Monday, October 26, 2020

Casual Plaid, and Half Truth Veda Flashback, and a Lovey Cat

Monday's here, and the days are getting shorter. The stair pictures are getting crappier. 
I can't help the weather or the darkening of the mornings. We're about to go into Daylight Savings Time this weekend too!

  • Cardigan - Sparkle & Fade, swap from Sarah; last seen here in February with these same shoes
  • Blouse - Nygard, consignment; first worn here in March with plaid and velvet
  • Trousers - Cartonnier, thrifted; last seen here in February with this same cardigan
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last worn here in September with a corset and a chopped skirt
  • Leather trenchcoat - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here on Friday

At least the pictures indoors are okay for now. This fully encapsulates how I felt about getting up in the dark this morning. 
Unimpressed. I actually built this outfit around the shoes - I knew I wanted to do a Major Flashback on them, so I picked funky items I've worn together before. 

The trousers are lovely, and will get their own Flashback at some point; they are black, teal and tan, but the way the fabric is woven causes there to be a dark green. 
Hence the green blouse, on its second wearing and perfectly functional as a layering piece. It's a good colour and I like the bow.

The cardigan is probably getting a little too casual for work. I got it a few years ago at a clothing swap from my Winesday gal Sarah, who wore it "a LOT" (her emphasis).
But I love the colour! It goes with so much. 

Masked up. 
Did you notice I matched my glasses to the outfit? 

Outerwear - a chance of rain, and single-digit temps means warmth and waterproofedness. 
I didn't think it would rain, though, so I skipped a hat (and I hate carrying an umbrella). I'm not made of sugar - I won't melt!

  • Fur scarf - Danier, thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
These poor shoes have been thrashed in the years that I've had them. I'm hoping Fluevog decides to reissue them, so I can get another pair. We'll be having a major Flashback on them shortly.

Copper and turquoise bling: 
I'm not sure that the necklace worked layered over the bow of the blouse, but what the heck. You never learn if you don't try! 

  • Belt - Club Monaco
  • Enameled cuff - Renoir by Matisse, vintage 60s, vintage expo
  • Feather cuff - thrifted
  • Necklace - vintage 60s, consignment (Vix has its twin!)
  • Earrings - Renoir by Mattise, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Ring - vintage, Grandma J's

I love having associations of people with my jewelry: I'll always think of Vix now when I wear this necklace, and of my grandma when I wear her earrings and ring. Those are always the most special. 

I took a bunch of pictures of Vizzini over the weekend, and forgot to add them to my weekend post. 
"That's outrageous."

This was Saturday afternoon when we got home from brunch. Vizzini was full of rage due to the deck doors not being open. However, he came around later that night - those pics are after the Flashback, and they will make you go, "AW!"

Flashback: Half Truth Veda, Fluevog

I bought these fabulous black kitten heels in May 2015 (here) online, for $199.99 on sale. I had already bought the Half Truth Tanya kitten heels (Flashbacked here) and loved them - and knew what size I was! Fluevog sizing is very erratic, but once you know what your size is in a family (these are the Half Truth family) you'll be the same in all of them.

As I noted earlier, I've thrashed these shoes. If you look at the inner parts here, then scroll up and look at them now, five-and-a-half years later, you'll see the beating they've taken. Some of the toes have rubbed off (I touch them up with black marker, klassy), and the rubber sole is starting to come undone at the tip of one shoe, but otherwise, they are still holding up well. 
So pristine!

I have worn these for over 12 hours non-stop, I've stood in them for hours on end, I've worn them in the rain, and I've walked all day in them. They've been to concerts, a football game, the theatre, work, countless shopping expeditions, and basically, any time I needed a pair of shoes for the long-haul.

These are not the first pair of black kitten heels I've owned, far from it. I find them incredibly versatile: they go with everything, they look dressy, and they are comfortable as heck. These are easily the sturdiest and best quality pair I've had. 

Challenge! Guess how many times I've worn them! 

I debuted them in May 2015 for L's Rock Star birthday party. 
I'm a punkier Cyndi Lauper! That crinoline is a blast to wear, and we are going to see it again. 

This is in June 2015 - I was surprised to see this dress pop up more than once, when I gathered all the pictures. It's in Yvonne's closet now - she looks fab in it. 
Vizzini wants to go in the hall, hee hee. 

