Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Panthers and McQueen Flashback; Coat Refresh; Zoom Happy Hour and Malibu Flashback

Hello, my friends! I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend! It's been pretty chill over here, with our normal brunch, Happy Hour Zoom call, and a slew of board games. I've still managed to create some outfits, and dug out my spring coats while I was rummaging in my giveaway pile for goodies to give to my favourite Pluto's servers (Felicia and Wallis/Wally). 

Anyway, grab a cup of tea, and get settled, 'cause here we go. 

Saturday brunch time! I've been motivated to not buy junk food by these trousers, which finally fit me again! Woo! 
They're still a tiny bit snug - enough to make it a bit tricky to get in and out of the low bucket seats of the Jag. Good enough for a short jaunt to town, but I'm not quite there for a full day of sitting at work with them. 

I have been wanting to build an outfit with my new Panthers jacket since I got for Christmas. 
Haute couture + NFL gear - why not? 

  • Jacket - NFL Shop Erin Andrews Collection; purchased here in January for $129.00 for Christmas
  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; last seen here in December 2019 with pink and floral
  • Trousers - Alexander McQueen, Fall 2003; last worn here in December 2019 with tangerine
  • Boots - Maleika Conquer, Fluevog; last seen here in October 2020 for lunch with Jen

We're going to have a wee Flashback on the trousers shortly, so I can gush anew over them. 
The jacket was fine - it's a thick t-shirt cotton. 
I liked the black/white blue contrasted with the checkerboard weave of the trousers. 

And it's got pockets! 
We were only out for a couple of hours - I didn't even carry a purse. 

Without the jacket. 
I decided that I'm done with this sweater being in my closet, so it's now house-clothes. I've worn it around 10 times since I purchased it for $14.95 at the Patch in September 2016, and that's good cost-per-wear. I love the colour, but the cut doesn't jibe with my dressier wardrobe. L will be happy to see me in something that's not moth-eaten, hee hee. 
We had a nice chat with Nick - he's in our bubble - and hung out for a bit after we ate. 
L and I popped into Ditch Records for the new Alice Cooper CD. 

This is how most people saw me - all masked up. 
I was in stark contrast to the sea of leggings, black and beige on the streets. I'm impatiently waiting for people to go back to wearing their real clothes in public! 

A close-up of my mask. 
I have this pattern in a couple of colours. 

  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I have only a few pairs of shoes that are high enough for my trousers (which I will never hem) - I love the weird futuristic vibe of these, although L refers to them as "atrocious." 

Badass bling: 
I went with a square theme to go with the checkerboard pattern. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - vintage 80s
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Ear-cuffs - gift from Mom
  • Silver earrings - consignment

I did a couple of bathroom selfies to show the ear-cuffs. 
The white one in addition to my diamond, pearl and main piercing. 
And the blue one in addition to my opal, diamond, silver hoop and main piercing. 

While I was taking pictures, Vizzini was begging for attention. 
"But what about meeeeeee?"

Tummy rubs were had. 

Alexander McQueen Fall 2003 Checkered Trousers

I bought these here in May 2018, on a quick pop into Flavour Upstairs after work - I was picking up English sweets and crisps for Cat, Yvonne and I to stay up all night and watch Harry and Megan's Royal Wedding. Imagine my astonishment at finding real Alexander McQueen! 

Note: all links 'cause I love, of course. 
I did my research a few years ago - these are from McQueen's Fall 2003 show, the year he was named International Designer of the Year by the CFD (Council of Fashion Designers), and received the CBE.

Some more links: 
  • YouTube here (there is no sound) - the black and white checkerboard fabrics start around 6:30.
  • The wind tunnel in that show was noted as one of his top runway moments by InStyle magazine (slideshow here)
  • here - slides, plus a description of the show
  • The suit that these trousers go with here
Vogue described the collection, noting (my bolding): 
Fantastic details were lavished on dramatic structured carapaces, embroidered, painted and mind-blowingly embellished to look like antique samurai armor, Russian lacquered dolls and tribal ceremonial dress. Somewhere along the line, the stiff pleated skirts segued into molded suits, done in jigsaws of two-tone checkerboard—the better to show off the designer’s devilishly accurate cutting skills.
How freaking cool is that? Although my trousers are not in the actual show, similar long cuffed pants are - it's likely that these were produced to go with the matching jacket. I remember seeing the movie "McQueen" (it's on Netflix, worth a watch!) in the theatre with Elaine and being so excited when I saw Isabella Blow (Lee's sponsor and good friend) wearing the jacket. 

