Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Day Lime and a Wine Cardigan Flashback

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my friends, whether you're Irish or not. I had an Irish great-grandmother on my dad's side, I think. Anyway, I like to wear green. 
Like I was going to pass up the opportunity to style up this new-to-me lime green skirt! 

  • Cardigan - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here in March 2020 with pink and florals
  • Blouse - Sylvia Lee for Barcelino per Donna, vintage, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in January with a sky-blue Karl blazer
  • Skirt - DKNY, consignment; purchased here for $40.00
  • Shoes - Sumatra Coffee, Fluevog; last seen here in January with many matchy patterns
  • Coat (below) - Jeno de Paris, vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here in February

I have very little lime in my fall/winter closet - it's very much a spring/summer colour for me. 
However, I thought this swirly silk blouse was close enough - it's got a soft green in it that is tonally pretty close to lime. 

It's too chilly to wear just a silk blouse, though (I do have a camisole on under it). 
I added this burgundy-wine cardigan because that colour is in the blouse. 

I love these colours together - burgundy is a surprisingly versatile neutral. We'll be having a little Flashback on this cardigan shortly. 
I loved wearing this skirt today - my coworker Ngoc admired it. I might need to do something to the lining, as it bunched and wrinkled during the day. I could cut it out entirely and I'd still be able to wear the skirt, but I do like the lime lining. 

Masked up. 
More green! 

Outerwear - shout out to Diane from the 7th floor. We connected in the elevator at the end of the day and I gave her one of my blog cards. 
Of course I had to wear this vintage coat! It's the greenest of greens! 

Outerwear stuff: 
I'm falling in love with all of my silk scarves, which are keeping my neck warm and looking chic as heck. 

  • Silk scarf - Pierre Balmain, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Wool gloves - Parkhurst
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These shoes also seem to go with a plethora of colours. They're comfy too. 

Matchy bling: 
The leather obi covered the tan faux leather waistband. 

  • Obi - local, gift from L
  • Austrian crystal necklace - vintage 60s, gift from L
  • Leather cuff - Kipling Leather, thrifted
  • Hinged bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Jade/brass ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback: Jacob Cardigan

Cardigans are one of those "things" in my closet: they are very useful, but usually not very exciting. I tend to go in phases with them, where I love them for a few years, get tired of them, donate them all, miss having a selection of cardigans, thrift more...rinse, repeat. 
I found this cotton thin-knit cardigan in the WIN (Women In Need) Boutique here in February 2015 for $13.50. It's by Jacob, a former Canadian mall store that carried really good work basics (pretty dresses too!). It used to have little loops on the side for the matching knit cotton/grosgrain ribbon belt (both seen above - the belt is lying over the shoulder), but I cut them off. I have never worn the belt, but still have it. 

I knew I'd had my wine cardi a while, but I'm curious to see how many times I've worn it! Let's take a look!

I first wore it in February 2015 with shades of rust and wine. 
The dotty top was a swap piece from Caro, and the vintage suede skirt was Elaine's (I no longer have either of them). Boots Flashback here

The colour of the cardi is an awesome neutral - seen here in March 2015 with my cognac leather pants. 
Boots Flashback here

The same equestrian-themed top was employed with my new-to-me 70s disco pants in October 2015. 
That's the only wearing of the pants. Shoes Flashback here

Having some fun with pink tights in January 2016. 
This cardigan (and the pink tights!) is the only thing left in this whole outfit. 

A casual outfit in February 2016. 
Vizzini can't be bothered to pose, I see. Cowboy boots Flashbacked here

This is also February 2016, and I believe this was a brunch outfit. 
I liked that skirt, but it didn't photograph well. Boots Flashback here

Another casual outfit, with the cardi over my black leather "Buffy" dress (Flashback here). 
I should wear those shoes again soon - Flashback here

I'm off to get some tattoo work here in October 2016 - my dad's signature - with my brother Dave. 
This is a SUPER casual look for me. I sleep in that tee, and I wear those camo pants around the house (actually, I'm on my second pair!). My floral Doc Martens are so sweet. 

