Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Kenzo Garbage Bag and Nor Net Flashbacks, Plus Zoom Art and Cat Pictures

Hello, my friends, and welcome to a Tuesday non-work day! Our province has had huge increases in COVID infections this past week, so all eat-in dining establishments have been ordered to close for the next three weeks. Everything else is pretty much the same, but good thing we went to Pluto's when we did. 

Today, I squeezed in another outfit with some fun Flashback-worthy elements for my weekly Zoom chat with Mom. We also unexpectedly got our art on during our call, so I'll share that with you. There might even be a few Vizzini pictures in there! 

Here's the outfit, built around this black "garbage bag" skirt. 
I also felt like I hadn't worn this sweater yet this season, and I couldn't resist incorporating these new lacy tights into my look. They are brighter than I thought they were!

  • Net sweater - Nor; last seen here in December 2020 with red cashmere
  • Sweater - Beechers Brook, thrifted; last worn here in December 2020 with shiny leopard
  • Skirt - Kenzo, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in December 2019 for marathon shop with Cat and Yvonne
  • Boots - Groovy Huysmans, Fluevog; last worn here in February with pink limbs

We'll be having a Flashback on the skirt AND the sweater in a bit. I love the open knit of the grey sweater - I'm actually wearing another sweater under it, but it's hard to tell from pictures (it's much more obvious in person). 
This skirt is VERY short, so I tend to wear it in the cold months when I can layer up some tights and a snug half-slip to ameliorate that situation. 

It's nearly a full circle skirt, although it's sewn unusually to pouf out.
It has pockets! Oooh! Ahhh!
I often wear tall boots with it, as that's a lot of leg! 

Here's my bright cobalt blue sweater which is tucked into the tiny waist of the skirt. 
I'm a beautiful ballerina! Am I full of myself if I love my little waist? I think I might have been one of those "do it up tighter!" corsetry women if I'd lived 100 years ago. 

The stuff: 
These boots have been one of my best shoe purchases of the year - I've already worn them six times since I got them in July. 

Blue and silver bling: 
To match my blue legs and sweater! 

  • Belt - gift from Ruth
  • Brutalist cuff - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gift from L, antique mall
  • Grapevine silver cuff - Karen's
  • Necklace - Britain, vintage, furniture store
  • Venetian glass/silver earrings - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback #1: Kenzo "Garbage Bag" Skirt

Yet another amazing designer score from Flavour Upstairs - I found this real Kenzo skirt for $19.99 here in January 2017. It's called the Monster Foiled Skirt (seriously, that's the Kenzo name for it) and it originally retailed for $950.00. You did not read that wrong. 
My skirt is an early version, probably from the '00s - it's a design they've resurrected at some point in bronze metallic fairly recently (there's one on Lyst for $752). 
Mine is made in Italy, and the newer ones are made in Portugal. 

Look at that. 
$20 for a designer skirt! 

Part of the reason why it is so expensive at retail: this is a custom textile. 
Those puffy parts are actually foamy/squishy - they have dimension in addition to the material that's been sprayed onto the main fabric. 

This is the backing fabric. 
Or is the puffiness part of this knit? I don't want to cut open to find out, but this kind of detail (vs. say, a print) is one of those things that distinguishes designer from mass-produced clothes. 

I debuted the skirt for the Gala Opening of the Victoria Film Festival in February 2017. The theme was floral, which you might have guessed from all the flowers on me. 
"You're going out in public in that?"

I layered my mint green crinoline under it for Maximum Pouffage, and yes, I'm wearing socks - they say, "I'm a Delicate Fucking Flower" (this is something I say in person in my Cranky Old Lady voice - Greetje will attest to this). 

Bonus shot of both L and I. Don't we look fine? Such a fun night.
My dearly departed orange shoes are Flashbacked here

This is the next day, that same weekend in February 2017.
I went shopping in this. 

This is the only time I've ever worn it to work (it was a half-day on a Friday). 
This was in March 2018. We'll be seeing the Gookey jacket again soon - hooray! 

Due to the aforementioned shortness, I tend to wear the skirt once a year, on weekends for shopping, as I did here in September 2018. 
This is a spectacular look - I love the whole thing. Jacket Flashback here and boots Flashback here

This was the day after the February 2019 Victoria Film Festival Gala - I wore this out for brunch with L. 
Tight jacket + OTK boots = winning formula with a pouf-tastic skirt. Boot Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore it, bundled up for a marathon Dots shop and lunch with Cat and Yvonne. 
We're in for some Leather Weather this week, so I might have to break out that yellow jacket again soon. 