They have incredible details, from the WOVEN checkerboard pattern (not a print!), to how well every line is matched. They are made in Italy of a cotton/wool blend (the fabric is thick and luxurious). 
Yup, I only paid $29.99 for Alexander McQueen! These are now 18 years old, and I respect their age - I don't wear them a ton. 

I had to make an outfit right away, of course, and played colour of the black and white. 
I wore this to work in May 2018 and showed them off to all my fashion-loving colleagues. 

Another work outfit from July 2018. Actually, all of these are work outfits.
I like the circles with the squares. Top Flashback here

I paired the trousers with pale pink here in December 2018. 
Same boots as today. 

In March 2018, I wore this black and white ruffled sweater, which I still have but needs to be worn.
I like the red shoes with them (Flashback here). 

And here's the last time I wore them, December 2019. 
I wore them out for dinner at Zambri's with the Book Club gals. 

Mathy stuff: I'm only on my 6th wearing (so far!), which works out to $4.99 per outfit. I'm totally happy with that! These are my number one reminder to keep myself on the straight and narrow - I never want to outgrow my McQueen trousers! 

With the temps rising to double digits and spring in the air, it's time to put away my bulky winter coats for the season. 
The Unsafe Polar Bear and Ocelot, the Grape Ape, my baby alpaca coat, and a few others - I still have plenty of warm coats, but these are the ones I wear when it's REALLY cold. I bag them up in garbage bags labeled, "Sheila's coats - do not throw away!" and stash them in the library. I have a giant collection of things for donation - as soon as they're doing pick-ups again, I'll be booking one. I don't want my coats to accidentally get in the wrong pile! 

I do the backwards hanger trick in my coat closet too. Three of the possible fall/winter coats didn't get worn. My cropped leopard (a dressy option), my Ringmaster Coat (an oversight!), and my vintage chartreuse velvet cape (wishful thinking, hoping for some sort of gathering). 
The above is what was carried over from fall/winter. 

I unpacked two bags of spring coats and hung them up. I have a plethora of pinks and a bevvy of blues!
I'd forgotten all about my red-lined leopard coat! Fun outerwear times ahead! I love having a refresh of my coat collection. 

I went through all my giveaways and pulled out a couple of Regret-Me-Nots. 
I've seen this baby blue blouse in so many of the Flashbacks, and eyed it with a bit of wistfulness. I may as well put it back in the closet and see if it's still wardrobe-worthy. 

I also was charmed anew by the lovely bright yellow lace of this dress, which I only wore once, here in April 2020 to visit Nick and Karen. 
"I don't know, it doesn't have any bits for me to chew on..."

I'll give it one more shot, and then decide. No need to be hasty. 

Vizzini was having a stare-down with a big crow in the maple tree out the window. 
"I don't like crows."

They don't like you either, bud. 

For our Saturday evening Zoom Happy Hour with our group of friends, I dug out three things I haven't worn yet this year (or for a while). 
As always, comfy things I can sit in for an hour. I do get up and give everyone the low-down on my outfit (some care, some don't). 

  • Sweater - J. Crew Collection, Fall 2013, thrifted; last worn here in February 2020 with olive green velvet
  • Skirt - Danier Leather - thrifted; last seen here in March 2020 for brunch and Winesday
  • Boots - LA Malibu, Fluevog; last worn here (3rd outfit) for Terry's and Nick/Karen's Christmas parties

I had to get a wearing in of my Thousand Dollar Sweater. I kid you not, it retailed for $1,900, and yes, you read that right - check out this article here, noting:

a short-sleeve sweater made with 35,000 crystals, sequins, beads and paillettes that costs a whopping $1,900.

 Link to the slideshow of this runway collection here - this sweater is the first slide. 
Would you believe I paid $19.99 and it was new-with-tags? That's got to be one of my best scores ever. 

The skirt is real leather and flaps loudly like sails when I walk. 
I tend to wear it for Winesdays, although I have worn it to work and the theatre a couple of times. 
I took the opportunity to wear these fabulous boots, which don't see the light of day very often. 
They are astounding! And also very high. My feet were a little sore from wearing them for a couple of hours and staggering around the house in them. 