When I feel like wearing a "topper" piece but don't have a suitable jacket - I wear a cardigan. 
This was in November 2016. Skirt Flashback here

I loved how cool it looked with shades of purple, seen here in December 2016. 
Isn't that pretty? Who knew wine and purple went so well together??

This is my Christmas Day outfit that I wore to my mom's place in December 2016. 
I turfed those Sperry Topsiders (so not me), and I had that half-sequined dress for many years before it let it go. You know I still have those tights! 

This is another purple/wine outfit that I adore, this one from March 2017.
Boots Flashback here

I've had multiple jumpsuits over the life of my blog - I buy them when I find a good one. This was in October 2017.
Much as I liked this jumpsuit, I didn't love it. I did keep that belt, though! (Flashback here). 

Another casual weekend outfit, from November 2017.
Both the boots and skirt went to the Great Giveaway Pile. 

I look flustered here - this was in the middle of my work's office move, and I wore clothes I didn't mind getting wrecked. 
I do still have those skinny Levi's, and those are my white floral Docs that I wear every day to walk to and from work. 

Here we are in November 2019 - short cardigans are falling back out of my favour around this time, as I embrace extra-long ones. 
Still a handy piece, though! I wear those pants around the house now. Shoe Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore this cardi, in March 2020, to work and to the last Vintage Fair. That seems so long ago! 
I am looking forward to having my Big Pink Boss Lady Pants back in my closet soon! Shoe Flashback here

Mathy stuff: Today marks the 18th outing of this cardigan, bringing us to 75 cents per wear. Not bad for a basic cardigan! 

And now, I am REALLY on vacation! I will be popping in here and there - I might do a weekend post - just to check in, but otherwise, I'm going to step away for a bit. 
"Woman! Hurry up, I need to sleep on you!"

Have a wonderful rest of your week, weekend, etc. Thanks so much for dropping by! 


  1. Have a wonderful vacation -- hopefully the weather will cooperate!

  2. I love the lime and wine combo! That's a perfect outfit for St. Patrick’s Day! Have a lovely vacation!

  3. I forgot to celebrate Saint Patrick's day this year, but it is a fun celebration. Everyone likes the Irish. I love this lime skirt. Green is such an underestimated colour, I think. For me it is the colour of spring and life.
    Great flash backs.

    1. Eh, it's an opportunity to wear green - I don't celebrate it at all otherwise. Thanks, Ivana - I agree, I love green, and especially as we go into spring. I'm excited to wear this skirt with my spring clothes.

  4. Morning She, I had the jab last night! all went well. So being "naughty" scrolling through and chilling. Well Firstly Happy St Patrick's day for yesterday. Now get this; my great grandmother was Irish and when my Dad had a drink he loved to tell us this fact! Also this morning I was thinking of the cardigans I have esp. a wine coloured one thinking will I get rid or not then I come to visit and there you are putting it with purple and all sorts! Weird what a co-incidence! ok it stays they are "handy" going to scroll again . Also the new skirt looks fab. Happy thrifting this week-end! They'll be smiling on you for sure Shazxx

    1. Hi, Shaz, woo! Congrats on your jab! Nothing wrong with some scrolling while you chill, my dear. :)

      Thank you! Ha, that's funny. Wine cardis can indeed be very handy! Worth keeping - they don't take up much room in the closet. Thanks, I hope the Thrift Gods smile on me!

  5. Happy weekend, vacation and St Paddy’s Day! The outfits meshing wine and purple were definitely my favorites...the color! The joy!

    As for cardigans, I also have a stash and hold onto them till they fall apart - easy to store, easy to pack, and they can add a pop of color or ounce of warmth while pulling an outfit together, and they never feel bulky. I keep my eyes open for patterned cardigans to give spice to otherwise tame outfits.

    Here’s to your week of delight and relaxation!

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! I'm happy to be on vacation! It was a good outfit to kick off my week off.

      I fluctuate in my love for them. It'll be all short cardis, then medium, then long, then no cardigans at all! I do watch for interesting ones in the shops, though.

      Thanks so much, Laurie!

