Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Rodarte Ringmaster Flashback and Shop

I made the effort to get out of the house today, as I had to mail a package. Why not get dressed to go to the post office? It felt like a victory, plus I am getting down to the wire on getting unworn items in my closet worn, so every outfit counts!
It did feel good to put something fun on, as well as indulge in some Colour Therapy with this glorious blue sweater. My Ringmaster coast is getting the Flashback treatment today, and I may have popped in to Turnabout and House of Savoy while I was in the Oak Bay area...shopping treasures await! 

  • Coat - Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, 2011, consignment; last worn here in October 2020 for a casual brunch with Jen
  • Sweater - Benetton, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here in January with D&G tweed
  • Skirt - Pink Martini, consignment; last worn here (3rd outfit) in December 2019 with bronze leather
  • Boots - Steve Madden, vintage mall; last seen here with this same sweater in January

It was fairly clear out, just a few looming clouds, and mild enough to feel like spring is on the way (although it was still cold).
I have my fleece-lined tights on, plus a camisole under this wool sweater.
This skirt gets compliments everywhere I go. 

It's actually mesh, with gold-brushed thick lines. The fabric is cut and then rotated to make the pattern. 
I really wanted to get a wearing in of my Ringmaster coat. 
Ta-da! Isn't the cut at the front cool? 

It's a bit hard to see, but the top half of it is faux Persian lamb, and the bottom is 100% wool. 
And I have tails! 

Masked up - I'm a star!
This coat is incredible, but no pockets! That would be a deal breaker for me normally. 

I had to carry a purse instead of my backpack. 
Shiny gold! 

Outerwear stuff: 
It feels like eons since I carried a fancy purse. 

  • Purse - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
My winter walking boots. It's a given that if I wear these, I'll need to try some shoes on. Sure enough, I did, although I didn't buy them. 

Minimal bling:
I'd promised myself a quick browse in both Turnabout and House of Savoy while I was in the neighbourhood, so I didn't wear much bling. 

  • Brutalist ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Gold hoops - 5th anniversary gift from L

Flashback: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony "Ringmaster" Coat

As I noted above, not having functional pockets is usually a deal breaker on a coat. What is the point of a coat without pockets??

But when I saw this sweet jacket, my heart leapt. 
It has two rows of snaps on the top half - it's double-breasted. That little pocket is fake! 

The tails are the best part of it. 
It's just so cool. 

I recognized the name Rodarte from my fashion and style readings, so I knew I had a treasure the moment I saw it. I found it here in November 2017 at My Sister's Closet for a whopping $42.98. 
I discovered a "lookbook" for the full Fall/Winter 2011 collection here (links 'cause I love, as always), and here's their styling of it:
It's the 2nd and 4th looks - and they've belted it! I wonder if it came with the belt? It originally retailed for $965.00 US. 

I think my looks are far more interesting than a black maxi skirt and a "car wash" skirt (although I would totally wear that skirt!). See if you agree! 

Here's the first time I wore it, in November 2017. I'd envisioned wearing it like a blazer, but nope, it's firmly in the Outerwear camp. 
I still have those trousers, and we saw that shirt in Flashback here, and the boots here

I usually try to make it the focal point if I'm being seen outdoors for any length of time, as here in December 2017.
Shoe Flashback here

I discovered how cool it looks over a fuller skirt here also in December 2017.
Shoe Flashback here

I did faux fur accessories here with my Bark skirt in February 2018.
Skirt Flashback here; shoe Flashback here.

I like the additional drama it added to my Hallowe'en dress here in October 2018. 
Hallowe'en outfit Flashback here

This is also from October 2018. 
Not terribly exciting. Meh.

This is better - this was in December 2018. 
Love that skirt - Flashback here. Shoe Flashback here

It lent my Muppet skirt a fun vibe, in February 2019. 
Love it with that hot pink! Skirt Flashback here

It's also very fun with red - this was in November 2019. 
I miss that skirt (it was riddled with moth-holes). My cowboy boots win the Most Worn Ever (Flashback here). 

I like the added pizzazz of the brooch - why have I not done this before! - and the high-low hem of this Flamenco-inspired outfit. 
This was in February 2020. Shoe Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore it, in October 2020 for lunch out with my friend Jen. 
Oh, phew, I did a brooch there too! 

Mathy stuff: Today marks the 12th time I've worn this coat, which brings us to $3.58 per wear. Fabulous! 

I was also boiling hot in it for most of my time out, so it's now been packed away till fall. Good thing I did, 'cause I needed the hanger!

Here's what I found on my shopping expedition. I went into House of Savoy first - they have a good clearance rack. I didn't find anything cheap, but this gorgeous coat caught my eye. 
The uneven texture is part leather, part hair left on. It's real leather, and is obviously cow, since that's what the hair is. "Hairy" leather is often referred to as pony-hair, but it's just cow. Moo! 