Mathy stuff: Today's outfit is the 7th time I've worn this skirt, brining us to a highly-excellent $2.86 per wear. Not bad for a once-a-year skirt. 

Flashback #2: Nor "Net" Sweater

I bought this at My Sister's Closet back here in June 2018 for $19.98 - I recognized it as a Dots brand (they sell a lot of European lines).
It's a cotton knit, and reminds me of fishermen's nets. 

It requires a top worn underneath it as it's a very open knit. 
I have accomplished that layering in various ways. 

I saved it till colder weather for my first wearing, which was to Mom's house for a Thanksgiving/birthday family gathering in October 2018. 
I layered it over my "Buffy" leather dress (Flashback here), and rolled with the greyish theme with my woolly boots (Flashback here). 

A long-sleeved thin black sweater is the layering piece here in December 2018. 
Great skirt (Flashback here), and those are frequently-worn shoes (Flashback here). 

I kept it out for the summer, and wore it as my August 2019 rainy day cover over a light dress.
I still have those blue flats, I think. 

This was a casual weekend brunch outfit in January 2020, with the sweater over my sparkly black turtleneck. 
Those are silver pants, hence the glare. I didn't get to my Luke/Yoda shoes this season. Aw. 

This was a "fantasy" outfit in March 2020, very early into lockdown when I needed to Dress Up for my mental health. 
I have that sparkly tee lined up to wear tomorrow, funnily enough. I should wear those shorts soon too, as they haven't made it into an outfit since this one. 

Here's the last time I wore the sweater, with my cashmere knit skirt in December 2020. 
Same sparkly black top underneath, and I repeated this All Saints necklace from two years before. 

Mathy stuff: How bizarre, this sweater has also been worn 7 times now! That brings it to $2.54 cents per wear. Fabulous. 

Mom and I had our Zoom chat today as usual. Midway through, while Vizzini was on my lap (Cat Cam View so Mom can see him), Mom started working on her challenge for her art group, doing a "negative space" painting in acrylics. 
She started with smudging a couple of colours together for the yellow/green/orange background.

She blended a blue/copper as the background and started making incursions into the already-painted yellow/orange/green section. "It's going to be flowers!" Mom announced. 
The green border is painter's tape - you peel it off when you're done and you have a perfect square. Genius! 

Then she went back in with some other colours, and daubed in details. Seriously, she did this in less than 25 minutes. 
She'd accidentally bought a set of metallic acrylic paints, so those white "lines" are actually the metallic reflecting light. 

Better lighting - and the finished piece. 
That is amazing! Brava, Mom! 

Of course, sitting and watching someone else paint off-screen is boring as heck, so I dashed out to my art stool storage on the deck and fetched my watercolour pencils, sketchbook and some Zentangle pens. 
Mom picked purple me to start with so I added pink to that, and green for contrast. I scribbled on the colour, then used a dampened brush to make it all cloudy. I also dried it with my hair-dryer so that my pens wouldn't rip the paper. 

Then, I drew on some swirly lines and started adding bumps and colouring them in. 
This is how far I got while Mom finished an entire painting. What a show off! Ha ha! I plan to work on this some more this afternoon (maybe on the deck if it's warm enough??). 

Edited to add my final results: I was inspired by all the cherry blossoms out right now to do an abstract version of them using some Zentangle motifs.
I thought I was done here, but didn't like how the bottom felt like a jumble, so I added some shading to create more dimension. 

Anyway, that took me a little over 2 hours, and my hand cramped up, but it felt wonderful to do some art again. Thanks for the inspiration, Mom! 

Vizzini was out there, scoping his favourite spots and becoming reacquainted with his expanded living territory. 
"I've secured this side."

I sat in the sun, and he came right over. 
"I don't know how you made it warm, but I am full of love for you."

He's been shedding like mad, so more brushing is on the menu. 
"I could sit here forever."

Me too, bud! 

Wishing everyone out there a bit of sunshine! 
Spring days are nearly here! 


