Monday, March 8, 2021

Double Designer Flashback: Tweed Jacket and Valentino Suit-Skirt

Happy International Women's Day! Wishing all you powerful women out there all the recognition you deserve for being super-moms, super-coworkers, super-spouses, super-friends and just generally...SUPER.

I didn't plan a specific IWD outfit, but instead chose a couple more pieces I'd yet to wear this closet season. 
One of them is VALENTINO - super-KLASSY! 

  • Jacket - Julie Haus, Fall 2011 RTW Collection, thrifted; last worn here in February 2020 with an olive green fin
  • Sweater - Eileen Fisher, thrifted; last seen here in October 2020 with gold velvet and a jungle bomber jacket
  • Skirt - Miss V by Valentino (part of a suit), vintage 80s/90s, thrifted, Sidney; last worn here in April 2020 with purple tigers
  • Shoes - Wonders Ayers, Fluevog; last seen here in October 2020 in the same outfit as the sweater
  • Cape (below) - Dafydd Snowdon, vintage 60s, thrifted; first seen here in November 2020

I'd considered wearing a fuller cut of skirt, but it didn't look right when I put the outfit on this morning, so I quickly swapped it out for this wool pencil skirt. 
So many neutrals - how unlike me! 
I did feel very classy all day, though. 

Isn't the jacket cool? I'll be doing a Flashback on it shortly. 
I dug up some new research today and actually found the collection that it's from - so exciting! 

I'll also be doing a Flashback on this skirt - which is part of a Valentino suit. 
You know it's quality because it's got pockets! 

Masked up - more neutrals. 
Outerwear - I wore my cream Welsh cape over the jacket. 
As the inner part of the cape is a full "in the round" garment, it was easy to slip it over my jacket. Even my backpack worked with it (although I looked rather hunchbacked). 

Outerwear stuff: 
It's cold out, but not that bitter cold that it was a few weeks ago. 

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - Club Monaco, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I love the double straps on these shoes. That's a really comfortable heel too. 

Mixed metal bling:
Two necklaces, two bracelets, three rings...

  • Long necklace - POLY, thrifted
  • Short necklace - Myka, thrifted
  • Torc bracelet - POLY, thrifted
  • Silver/gold cuff - JPL, vintage fair
  • Hematite earrings - gift from Mom
  • Steel/brass ring - POLY, thrifted
  • Silver/smoky topaz ring - Anneli Neumann, Sweden, vintage mall
  • Steel ring - POLY, Art Gallery of Hamilton

…and two brooches that I forgot I'd pinned to the jacket! 
I've had the starburst one for over 20 years! 

  • Leather heart pin - Smoking Lily
  • Starburst pin - Eaton's, c. 1999

And now...double Flashbacks! 

Julie Haus Tweed Jacket

This jacket is a good example of just keeping an eye out for the unusual when I'm shopping. I found it here in October 2017. I spotted it and started fondling it and checking the lining and labels. I knew I had a winner on my hands, just by feel - I didn't know the name at all. 
The zip on the front is echoed by the zip on the back. The ginormous snaps that do it up/hold down the uneven lapels are not meant to be seen, in my opinion, especially since the zip hardware is bronze, not shiny silver metal. 
I did my research - as always - noting that Julie Haus had a brick-and-mortar store in SoHo, NYC back in 2010 (now closed). A little further digging and...I found the collection that this jacket is from! 

It's from the Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection, link here, and it's the 3rd look (here). 
See, I never wear it undone, because I dislike those big silver snaps showing on the front. I do like those trousers/shoes, and would wear it like this. So, who does it better? Julie Haus' styling of the outfit above, or Sheila the Blogger, in the outfits I've created? I'm biased, hee hee. 

The details on this jacket are superb. The houndstooth woven fabric is 100% wool, and the colours are black, putty, grey and olive-brown. 
The large sections of grey are actually two-tone grey herringbone tweed, also 100% wool. The pockets are real, although shallow. 
Made in the USA! This would have retailed for over $1,000. 
And silk lining! Are you kidding me? It feels wonderful. 
At the time I thought $34.95 was a bit pricey. Silly me. 

The dropped waist/waist-less look is challenging for me, as I'm a classic hourglass shape, but I've managed to style it up a few times. I wore it right away in October 2017, going for the full neutral look, as I have subsequently done with it. 
I like this - I enjoy a menswear-inspired look. Skirt Flashback here; shoes Flashbacked here

I was just starting to get into trousers in January 2018 - I do still have these vintage plaid ones, but they are a little snug still. 
Vizzini is helping. 