The stuff: 
That is a six-inch heel, but there is a one-inch platform in the toe-box. We'll have a wee Flashback on them shortly. 

Silver and black bling: 
A few favourites, including Karen's silver cuff. 

  • Silver cuff - Karen's
  • Fang cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Earrings - thrifted

Flashback: LA Malibu Fluevog Boots

I got these on our March 2013 anniversary trip to Vancouver (here), which was the very first time we met Melanie of Bag and a Beret

L bought me these after I fell massively in love with them. They had been marked down half price from the original $799.00 to $400.00. I'm very lucky to have such a generous guy! 
The amount of detail in them is stunning. Those black "stained glass" pieces of leather are beautifully cut and laid/sewn over the silver backing leather. You can read about them here on the Fluevog site (my comment is still there - how cute, I was in my 40s then!).
"LA - Rise Above Earthly Constraints" - John Fluevog.

I modeled them in the hotel room. 
I was afraid to wear them out in case I tipped over, but I'm counting this as an outfit! 

I have only ever worn them for special occasions, so not surprisingly, these are all party looks. 
This was for a surprise birthday party for Alison in April 2013. I still have that dress (and necklace and earrings and cuff). 

I wore them again a week later for a party at Ron and Caro's, in May 2013. 
My blonde hair didn't last long! I still have that dress too. You'll recognize both leather cuffs there. 

I strutted my stuff for L's birthday in June 2013. 
I let go of that vintage dress, but I still have all the accessories. 

A back view of the heels, from March 2015 - somehow I missed a year! 
We saw this leather dress here in the Flashback. 

L and I are both dressed up for Vero's birthday in September 2015. 
Again, I still have all of those pieces - I haven't worn this party dress in ages! Fascinator Flashback here

I duplicated the outfit in November 2015 for an Urbanite at the Art Gallery with Elaine. 
I enjoy towering over everyone when I'm 5'10" in these babies! 

Another birthday party for L, in June 2017 (again, I missed a year!). 
That was the one and only wearing of that $6.00 cheap dress. 

And this is the last time I wore them, in December 2018. I like my matching teal lipstick! 
I wore this to my colleague Terry's Christmas party, then later that same night for Nick and Karen's party. 

Mathy stuff: I'm never going to get these down to pennies per wear and I'm okay with that. The current outfit is the 10th time I've worn them, which works out to $40 per wear. Would I pay $40 for a pair of boots I only wear once? Sure! So I don't feel too bad about these. 

I hope you all had a positive and uplifting weekend! Stay cool! 


  1. Terrific pants. I keep commenting that I want patterned pants. I'd also like a smaller size!

    1. Patterned trousers are awesome, Sam - you should get a pair, regardless of your size. :)

  2. Terrific post! So many pretty things! Those boots are gorgeous and intimidating at the same time - I'm 5 ft 9 barefoot so I would only ever admire from afar.

    I was very interested to read that Alice Cooper has a new album!

    You are definitely into spring territory if you can put away your heaviest coats. We are having nice weather, but not that nice - so jealous!!

    Love the picture of you in the teal dress/lips - you look like you could take on the world!

    1. Thanks, Nana! They are fun to wear - I love towering over people in them!

      He does - we have all of his albums (and have seen him live twice). We listened to the new one on Sat and it was pretty solid!

      Yup, we definitely are now. I'm looking forward to wearing some of my fun and/or lighter coats!

      I felt entirely badass in that - it was a fun party outfit! Many admirers of the teal lipstick!

  3. Very exciting that winter is fast departing on the Island. We had an inkling of that here yesterday, when we hit around 11 - 12C for the first time since last fall. It was properly glorious!!! Today is cooler and rainier, which unto itself is a welcome sign of the shifting seasons.

    Those B&W pants are all kinds of awesome - and proof that (especially, I would argue, in timeless neutrals) patterned bottoms can be just as versatile as many a solid hued garment.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. It really is - spring brings us all hope, doesn't it, Autumn? It's sunny and cold, but the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.

      Thank you! I adore patterned bottoms, whether that's a skirt or trousers.

  4. Loved the double flashback and I have to say, the dressing up for the zoom catch up and the comment about you missing people wearing real clothes - this is why I'm planning to wear a proper outfit tomorrow and not loungewear, haha! It's my work from home day but also a day I don't have to do the school run (hubby does) so I usually just wear loungwear as I'm stuck at my desk all day working away. We have a big meeting though and they have requested we put cameras on for it so I'll actually wear real clothes - you have inspired me to do that. I haven't always gotten out of loungewear for the odd zoom meeting before!