  1. Hi Sheila,
    You and your Mom shared a work space, just like sitting together around a table packed with art supplies! Special to simply be hanging out together. ❤️ Your zen tangle takes doodling to a much higher level. I recall you having created numerous designs for office friends and others. I think artists such as your Mom develop a sixth sense that incorporates heightened color awareness with their visual acuity. Much admiration for her for how she has developed her craft.

    As for the Kenzo skirt, it’s not something that would normally catch my eye as one to wear (only to look at!) but I quite like the outfits you made with it, especially some of the more dramatic ones!

    Outbreaks are rising here, too. Instead of “get thee to a nunnery” it’s now all about “get thee to a vaccination site!” Whew.
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Yes, exactly, Laurie - it was a real treat to just sit and "do art". The time flew by! My Zentangles are nothing fancy, but I enjoyed the mindfulness that doing them brings me. Yes, I've done many of them over the years - now that the deck is coming back into use, I'm sure I will do more. Mom's work is amazing - I'm so proud of her for continually stretching herself artistically.

      No, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's very "me"! I love dramatic looks, as I think you well know. :)

      Yes, it's all the variant, although we're still at very low numbers on the island.

  2. Your quirky style is freaking fabulous, Sheila! The bright blue tights are gorgeous, and they look so great with those unusual boots.
    Suzy x

    1. Hello, and thank you so much, Suzy! I appreciate you visiting and commenting!

  3. The grey sweater is very cool, a special piece. I particularly like the skirt with OTK boots. Fabulous outfits! Lise

    1. Thanks so much, Lise! Yes, me too - love OTK boots with this skirt, but they were too much for sitting and chatting. Next year!

  4. I love your art time with your mom. I'm sorry for the roll back on cases on your province. Will you be working from home? I'm starting to look for the accessories. My favorite of your skirt look is with the tall boots and jacket, but I say if you have waist and leg to show,go for it!

    1. Me too! No, I will still be going into the office - there are very few people here that I actually see and interact with, and I'm SUPER cautious about masks, distance and hand-washing/sanitizing.

      Nice! Accessories are so much fun, Sam. Thanks, I love the tall boots with the skirt, and being all leggy was better for our call.

  5. I'm sorry to hear of your province's increase in Covid infections. It seems to be happening everywhere, which is quite disheartening. The just installed relaxation of being able to meet outside with groups of 10 has been scrapped again here after only two weeks.
    Your garbage bag Kenzo skirt is fabulously funky, and I adore the lacy blue tights. Love your ballerina pose! Not surprisingly, the skirt's flashback has quite a few funky outfits. How amazing is the outfit in which it was making its debut. Love the socks!
    Love your Mum's artwork. She is a very talented lady, and no doubt you've got your talent from her. I love your Zentangles, and I am proud to be the owner of one of your originals :-)) xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann, it sucks! It's mostly the variant, which seems to be gaining ground everywhere, but thank goodness we have vaccines now, and hopefully I'll get mine soon. I'm so sorry to hear that your gathering easement has been taken away again so soon!

      It's a fun skirt, although not to everyone's taste. :) Thank you! I love that debut floral outfit - it was a great look.

      Isn't Mom's work amazing? So talented. Thank you! I was thinking of your Zentangle while I worked on this one. :)

  6. Sadly it seems that covid cases are on the rise everywhere; mainly due to the variants. We are once again being threatened with a province-wide lockdown.

    The garbage bag skirt is very unique. I think you've styled it wonderfully. I believe my favourite look is when it is paired with your wonderful gold jacket.

    Love the artwork you and your mom produced during your zoom call. I have taken up painting during the shutdowns and I am always interested in seeing what other, more talented people, create and their technique.

    Enjoy your spring weather :)

    1. Yes, it sucks, doesn't it, Nana? We're not quite locked down here - we can still meet outdoors with groups of 10 or less, fortunately.

      It's a very different skirt, for sure! Thank you! I like it with the gold jacket too!

      Thanks, we had a great time, just working on our art. Lovely that you're able to paint as an artistic outlet! Good for you! All art is good!

      Happy spring, my friend!

  7. While it's a shame you can't get together in person it's so nice you can catch up online and work on your art together - you both created some really nice pieces! :)

    Hope that the new restrictions work and things get safer for you soon! Because our government has been in no rush to vaccinate people doctors and nurses taking care of the coronavirus cases brought in from overseas we have had a few get infected sadly so we are in lockdown at the moment - takeaway only for restaurants and we can only leave the house for food, work if we can't do it at home, and to go to medical appointments. Not very fun, but if the government had taken better care of our frontline workers this wouldn't have happened!