Letting my picador skirt shine in July 2015.uly 2015.
Much swooshing in the office that day. 

I included this picture, because I had such a great time at the July 2015 Blogger Meet-Up in Vancouver (post here, it's a long one, shocker). 
From left: Pao, Melanie, Sylvia, Patti, Greetje and me. 

I wore these shoes in three outfits while I was in Vancouver, over three days. This was a travel outfit on the last day. 
I'm wearing tights in July! It rained for one day. 

I bought my fascinator on this trip, and wore it out for dinner.
That dress deserves a Flashback! 

My blue shrug too. 
I have happy memories of being perched on a bar stool, getting to know Ally, in this. 

Too bad about the rain, though. 
This was my travel/hangout/shopping outfit on the first day. I wore my bowler instead of carrying an umbrella!

My Etro blazer is also due for a Flashback. 
This was in August 2015. That's one of my previous Perfect Red Dresses. 

Wearing one of my finds from the Blogger Meet-Up clothing swap, also in August 2015. 
I liked this pattern mixing more in person than in the picture. Both pieces are long gone. 

This is one wildly-proportioned outfit, again in August 2015. 
I still have that jacket - it's a vintage Dries Van Noten. 

I know a winning formula - a blouse layered under a dress. 
This was in September 2015.

My "Day of the Dead" Hallowe'en outfit for work in October 2015.
I will be wearing this dress again soon! 

In normal times, I wear these shoes at least 3 or 4 times per summer to the Ulti field, where I change into my cleats and team gear, play the game, and then change back into my "real" outfit to go for lunch and a shopping trip after. Lots of walking with sore feet from running for two hours, so easy shoes.
This is one of those outfits, near the end of the season in October 2015. 

Ann is going to love this dress - I remember loving this outfit. 
I wore this to a concert in October 2015 after wearing it to work all day. 

Our rock and roll lifestyle continued with a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, in October 2015.
I wore this to a football game: Miami Dolphins vs. Tennessee Titans - Miami won! 

My urban camo dress will definitely be getting a Flashback.
I wore this out for dinner one night. 

This was a concert in Seattle, seeing Frank Turner for the first time, with Casey. 
I like being classy at concerts. 

Wardrobe goal: I want to get back into these pants. They are highwaisted vintage Versace jeans and they are stunning.
This was in December 2015. I've also had the velvet jacket for over 10 years. 

Showing off a Christmas present: the massive turquoise necklace, in January 2016.
Hello to my origami blouse! 

Doing the "cold shoulder thing in February 2016. The top was a vintage Le Chateau, with tiny polka dots. 
Vizzini is ever-vigilant. 

This is one of those proportions that does not suit me. This oversize baggy suede top only made this single appearance. 
That was also in February 2016. 

They were my travel/adventure shoes in March 2016, when L and I met up with Melanie for shenanigans. 
Aw, I can't wait to do that again! 

I bought this pink skirt on that trip to Vancouver, worn in May 2016.
That's a bold top - it was leather. The shape was not right on me.

This was a favourite silk dress for a few years, seen here in June 2016.
Mortified kitty caught cuddling! News at 11!

Also in June 2016, a classic "old school" early 00s look. 
I loved that skirt, but it really needed pockets. 

There's the purple leopard dress again, in June 2016. 
That's an Ulti outfit. 

I walked in the Alt Pride Parade with a friend in July 2016.
Return of the crinoline! 

This is in August 2016.
I wore that to get my first upper arm tattoo!

A brunch date with L in October 2016.
I like the red legs.

For a birthday dinner date at the pub, also in October 2016.
Arm tattoo done! I still have that dress - isn't it cool? 

We're just two crazy kids going to an Alice Cooper concert here, also in October 2016. 
We went with Elaine - it was a blast!

With my stained glass dress in December 2016.
Speaking of clothes that need Flashbacks...

To the theatre with Mom, the "Sing-A-Long Sound of Music".
All classy there! 

I wore this for a ginormous family dinner for L's and my 20th wedding anniversary in March 2017.
I still have that gorgeous hand-stitched dress. 

A skirt we shall see again, in May 2017.
Just an ordinary work outfit - that was a very swooshy skirt. 

This is an Ulti outfit, from June 2017.
Love that skirt - it's had a Flashback (check the tab here for any Flashbacks; I update it regularly). 