  6. Love the skirt and it is very appropriate for the occasion too.

  7. How exciting to have Irish ancestors! And surely St. Patrick's Day was the perfect opportunity to debut your new-to-you lime green pleated skirt! It looks absolutely stunning with the swirly blouse and burgundy cardigan and obi. It's such a wonderful colour combo. Ooh, and a green mask too! And that coat! Note to self: wear more scarves. And it's not as if I don't have any ...
    As you know, I'm a bit of a cardigan girl myself, they are true workhorses in my wardrobe. As it seems your burgundy/wine one has been in yours. 75 cents is nothing!
    Enjoy your vacation, Sheila. I'm sure Mr. V. will appreciate it having you around for naps too! xxx

    1. I never met any of them, Ann! I'm glad I wore the skirt, regardless, as it was so fun to swoosh in. I love scarves, but I always have to remind myself to wear them!

      You can't go wrong with a good cardi, right? Such a good cost-per-wear - I'm very proud of that!

      Thank you, my dear friend. Vizzini was very happy to have us around.

  8. I love the flash of green beneath the turquoise leather and how well the burgundy cardi goes with lime green, a colour combo that had never occured to me before!
    Have a brilliant break, spend lots of time snuggling Vizzini and L! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I enjoyed this look - it's a fun skirt. I love all colours, and it's so fun to try out new combinations.

      Thank you - it was lovely and there was much snuggling!

  9. What a amazing outfit! The blouse is perfect with the skirt and cardigan. When I was scrolling doen I said to myself, please style it with pink, and yes! You never disappoint! Have a great vacation!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Of course, I would do burgundy and pink! It's a great combo!

  10. I like the shirt with the skirt, it's a great combination! And I really need a wine coloured cardigan! Every winter I want to add more colourful cardigans to my wardrobe but I never do! We are lucky enough that most days all I need is a cardi rather than a jacket, so I should wear them more than I do and have a bigger collection really! I want a rust one too...

    Enjoy your holiday and blog break!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I have way more stuff in my spring wardrobe to go with it, though, so it'll be fun to create a new outfit soon!

      Lucky you that a cardi is mostly all you need! Thank you!

  11. What a pretty skirt. Perfect for the holiday.

  12. Lovely outfit, I'm admiring your limegreen skirt and the amazing colour combo with burgundy!, you rock it!
    And so lovely flashback on this cardigan, I've enjoyed so much the different colour combos, such a versatile piece. Love it with the cognac and reddish shades, but my favourite ones are the purple combos!, wow!

    1. It's such a pretty colour, isn't it, Monica? Thank you so much! I love the purple and wine - who knew??

  13. I would not have thought to mix green and wine, but they look amazing together. I think cardigans are such a classic - both the long and the short versions.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

    1. Aren't they pretty, Nana? I'm inspired by nature - I've seen burgundy and green in plants, so I knew it would work for an outfit. I love cardigans right now, but that could change in a year, ha!

      Thank you so much! :)

  14. Be still my burgundy adoring heart (it's my second fave colour of all-time, topped only by dusty rose - the pair of which were our wedding colours back in 2004). What a fabulous look at ways to stay this classic, wonderfully versatile colour.

    At long, long last we've made it through another bone-chilling Canadian winter, my dear friend, and officially embraced spring again. I hope that the first weekend of the season teems with sunshine, sweetly singing birds, and an abundance of joy!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love dusty rose, but it's a hard colour to find! Burgundy looks good on everyone - it's so versatile. Thank you, Autumn!

      It's getting there! We have had sun, high winds, hail (a lot of it!) and it's raining now. Oh, west coast spring...

  15. Happy St Patrick's day!🐦🐛🍀 You look lovely in lime. Any opportunity to dress on theme is a good one. I wish I had've remembered! X

    1. Thanks, Jess! I love a good theme! They stimulate creativity.

  16. Happy arrival of Spring! I hope all is well.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! No need to worry, just on vacation. :)

  17. That skirt looks so springy - not just the lovely colour, but in how floaty it is too. It looks ready for warmer days.

    1. I can't wait to pair it with some of my spring things, Mim! Soon!

  18. Awww, Vizzini's face in the last photo....that's a kitty that needs a lap to lie on. I like the "new leaf" green of the skirt.

    1. He was actually demanding his food, lol. Thank you - I love that lime green shade.


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