vancouver looks like a fantastic, lively city (love it!). And so glad that you enjoyed your time together!
    I always try to pack light, so I totally agree that a (fab) skirt and a bunch of tees make a fab luggage for a weekend. Great idea. And love your yellow docs and fab skirt, obviously!
    (sorry if I don't comment frequently, but still reading your posts!)

    1. It was all the F's: fabulous, friends, fun, food and fashion! No worries about commenting, my friend - it's tough!

  11. House swap is such a great idea!
    It seems you gals had such a fantastic time.

    1. It worked out really well - another awesome Winesday vacation!

  12. There isn't much that beats a girlfriends weekend away. The fun and laughter are so evident from the photos. Like you, I treasure my friends and such weekends.
    I love the skirt and the boots, but, being more traditional than you, I would have kept the top more quiet haha.

    1. Nope, it was just lovely. This is my Chosen Family.

      Lol, of course - and that's all good. :)

  13. Thanks for letting us join virtually you on your girls' weekend! What a swanky pad.
    Yay to travelling light, I'm so over dragging half my life around with me when I travel. It's really liberating not needing to deliberate over what to wear. You looked fantastic.
    Those sleeve things are the in-thing. Several UK fast fashion retailers churn them out at £3! I can't believe how expensive that one was!
    I bet Vizzini was thrilled to see you, William's not left us alone since we got home. xxx

    1. I know, what a lovely condo! I can never go back to a giant suitcase - I'm a minimalist traveler for life now. That's so funny about the connected sleeves - I'm sure we'll have the fast fashion version any day.

      Vizzini gave me the cold shoulder for about 10 minutes, then was all over me! :D

  14. What a riotous weekend you had and I have to say, that blotchy skirt, band tee, denim jacket and DMs outfit is without question my favourite of yours (so far)!
    I loved tagging along and am swooning over the architecture, the company and that spectacular scenery...and to end with a cat pic is just perfect. Thank you!

    1. Oh, high praise, thank you so much, Claire! Glad you enjoyed our jaunt!


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