August 2017 in my lark dress (also already Flashbacked). 
Ulti outfit. 

Leading my company group walk in September 2017.
Swooshing my skirt at all of them while I did the walk in my comfy shoes.

To the theatre with Mom, in October 2017.
I still own both that beaded vintage top, and the pewter leather skirt. As special occasion pieces, I don't wear them too often. 

I had a brief fling with this dress, seen here in December 2017.
The seams wouldn't stay straight, so off it went. 

Also in December 2017.
Your typical holiday work outfit! I look like an elf. 

Doing my holiday shopping in December 2017.
I like to look nice when I'm shopping. 

Another shopping trip, in January 2018. 
This was a marathon one, with one of my work colleagues. I still have the necklace. 

Another Ulti outfit, in May 2018.
When you have a good formula, repeat it.

Another Ulti outfit, in July 2018. 
I have no make-up on because it was pouring rain. That shiny top again!

For my birthday party, in October 2018.
I had higher heels on earlier, then swapped to kitten heels for the long haul. Such a pretty dress!

There's my Hallowe'en dress again, in October 2018.
It's very shiny. 

Hiding from the sun, in December 2018.
Going shopping. I love this whole look - I still have all of it, including the tights. 

Same skirt in January 2019. 
This was also a shopping outfit. 

For a concert in February 2019.
Lots of standing around, dancing. 

A work outfit in April 2019.
Love it!

Also in April 2019, another shopping outfit. 
More funky tights! That vesty-dress thing has been Flashbacked.

My stained glass dress again, in July 2019.
All the colours! 

They were my "everything except the actual event" shoes at the Fluevog store, where I first met John Fluevog in September 2019.
More funky tights! Bring 'em on! The hat is keeping my hair dry - I shook it out at when we got there. 

I like the mix of plaids in this outfit from October 2019.
Super cute. 

Another casual look with this dress, also in October 2019.
We spent the evening hanging out with friends.

This is what I wore for a "Ghost Walk" tour in November 2019. 
It rained torrentially the entire time. My shoes were full of water.

December 2019 - a sparkly work outfit. 
I've had that skirt and that leather jacket a while. Perhaps they need a Flashback?

For work in February 2020. 
I've only worn that skirt once - it's due for another go. 

The last of the pre-COVID outfits, from March 2020.
I wore this to work all day, followed by a vintage fair, followed by dinner and shenanigans after.

When you need a classic black shoe for your secret agent outfit, turn to the kitten heel.
Our hilarious post from April 2020.

A cheery outfit in May 2020.
Sunny colours.

For a Saturday brunch during L's birthday week in June 2020.
My guys in the background. 

For a shopping trip in August 2020.
How things have changed...

And here's the last time I wore these shoes, in September 2020.
That's a fun outfit - so many patterns.

Mathy stuff: If you guessed 65 outfits, you are correct! I'm down to $3.06 per wear on these wardrobe staples, and they still have a couple more years' of wear in them. 

As a reward for all that scrolling, here are some pictures of Vizzini and L, having some lovey time while L and I played boardgames on Saturday night. 
"I sit here now."

There's much rubbing of L's face, and squirming around. 
"I love the Man."

It's quite a display of affection. 
"I approve of this position. Stay like this."

Hugs for the guys, while I get lovey eyes. 
"I love the Woman too."

Aw, my heart is just melting. Look at that face! 


  1. 65 wears is really impressive! You are definitely getting good value for money with those shoes! :) I really like the rust and green combo too, nice outfit :)

    1. I know, I was amazing that I've worn them so much, Mica! Definitely getting my money's worth. Thank you!

  2. Cute cat. I love how the accessories change the look of a single item. I need to find some good accessories piece-for when I eventually decide to go through a dressing for work stage again. I'm back in comfy clothes since now even when I go for walks I' in a bulky coat. That was my outing.

    1. He is! :) Thanks, SAM, I agree - accessories can really make an outfit look different. Aw, maybe you can play with scarves and gloves as your accessories? :)

  3. Days are definitely getting shorter! We have switched to Winter Time last weekend, and even if we gained an hour, I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts, as usual. Not to mention Phoebe trying to get us out of bed and demanding her night time snack an hour early :-) Had to smile at you mentioning you are not made of sugar: we use that expression too! Casual or not, that cardigan works a treat with the other colours of your outfit, the dark green in particular. As does that leather trench, obviously. Fabulous turquoise bling!
    As always, I enjoyed the flash back (Cyndi Lauper :-) and blogger meet-up!) and Vizzini pics. How sweet are those of L. and Mr. V. together! xxx

    1. They are!! I can't wait for the time change as it will mess with Vizzini, but I'm looking forward to better light for my stair least for a little while longer!