The back, with the light up and contrast out so you can get a better idea of the texture. 
It's very heavy and soft. I felt like a badass the minute I put it on. It does up with big snaps, and there is a slit at the back for walking. 

Two flap pockets, excellent. 
Look at that gorgeous collar. 
It's by Sisley, and was $75.00, which felt like a very good price. I think it's from around the same era as my long red leather Danier coat (c. 2010) as it's the same length and basic style. I found one on Poshmark originally listed at $800, then marked down to $200. It was probably close to $800 retail (that was the original price on my Danier coat). 

From there, I crossed the avenue to Turnabout. They had a rack of REALLY marked down stuff, but the only thing that I wanted was this purple pencil skirt. 
It's a very long skirt, but has slits on both sides - you can kind of see them above.

Ugh, this is going to be one of those things where the colour never comes out right! This is much closer to the actual rich plummy purple. The fabric is a thick t-shirt-type of knit. 
The gold button covers a snap, so that the little flap covers the top of the side zipper. 

It's Diane von Furstenberg, and it's an unlined wool-blend skirt. I will probably wear this in the shoulder seasons (spring/fall), as it's fairly light. 
This was originally $59.99 but was marked down to $18.00. I'm sure it would have been over $100 new. 

These baggy wide-legged trousers were also on the clearance rack - I tried them even though I knew they would be a bit big on me. 
They are 100% wool, but it's very fine, like a menswear suiting fabric. 

They have a nice chalk-stripe. 
They are also cuffed, but it's coming down, so I'm going to have to do some sewing to fix them. 

Quality label! RED Valentino!
There are wool pinstriped trousers on their site for $475.00 - these were $149.99 marked down to $45.00. 

Okay, y'all know how much I loathe beige. Ugh, such an awful colour. Well, I bought beige! Never say never!
It's a linen, unlined jacket (so I'll be saving it for spring), and it's covered in beaded detail. 

Of course, we are never seen except from the front so why bother embellishing there...ha ha. 
I adore distressed details in clothes, and all the edges are frayed artfully. 

I love that the full sides of the sleeves are also beaded. 
I spy a split cuff - drama! 

I'll see how I feel about this colour once I wear it. I'm always willing to experiment! 
I have never heard of this label - Boston Proper - before, but it's made in India and it's sewn beautifully. 
They are online only, and there's my jacket - link here . It was $159.50 originally, and is currently marked down to $79.98. I paid $53.99, so nice to know I still saved on it! 

And it was new-with-tags! 
Well, ONE tag! I guess the previous owner really took the "DO NOT REMOVE TAG" to heart! 

What's your favourite? How would you style it? 


  1. I absolutely adore your ringmaster coat, and the skirt you paired it with. I have to say when you wear it with coloured skirts or patternered skirts it really brings it to life and you notice the style/cut of it. Such a great piece! The goodies you picked up on your ramble are cute, I particularly like the linen jacket. It seems we are well on the way to spring and hopefulness that we may have brighter days ahead. I was lucky to get the pfizer vaccine last Friday with the rest of my healthcare colleagues and have to say it gave me a little light at the end of this very long pandemic tunnel. I think though that masks will be part of my wardrobe during flu seasons for the forseeable future. Any way great outfit!

    1. Thank you so much, Dar! I agree, it's nice to have that contrast of colour against the black of the coat. I like the linen jacket, and look forward to styling it up for hot weather - it'll be good for keeping my ink out of the sun.

      Well done on getting your first jab! yay! I will also be wearing masks during flu season when I'm around a lot of people, or when I'm feeling under the weather.

  2. Oh my word!! That DvF skirt!! Can you believe that at the moment I am searching the pre loved site for a purple skirt!! Why don't we have shops like you have there over here? I love the tails of the coat, it's a gorgeous one. And that mask? It looks like it has golden studs, that is a perfect mask!

    1. Haha, I nearly mentioned you, Nancy, as I was thinking of you when I bought, as I know you love that brand! Oh, no, and you're even looking for a purple skirt?? Too funny.

      I love the coat too. They are little gold stars on the mask!

  3. That skirt is the perfect theatrical shape with the ringmaster jacket. I had to laugh about you always wearing those boots when you find a pair of shoes to try on, I'm always wearing my go-go boots when I see a great pair of boots in a chazza, too!
    Don't the models look gorgeous in that campaign (better than the girl in your tweedy jacket yesterday)? I think I'm inspired to plait my hair today.
    Look at your spoils! I bet that Sisley jacket is going to look fabulous on! xxx

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Vix! Yes, isn't that always the way? I have to sit to remove these boots, but I've also been stuck in full-on lace-ups and what a pain that is.