    1. We can see each other in person, but not indoors - not so conducive to art, Mica! It was really nice to have that quiet time with Mom.

      I hope so too - it's just getting downright silly. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that, Mica - I'd assumed that Australia had been doing their vaccines during this time! We have similar lockdowns re: restaurants, but still can go places and have outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people (but always the same 10). Sigh.

  8. That Kenzo skirt is such a fab find. Only 20 dollars, what a steal! If we had such second hand shops, I wouldn't be so lazy when it comes to shopping. This way I don't even remember when I last bought something. I think it was some time before Christmas, I bought some bags from a friend's shop. You really do find great stuff when you shop. I know there are online shops that specialize in designer and vintage clothes, so maybe I should check out those. Anyhow, your outfit with that fab knit, sassy skirt and fishnets is brilliant. I also enjoyed your flashback a lot. I think my favourite look is when you wore it with a pettiskirt under. It fitted it so well. Your flashback with the knit sweater is lovely as well.

    So fun to see you working alongside your mother in an Art Zoom call. Her flowers look lovely. That's true talent, completing the painting so quickly and having it so vibrant. Your zentagle is beautiful and so detailed. There is this infinity feeling to it that I really like. It looks so neat. The flower seems to be flowing, I love that.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I love it, as it's such an unusual piece, but it is limited in its styling. I've continued to shop and support my favourite stores, but I'm finding more high-end things than I do in my regular thrifts. I would be really careful shopping online as you can't examine the pieces for fakes, damage, etc. I really need to see and feel things in person.

      Thank you so much! I love it with the petticoat under it too, and the sweater has been much more versatile than I thought it would be.

      I really enjoyed doing my art with mom. Isn't she awesome? She's been doing this so long that she knows how she wants it to turn out and just...does it! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Zentangle. It's just an exercise, but it's good for my brain.

  9. I LOVE the 2017 shopping outfit with the purple hair and black and electric blue clothing and silver necklace. Just perfect!

    1. Thanks, Ramona! I like the bright blue with my old purple hair too.

  10. Nice waist! (Said with envy by someone whose waist is the same size as her hips.)

    1. Thank you, madam. :) Yes, but you have legs for days! We all want what we don't have!

  11. Vizzini is one fabulous looking cat and you are one fabulous looking lady, that last photo is just gorgeous!
    You and your Mum's art is wonderful, you've both got such a good eye for colour.
    I'm glad you managed to squeeze in that last visit to Pluto's. What a shame about the increased numbers and added restrictions. I expect it won't be long until our numbers rocket with the youths going beserk in the warm weather. Stay safe! xxx

    1. Isn't he a handsome gent, Vix? Aw, thank you!

      We had fun doing this - it was an interesting way to Zoom!

      I am too - I am going to miss our Saturday brunches for at least 3 weeks. Hopefully the numbers will start going down as people get the jab. Yes, our numbers are a lot of younger folks who feel invincible. Sigh.

  12. Not in the slightest! Given how often many of us are unfairly hard on ourselves and our bodies, it's awesome to celebrate and really make the most of those features we adore - be it our waist or any other part of our gorgeous body.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aw, thanks, Autumn! I've come a long way in my body image issues, and I think we should celebrate the things about ourselves that we love!

  13. Your Zentangle Spring creation is lovely! I love the first outfit with the openwork blue tights and your garbage bag skirt soooo much. That skirt is a real find - I have what I think is a real Kenzo sweater (it has the embroidered tiger face on the front along with the word Kenzo),but there's no label inside. It's a beautiful cotton knit but too small for me and I'm hoping to sell it but I would like determine it's legitimacy first.

    Nice to see photos of Vizzini enjoying the sun!

    1. Thank you so much, Shelley! I love Kenzo stuff - it's really hard to find! - how cool that you have a sweater!

      Vizzini has been loving having "his" deck back!

  14. Loving both the shiny puffy skirt and the net cardi!. This is a fabulous skirt, love its texture and interesting desing and coolness!. And your net cardi is such a useful piece for layering (I have a weakness for net-like knit)
    And love these shoes and the blue tights!

    1. Thank you, Monica! The skirt is an amazing piece of art. I love the net jumper - netting or net-like fabrics are so fun! Thanks!


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