      We say that a lot here - it rains a lot! Thank you - I enjoyed my fall-coloured, outfit.

      Thanks, Ann - isn't that a fun one? I loved remembering so many of those good times. Aren't my boys so handsome?

  4. Afternoon Sheila, you look great in today's outfit and I am drooling over the turquoise and copper jewellery! You have excelled yourself with this flashback too many great combos to comment on but wow that Halloween dress stunning. Those shoes are a great addition to many of the outfits thanks for a lot of colour on a dull day. Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Thank you! Isn't it funny that Vix and I have the same necklace? I had fun with this Flashback, but I was shocked at how many outfits I'd done with these shoes. You'll be seeing that dress again very soon!

      Glad to bring you some colour - take care, my dear.

  5. What a lovely autumn styling. I like the green shirt with the plaid pants. The blue necklace is a nice pop of colour and the shoes are very chic. The long orange cardigan is fantastic and the vintage leather coat is fabulous. Such a great outfit!

    You made me laugh with your comment about not melting. We don't get rainy weather very often here so we sometimes make such a fuss about rain...we forget that we won't melt!

    Today we're in for a treat. 65 fabulous outfits. Those kitten heels are very versatile indeed...and in such a good condition. They look awesome with all of these outfits. I love the rock chic looks with the crinoline. The outfit with the red tights is very eye-catching and stylish as well. The Mexican inspired day of the dead look is fabulous. Your face make up is right one. I also like the outfit you wore to go with L. to Alice Cooper concert!

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I liked it too. That cardi is a caramel colour - so again, check your monitor/display as I don't think you are getting the true colours.

      We get so much rain here - we say that all the time!

      The shoes have held up really well, considering how much I've put them through! Thanks - I have a lot of fun with my clothes, and I love dressing up!

  6. Now, I'll have Poison stuck in my head. Why don't they make songs like that anymore?:)
    A very more favourites among your fantastic outfits from the flash back: the yellow golden sequin dress, the glass stain dress and the shiny Halloween dress!
    Adorable photos of Vizzini and L. together.

    1. Poison? What made you think of that?

      I'm not sure what the yellow/golden sequin dress is - I am wearing a citrus orange dress in sari fabric (it has gold in it) - is that the one? I love those other outfits too!.

      Thank you! Those pictures make me smile.

  7. Evening Sheila! I read your post this morning and it influenced my choice of jewellery when I got dressed, we're almost twins!
    Gah! That wretched daylight saving, I'm still struggling to keep my eyes open past 10pm and the lads are most upset that I'm not feeding them at 5.15am! I swear jet lag's better, at least I've been somewhere interesting to show for it.
    Those tartan trousers are fab, I love the green blouse and the 1970s leather trench, such a great look.
    Those are some epic flashbacks, love the proportions of the Dries Van Noten jacket, the stupendous MIB tribute and the fabulous golden sari fabric dress.
    Your boys are gorgeous, I love those photos! xxx

    1. Afternoon, Vix! I saw that! I love that we do indeed have the identical necklace. What a strange world!

      I hate the time change - it does feel like jet-lag!

      Thank you - I liked today's outfit, and wow, those are a lot of outfits I wore the shoes with! The Dries jacket is amazing, and I really need to wear it again. I love the pics of my boys.

  8. It must be so rewarding to be your neighbor and see you modeling these looks in person. These shoes are a hit. I appreciate the highlights and calculations on wear. Thanks for having the courage to mention that a favorite pair of pants don't currently fit you. I'm having that experience myself due to pandemic lifestyle changes! I've never been this big, except in the early days of my two pregnancies, before I got bigger still! Wearing some wardrobe favorites is a worthy goal for me.

    As far as favorite outfits, every time I see that floor length green/pink straight skirt with the side slit, my heart sings. What a stunner! Great find.