    1. Wow, Mica, good for you!! I'm so proud of you for deciding to dress up for your meeting! I look forward to hearing how that felt!

    2. Oh it did not go well, ha! There was a major issue that meant I was late to the meeting while dealing with it and I couldn't tell if anyone else was dressed up as when I eventually joined I was one of only 2 people with a camera on, ha! I felt a bit ridiculous!

    3. Aw, sorry to hear that! I hope you felt good that you dressed up anyway! It's not ridiculous to wear real clothes for a work meeting - it shows respect for your coworkers!

  5. Leggings, black and beige...aren't the majority of people on our streets a depressing sight? As if dealing with a pandemic wasn't bad enough!
    It's lovely to read of your going out for food and browsing in shops, I'm not sure I'd know how do do either after so long!
    Love your massive silver earrings and the flashback outfit in the one shoulder dress is phenomenally good. Attention grabbing Vizzini is always adorable! xxx

    1. I know, come on, people, give us something good to look at! I'm glad you can live vicariously with us on eating out and shopping, Vix, but I'm jealous of how much quicker you'll get your jab!

      Thank you - I love the earrings and it's always fun to review party outfits! Vizzini, such a little ham, he is.

  6. The teal lipstick actually works with that particular outfit. Looking incredibly sassy and bad-assed! :) Lise

    1. Thanks, Lise! I had a couple of giggling young girls who were quite taken with the teal lipstick at one of the parties.

  7. The McQueens are fabulous on you! It’s like they were custom made.

    As for the flash backed boots, yikes I am grimacing just thinking of the height and your feet and ankles! They are a wonderful work of art, though, so I understand the appeal. :) Plus, they helped make some superbly dramatic outfits!

    Here’s to a warmer delightful week!

    1. They are good motivation to keep my weight managed, Laurie! They're works of art.

      I did find the boots a bit tiring for my feet, but I've really gotten out of the habit of wearing heels as much in the past year. The boots will be party shoes only going forward. Aren't the party outfits fun? I'm dying to have a party!

      Here's to a springy week ahead!

  8. Those McQueen trousers are fabulous and that was probably the best buy of the century! They look just as fab in the flashback photos and I wonder why you don't wear the lovely red circle top more; it's gorgeous.

    I'm glad you're able to put the heavy winter coats away and what a collection of coats you have. Glad to hear your temperatures are rising.

    The boots are simply astonishing!

    Take care

    1. It's definitely up there, Vronni, as one of my best thrift purchases ever!

      The red circle top only looks good on its own - it doesn't layer under a jacket or cardi very well, so it has to be worn when it's warm enough for me to basically have bare arms...hence it's for spring/summer only. I'll wear it again come spring, no fear!

      I love all my coats - I'm happy to have my spring ones back, though.

      Aren't the boots incredible? I love them.

  9. I'm a little jealous of you already getting to switch to spring coats! I think it's warming up soon here though, thankfully. So many great scores in this post! I'd love a pair of checkered pants anyway but McQueen!!! Love those boots too, such hair-band glamour!

    1. We have fairly mild temps here all year round, Ashley, so spring often arrives early (and stays late).

      I know, McQueen! Lol, I love the description of the boots as "hair-band glamour"!

  10. Your Alexander McQueen are magnificent and hurray for them fitting you again! I love the mask too, such a fab pattern. I can't believe people choose to wear leggings, black and beige, but although it seems to be worse during the pandemic, this is a bug bear for me at any other time as well. My neighbour once asked me if I had a day off when I left the house to go to work in the morning, as I was in my usual attire and ... shock, horror ... wearing red lipstick!
    I already changed around some of my coats too, putting away the really cold weather ones in exchange for some Spring weight ones ... only for the temperature to plummet again!
    Your Saturday zoom outfit, featuring the Thousand Dollar Sweater and leather maxi skirt is absolutely fabulous and oh wow, those boots! I loved scrolling through their flashback and can't get over that wonderful photo of you and L. from September 2015. You are such a groovy couple! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! I jumped up and down when I discovered I could both get them on AND zip them up!

      I know, why not put something nice on? Other people have to look at you! Several of my coworkers have been surprised that I'm still wearing "good" clothes to work - jeez, I have all these clothes, of course I'm going to wear them!