      They do - these are actually twin sisters (I read). I couldn't wait and wore the Sisley coat immediately today as my outerwear!

  4. What a great skirt! Your comment about dressing to leave the house reminded me of this:

    1. OMG, those are amazing. I love this one: "Got dressed in real clothes today and felt like a super model walking the runway as I entered the grocery store."

  5. Love the ringmaster jacket and the pink flamingo skirt with is my favourite. You are right about the brooch; it lifts the black..

    What treasures you found! The hairy leather coat is fab, I loved the skirt and wide legged pants but even though it's beige my favourite is the linen beaded top. I like beige with white and I can see this jacket with white trousers, dress or skirt looking elegant but funky!

    1. Thank you, Vronni! I like that one too - the coat contrasts nicely with the Muppet skirt (the Flamingo is a coat, FYI). I do need to remember to add a brooch!

      I love the hairy leather coat - I wore it today, so you will see in a few hours. Agreed on beige with white - I have a pair of white ruffled trousers, and I definitely have a white shirt. I'll see what inspires me.

  6. That skirt is gorgeous, and it looks particularly fetching with your incredible Ringmaster Coat! The perfect outfit for a trip to the post office and a wee shop, even if I feel a hot flush coming up just looking at that chunky sweater :-)
    What a wonderful, bargainous find that coat was, and I thoroughly enjoyed its flashback.
    I'm loving the "cow" coat, which not only looks stunning but super snuggly too. The purple pencil skirt and chalk stripe trousers are gorgeous too, and I'm looking forward to see you styling them! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! Yes, the sweater was way too warm, but I love the colour. I enjoyed looking back at my few outfits with that coat.

      I LOVE that coat - I don't think it was ever worn! I wore the coat and the skirt today, so you'll see them soon.

  7. I love that you still got dressed up (and so beautifully!) with the skirt and ringmaster top! I remember when my eldest was young even if all I had to do was go to the post office I'd wear proper clothes and feel a bit overly dressed up but also just so grateful we could get out the house, haha! I really need to try dressing up a bit more now and then now! :)

    I am really looking forward to seeing how you wear that embellished coat, you got some great finds!

    1. Thanks, Mica - it feels so good to dress up! Being able to go out is a special thing, and I want to express my joy in it!

      I like that a lot too - thanks!

  8. The oatmeal (aka: beige) jacket is great. Love the beading. Is it a natural fibre? I wonder if you could dye it?

    1. It's linen - I totally could! Ooh, great idea, thanks!!

  9. That blue sweater is so gorgeous! I love this shade of blue. The skirt is so chic. The coat is wonderful. You look amazing in this combo dear.

    1. I do too, Ivana, thank you! Aw, that's really sweet.

  10. Three very big cheers for dressing up to go to the post office - or anywhere these days, for that matter. As the world continues to struggle, we need every pick-me-up moment we can find, generate, or dress for. And what a stunning ensemble you sported to mail your parcel. I bet you were the best dressed soul they'd seen throughout the whole of the pandemic.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Agreed, hooray for dressing up! It makes me feel good, and others really respond positively. Thank you so much, Autumn!

  11. There are some AMAZING skirts in this post (that high low one, the pink blanket muppet fluffy one, the first one, the bronzey one!!) I love them all.
    "Ringmaster" Coat is genius! It really is a ringmaster coat and I need to see you with some dancing dogs now. Vizzini????
    You made me laugh about the never taking the label off!

    1. I love funky skirts and I have a big collection of them! I'm glad you enjoyed the coat - it's a spectacular piece. Ha, I don't think Vizzini will be dancing or tolerating dogs any time soon! Ha!

      Yeah, I'll be taking that tag off before I wear it!

  12. Ah the tails on that jacket. Love it.

    Got Allys pink robe from you in the mail today! I forgot about it and was confused what you would send LOL. Time to scout out a fun location.

    1. It's really cool, isn't it? Thanks, Megan!

      WOW, that was fast! That's not even a week! I was expecting it to take a lot longer. Have fun with the robe!

  13. Love your Ringmaster Coat, particularly the way it looks with some full skirts, lots of drama and fabulousness!. I'm admiring every detail of the confection, the texture and the fabric, the tails!. Lovely flashback on this piece, love it with skirts!
    And totally in love with your new coat!, woww.

    1. Me too - you know I love a dramatic coat! Thank you so much, Monica!

      Isn't it awesome? Thanks!

  14. I've always liked your Rodarte "Ringmaster" jacket - any jacket with "tails" is great in my book. The Sisley coat is a stunner - I would have snagged that too!

    1. It's insanely cool! I'm so glad I found the collection it's from.

      Thanks, I am in love with that coat!


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