    1. Mel-Bee! How lovely to see you! My neighbours don't see me at all - and only a few people at work see me now.

      Oh, gosh, yes, the COVID 19 certainly hit me - I'm working hard on getting it back off, but the reality is, a lot of us aren't fitting into our "real clothes". Don't beat yourself up, go for a walk once a day, and limit your treats to once a week. Favourite clothes are a good goal! You can do it!

      I love that skirt too - it has its own Flashback if you're interested.

  9. Kitty heels are so great. Easy to walk on and elegant. But I never see that heel much in stores. That cardigan is really a perfect color and those trousers are great, I love cropped trousers. What would we do without our cats? I can't imagine my life without them!

    1. Agreed, Nancy - I love them. They are not in fashion right now, so I stock up when they are! I love the trousers too - such a great cut and pattern.

      I know, my kitty is my solace.

  10. I love the fall colours of your outfit.

    I fell hard for the green dress with the black trim on the sleeves and also for your Halloween dress.

    Vizzini is a hoot and obviously a sweetie!

    1. Thanks, Nana! Isn't that a fun dress? I did let that one go as it was getting tatty, but you'll see my Hallowe'en dress very shortly. :)

      He is a dear little monster!

  11. So much to love in this post. But first a telling-off. What do you mean with "the rubber sole is starting to come undone at the tip of one shoe"? Aren't there any cobblers where you live? These work horses deserve maintenance.
    Then over to the fun stuff: Vancouver blogger meet-up. Oh what fun that was. So lovely to see us on that sofa again. It was in My Sister's closet I think.
    Your face in Halloween 2015 ! Unrecognizable. And scary.
    Do you have a high instep? I think I have asked you this before. I have flat feet and a low instep and such flat shoes look horrible on me. So sad. And that kitten heel... doesn't it get stuck in het sidewalk? I have that all the time.
    Vizzini is adorable. Don't know whose face you mean when you say: "Look at that face". I suppose you melt because of both faces haha. I love L's jacket.

    1. Guilty, Greetje! I would normally get that fixed when I need to do the heels, but the heels have never needed fixing! I promise, I will get around to it one of these days, okay?

      I know, I loved that meet-up! No, this pic was from another place that's now closed. I've been to My Sister's Closet many times, and it's tiny (and they don't have any seating).

      I had fun doing the make-up for that one - you will enjoy the Hallowe'en Flashback coming this weekend.

      I am not sure, but probably?? No, the sidewalk grates here are narrow, but these kitten heels are actually quite wide, so they don't get stuck - and I steer clear of them when walking too.

      I meant Vizzini's, although I love L's face too. :)

  12. Awwwwww! Vizzini is such a handsome boy with those white whiskers. Every time you do a flashback I am reminded of how well-stocked your closet is with excellent pieces, many of which I covet (like the striped knit dress, and that picador skirt). So nice to see that photo of the 2015 blogger meetup.

    1. Isn't he pretty? I just love his fuzzy little face.

      I have some great pieces - I love doing the Flashbacks and being reminded of them. I know, I spent some time reliving that meet-up! It was so fun.

  13. Vizzini is such a cutie! He's intelligent too- all those whiskers!
    Your black Fluevogs have been worn an impressive number of times- very cool! They do look super comfy too, which is so important for a classic shoe like that!
    I love so many of these outfits- I really like the teal/green tartan trousers- they are my kind of thing! My deputy head teacher at school has told me she has a little wrap around tartan mini-skirt that she thinks will suit me and I look forward to seeing that! Love a bit of tartan!
    The Feb 2020 skirt is incredible! I love the ruffles! The 'elf' (and safety?) outfit is another favourite!

    1. He's so darned cute - I forgive a million things when he's that cute!

      Yes, they are awesome and so very comfy to wear. Thank you! I adore plaids and tartans! Ooh, how lovely of your colleague to think of you!

      Thanks - I'll be wearing it again soon. Sadly, I let go of the green dress.

  14. Lovely outfit and fab accessorizing!, I love particularly your plaid trousers and the copper pendant (so cool that Vix has another one!)
    And this is a really long flashback, lots of wearing of these shoes, which is Fabulous!, and lots of fabulous outfits and so interesting to see your style evolving!, these are the joys of having a blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I know, I love discovering a "twin" halfway 'round the world.

      It is long, glad you don't mind. :) I am reaping the benefits of being organized on my blog at the start.


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