A shopping outfit here in October 2018. 
I like the tan gloves and green scarf. Skirt Flashback here

This felt very adventurous at the time - satin joggers! So very not me...but I really like this outfit. 
This was in March 2019, and I see I have an assist from Vizzini again. Shoes Flashback here

This is the closest I've gotten to adding another colour - this was in October 2019. 
Skirt Flashback here (it's part of a suit). 

Back to the ol' "fin" skirt for my last time wearing the jacket, in February 2020. 
At least I changed up the boots! 

Mathy stuff: This is the 7th time I've worn this jacket - it's a bit tricky to style - but I'm still doing well at only $5.00 per wear. 

Valentino Suit-Skirt

I gasped out loud when I spotted this suit at one of our favourite thrift stores in Sidney, BC, back in June 2016 (here) on a shopping expedition with Elaine and Cat. You just don't see vintage Valentino around much these days, even if this is Miss V by Valentino (not actually haute couture). I paid $12.00 for this full suit. TWELVE DOLLARS.

Going by my eyeballs - those ginormous shoulder pads! - this is probably late 80s or early 90s. Shoulder pads were strongly in use from around 1987 to 1993. 
I found this link here on the trademark use of this label, and it notes, "first use anywhere: 1/1/1984" and that they (whoever owned Valentino then) filed this in 1989 and registered it as a trademark in 1991 - its status is currently expired as of 7/20/2002. The Vintage Fashion Guild concurs with my estimation of this label as being early 90s (here). 

As you can see, it's a size 10, but that's a current modern size 10, so it's definitely post-Great Size Shift of the mid-80s, when all sizes dropped by 2 (hello, Vanity Sizing!). A modern size 8 is a vintage size 12, for example. 
I still chortle with glee - $12.00! And it's made in Italy! 

I have only worn the jacket once, with a pouffy skirt, here in July 2016. 
That's a lot of pouf! Shoe Flashback here

I did model the full suit once, here also in July 2016. 
I totally think I could wear that jacket again soon, and maybe even the full suit - styles have changed since I bought it in 2016. It would look stellar with some Big Boss Lady Pants, don't you think? 

But really, only the skirt has gotten any wear since I bought it. This was its first outing, again in July 2016. 
I put those sandals in the Swap bag...and I'm kind of feeling like I ought to retrieve them.

Although I wouldn't normally even bother buying a taupe skirt, it has proven useful as a background for some of my funkier shoes and patterned tops. 
This was in October 2016. Boots Flashback here

While I like this outfit from January 2018, I didn't keep the blazer or the lace top under it. 
Those shoes were a poor purchase (and yup, they are Fluevogs) - I think that might have been the only time I wore them. 

Another one of my "fancy" blouses got paired with the skirt in June 2018. 
Both this and the previous silk blouse have yet to be worn this season - I've been waiting for it to be a little warmer. 

I've worn pops of yellow with this skirt multiple times - this was in September 2018.
Shoe Flashback here

This was the one and only wearing of this blouse, in January 2019 - it was impossible to get on! 
Shoe Flashback here

I remember flapping my "wings" at my coworkers and saying, "I'm a beautiful butterfly!" back in July 2019.
I keep this skirt out all year round - although it's wool, it's very light and the colour is really versatile. 

And here's the last time I wore it, back in April 2020. 
My purple tiger blouse is another Sidney find! I hope Cat and I will be able to make another trip out there, maybe in the summer. 

Mathy stuff: This is the 9th time that I've worn the skirt, plus we should count the one time of wearing the suit jacket, so a total of 10 wearings brings us to $1.20 per wear for both pieces. Of Valen-frickin'-tino! Amazing. 

What do you think? Should I wear the whole suit? The jacket? Or stick to the skirt?


  1. You have lots of interesting pieces that it is difficult to pick one! Love the cape and jacket duo!

  2. I would enjoy seeing you wearing the suit after you had styled it with your accessories. It could take a bold colour under the jacket and your striking jewellery. Thank you for the vignettes you provide of your wardrobe and your special finds.