      My spring coats run the gamut from heavy to light, and adding scarves, gloves and hats help warm me up if needed.

      Thank you so much! I know, aren't they amazing?? I love the pic of L and I. :)

  11. So much goodness in this post, especially the boots flashback. But you really nailed it with those checkered pants and the different colors you’ve paired them with. Simply fabulous!


    1. Thanks so much, Rena - I loved wearing the boots again. I felt very visible and out there in my checkers!

  12. Those Alexander McQueen pants are one of the major scores in your closet, and I still can't get over that beaded J. Crew top with the ridiculous retail price! Yep, people are dressing even more casual than usual around here. I make an effort on Saturdays to dress up but the rest of the week while I'm working at home it's jeans, sweatshirts and sweaters.

    Those boots are incredibly sexy - the kind you wear when you know you are going to be able to sit down most of the night!

    1. Those are one of my biggest treasures, and best finds ever from a thrift store. I am still boggled by how expensive that sweater would have been - I believe J.Crew started tanking around that time (shocker). I'd love to find some of the other things from that collection, though.

      Good for you for dressing up on Saturdays, Shelley!

      Yes, exactly, ha ha! I don't know how much wear they will get going forward, as my poor feet have gotten used to lower heels and less walking in them this past year.

  13. These are fabulous AM pattern pants. One does need to very accurate when cutting and sewing to create a perfectly tailored pair of pattern pants...and with the pattern evenly distributed. My modest sewing skills would be no match for it. Anyway, I can see why you don't want to hem those but keep them intact. I have pants like that too, longer pairs that I wear only with heels.
    The heeled boots are so unique.
    I'm curious about the new Alice album now. I remember being surprised when Mike Oldfield realized a new album a few years and it was so nice to listen to it. Happy Women's Day! Here it has always been a big thing.

    1. Aren't they amazing, Ivana? The sheer amount of work, and wasted fabric in order to get them so perfectly lined up is just boggling to me. I don't mind a long pair - and now that I've rediscovered my sewing skills, I can always hem things myself.

      I love the boots - they are fun. I love being really tall!

      It was good! It's his best since "Along Came a Spider", I think (we have every album by him).

      Happy Women's Day!

  14. What a glamourous photos with those amazing boots! Impressive! And when I saw the lilac/pink fringe jacket on the hanger I thought, hey have I ever seen that one? And there it is! Haha, fantastic! Your outfit with the Alexander McQueen trousers and the jacket is so Grease like! I can see you sipping a milkshake in a 50s diner with the same black and white tiling on the floor and you wearing two ponytails! I love it!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy - wow, do I ever miss parties! Glad you got to see that pink fringed coat in action!

      Yes, totally - and Pluto's has that same black and white floor, so I DID match it!

  15. Wait, wait, wait...You are a Carolina Panthers fan, too. Sheila?! I am a recent convert and have shared a few different fun Panthers outfits on my blog last year! So much in common that we keep discovering! Those checked pants are absolutely brilliant! And I am loving all the footwear featured in this post, too. You continue to inspire me with each and every post, my friend!


    1. I totally am, since they started as a team, back in 1996! I've seen them play live only once, though, in Seattle.
      Thanks so much, Shelbee!

  16. I adore these trousers. Like you say, they are so well-made, you can spot it from afar. The two lines going up mid front.. Brilliant. I like your outfit of Saturday but also the March 2018 one.
    The sequinned and beaded sweater... from 1,900 to 19.99. I cannot believe it.
    The boots are stunning. Not my style, but I do appreciate them.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! These - and the beaded sweater - were both such great finds! The boots are works of art - and like all things, not to everyone's taste. :)

  17. WOW, these are Fabulous trousers (with a Capital F),particularly because of the woven checkerboard pattern! this is stunning!. Love them with some bold colours!.
    Also love the 'atrocious' boots, but I have a weakness for chunky & cool shoes!
    And You Rock the thousand dolars top and leather skirt, love both of them and love even more the way they look together!. And these gorgeous boots, gorgeous!, wow!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! They are the most incredible trousers ever - miles better than anything I've ever seen before. Heh, you and me agree on the atrocious boots, heh heh.

      Thank you! It's fun getting dressed up for the Zoom calls - I don't know when I'd wear this stuff otherwise!


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