    1. I agree, Miche - I'll try styling up the full suit or the jacket soon. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  3. This jacket is such a statement piece. I like how you paired it with that Valentino skirt. Lovely shoes as well. I also enjoyed your flashbacks with the jacket. I definitely like your interpretation more than the original look from the collection. All the 7th looks were great.
    As for Valentino skirt, it looks great worn as a part of a suit but it also looks lovely worn on its own. I think shorter/medium jackets and blazers are really the best picks with this skirt- and tucked in blouses or tops. I think it's the kind of skirt that looks best when the waist is visible. The original blazer/jacket is a lovely match for this skirt because the waist is defined but I think it would look great with any blazer that has a tailored waist or is just cropped.

    1. It's just beautiful - it feels very soft and just reeks of quality, Ivana. Thank you so much - glad you enjoyed the looks.

      Eh, it's a pencil skirt - they pretty much go with everything! I will try styling up the whole suit again some time, though.

  4. Who wears it better? Why you do in my opinion. That poor model needs to be fed - she looks positively unhealthy and the clothing is just hanging off of her. Very sad as she is obviously a pretty girl and the clothing is lovely and both are underserved.

    Love the Valentino skirt, especially love it paired with the vibrant pink (or is it pank?) fringed top.

    1. Ha ha, you caught me, Nana, I was totally fishing for compliments! :-O I like the model's look, although the top/blouse looks a bit like an old dishrag.

      Thank you! That fringed top was magenta purple, not pink (or PANK). :)

  5. Happy International Women's Day, Sheila! First of all, I wholeheartedly agree with Nana, and you most definitely wear that amazing jacket better!
    I can't believe you managed to thrift a Valentino suit for just $ 12!
    Although I'm always tempted by suits, I hardly ever wear them as intended, preferring to treat the skirt and jacket as separates. Silly, really. That jacket would look amazing with big boss pants. I love the skirt worn with yellow, as in the two last outfits, the most. I remember you flapping your wings in the penultimate one back in July 2019. How time flies!
    I wouldn't mind see you style the whole suit again though ... xxx

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Ann! I know, I was so full of elation when I spotted it, and it fit (I think I tried on the skirt in the aisle!). I love suits so much, but they really have to be special for me to bite on them. I agree, and I'll try wearing the jacket again at some point. I like taupe and yellow as a combo - it's nice and cheery. Where does the time go??

  6. That jacket is fabulous, it's got a look of Vivienne Westwood about it. You wear it far better than the model as you actually look like you're happy to be in it!
    I love it with the satin pants the most, such a cool look!
    That Welsh wool cape is just perfection! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Vix, high praise indeed! I love asymmetrical garments.

      I like that look too - it was a step outside my comfort zone, but it paid off.

      I adore that cape - it's so lovely to wear.

  7. I can see why you love the skirt from the suit so much - and I think it goes so well with the jacket! It's nice to see all the ways you've worn it and that cape is beautiful over it! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! It's amazing quality (100% wool, pockets!). I love the cape - looking forward to wearing it more in spring!

  8. The Welsh cape pared with that elegant brown skirt is nothing short of stunning! What an elegant, stylish combination. So timeless, so chic, and soooo inspiring!

    Many hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes,

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! Sometimes I just like being classy!

  9. That tweedy jacket is so cool! I love the way you styled it! Nice to see Vizzini is helping! Always love seeing all the flashbacks of how you style things.
    I love those first shoes- they look beautiful AND comfy!

    1. Isn't it a neat piece, Kezzie? Vizzini is always SO helpful (ha ha). Thanks so much!

  10. woow, you rock in neutrals and style them brilliantly!, lots of different shapes, textures and accessorizing and fab shoes which make a difference!. Love your jacket, it's a stunning piece (silk lining!) and I'm amazed by the versatility of a neutral skirt.
    The full suit looks difficult to style, but I think you can make it look fresh and modern. And I'd love to see this jacket with some Big Boss Lady Pants!

    1. Thanks, Monica - sometimes it's just nice to try something new, right?

      I will try wearing the full suit again at some point - I can picture the jacket with some big pants, for sure!

  11. I think this post is where I last left off commenting. I have found that being on my home computer for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week has left me with absolutely no desire to get back online after I'm finished work for the day, so blog commenting has suffered. Please don't take it personally! I'm here to catch up, so here I go...

    I like the details on the Julie Haus jacket, but that shape is rather difficult to style. I like that you have found so many ways to wear brown, and tan, without it looking blah.

    1. Hey, Shelley! No worries, I totally get that the last thing you want to do after being on a computer for a full day is to go commenting on blogs! Thank you so much for doing it - it really does mean a lot to me! - and I appreciate the time you took to read!

      It's a tricky shape, but I love how unusual it is. Neutrals are not always easy to style!


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