Friday, January 22, 2021

Funky Friday: Puzzle Dress Hemmed and Caramel Clarks Flashback

Happy weekend, gentle readers! I'm feeling brighter in spirits - maybe it's the dress, maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the 6+ years of Flashbacks on these boots. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to be visible!

Return of the Stair Pose! That's always cause to celebrate. 

  • Dress - handmade, vintage 60s, thrifted; last worn here on Saturday for a Zoom call
  • Boots - Clarks; last seen here in October 2020 with spooky spiders and snakes
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last worn here a week ago

The Castle seemed very close this morning. 
As you can see, our weather is clear! We had actual sunshine all day today, but brrrr, it's cold.

Yes, I've hemmed the dress. 
This is a much better length for me, although it does remove a little bit of the "Wow Factor" from the dress.  
However, as I noted last time I wore it, it was not quite long enough. 
The chop means this is now an almost perfect Jammy Dress (no pockets), and I'll wear it a lot more.

Masked up.
One of you readers asked if I'd add my mask to my "stuff" picture so that they could see the pattern. 

This one's from Lazy Susan's.
I wash my mask the second I walk in the door at home (safety first, kids!), and then I unpack my shoes and take my "stuff" pictures well after that. I'm sure no one wants to see my wet mask, but I could implement an outerwear accessories picture if anyone's interested - that stuff is all together with my mask in the mornings when I take the bulk of my pictures. Yes? No?  

Outerwear. The Unsafe Ocelot! 
A couple of my favourite coworkers were in the office briefly today - it was wonderful to see Zeudy and Flavia, who gasped when she saw me in this plushy faux fur coat. 

  • Scarf/gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
These are pretty basic boots, but that's why I bought them. We're going to have a Flashback on them shortly. 

Bold bling: 
Gotta be bold for that puzzle pattern. 

  • Belt - Fendi, thrifted; last seen here
  • Necklace - Givenchy, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

 Caramel Clarks Indigo Boots

L and I went to Italy in October 2014 with our moms - it was a great trip, but I had intended on buying some awesome footwear there. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that really rang my bell, so I indulged when I got home and bought these new and on sale at local shoe shop The Cobbler (it's an institution - I've been shopping there since the 80s). They were $199.00 and I bought them here in October 2014 while I enjoyed the dregs of my vacation time at home. 
I specifically wanted a caramel colour, in a classic shape, heel and toe. Not too high of a heel, needs to go to the knee. Must be leather and comfortable. 
It was a tall order, which I why I went retail - local, brick and mortar! - and found exactly what I wanted. I love how the toes  and heels of these are a little darker than the rest of the boot - it reminds me of Siamese cats. 

I wore them right away with some things that I found on that same shopping trip, in October 2014.
This is the infamous, "You look like Carol Burnett!" random stranger compliment outfit. Skirt Flashback here

This lavender ultra-suede dress was not quite me, and was only seen this one time, in November 2014.
I still have the anatomical heart pendant, but I upgraded that belt with my Fendi one a few years later.

I found this amazing vintage coat at the giant Vintage Expo that used to happen at the Crystal Gardens - this is one of the few times I wore it, in December 2014.
I miss that orange suede skirt a bit, but it had lining issues (you can see it hanging out there). 

This will look familiar, if you remember my embroidered jacket Flashback here
We'll see this combo again! This was in December 2014 as well. 

The boots are such an excellent warm neutral - seen here with my Smoking Lily Cape of Good Hope, worn as a skirt, in January 2015.
Only my jewelry remains. Doesn't L look dapper back there? 

If you've been following me for long, you'll have noticed that I often do equestrian vibes in my outfits. 
This was in January 2015 again, and I'm showing off yet another one-off: this Ralph Lauren vintage plaid blazer. Only the choker remains from this outfit. 

Caro gave me this dotted blouse and Elaine gave me her old vintage suede skirt, and I wore them together in February 2015.
I love how all the wines and rusts work together here. I still have that cardigan! 

Another equestrian outfit in February 2015. 
Another round of things I no longer have. After I'd had my hair purple for a few years, I cleared out a lot of the autumn colours from my wardrobe. 

Deja outfit! This repeater is from March 2015. 
These boots were perfect with the skirt, as they didn't snag the fringe on the hem. 

I miss this fluffy top, but it yellowed and became rather bedraggled over time. 
This is from October 2015 (I guess I packed these away for the spring/summer that year). 

I loved this vintage dress - I passed it along a few years ago. 
We'll be seeing it again (it's a total jammy dress), but this is November 2015.

Another November 2015 outfit, featuring the same belt as the above look. The belt is my mom's, from the 70s - I "liberated" it from her closet when I was in high school in 1983-1985, and removed the chain swags and tassels from it. Major regrets there...sigh. 
I still have this leopard blouse! 

I wore the boots to Powell River for Christmas in December 2015. 
That's the caramel belt that replaced the earlier one - the Fendi one is still in my future. I am still on the lookout for another striped dress like this (this one fuzzed out badly). 

Same trip, before we left.
Gotta cuddle my fuzzy boy! 

You'll remember this Desigual by Lacroix dress from the Flashback here
I still have those sparkly tights. This is from January 2016. 

Same jammy dress as before - this was in October 2016. 
L is such a ham - Vizzini must get it from him! 

I look startled here, also in October 2016 - I was having issues with the camera settings. 
I'm also testing out contact lenses, in case you can't figure out what's different. 

Return of Jammy Dress, in January 2017. 
I see I've acquired my Fendi belt (Flashback here). 

The belt and boots became firm friends and are often seen together. 
If it's January 2017 again (and it is), then it's jammy dress time! I just wore this dress and Flashbacked it here

And there's that jammy dress again, this time in November 2017. 
Yes, I have a formula going on: jammy dress + belt + boots = easy outfit. You caught me - you're so clever. 

Um, I love a good thing? I do repeat outfits - but the accessories are always different! 
This was also in November 2017. 

My previous Monster Vest was shown off in December 2017, worn to a friend's. 
I Flashbacked this Gaultier sweater here. Caro got this down-filled skirt in a giveaway - she wore it for our Zoom call last weekend! 

I'm very fond of this green peplum jacket - it's currently in my spring/summer wardrobe. I wore it in October 2018 to go visit Cat/Ross' now-departed old kitty Baxter. 
Vizzini knows I'm going to see another cat - he looks furious. This was my one and only wearing of this unlined Ralph Lauren pheasant skirt (it had moth-holes). 

I love this fun outfit from November 2018.
Skirt Flashback here

This is one of my favourite autumnal outfits, from February 2019.
Velvet blazer Flashback here

I like how the caramel brings out the bits of rust in this Kenzo dress, worn in March 2019. 
I "winterized" it with my sparkly black turtleneck - it's a very fine cotton. 

Oh, there's my Urban Camo jammy dress again! 
This is from November 2019, which feels like a couple of months ago, but is now over a year...

I like this texyured look from January 2020. 
The corduroy doily dress is not good with layers, though. It's strictly spring/summer now. 

Another favourite jammy dress in February 2020. 
They are my favourite kind of dress (after massive ball-gowns, but you know, I don't wear those as much). 

And then here's the last time I wore the boots, in October 2020. 
That sweater again, plus a punk-ish vest and leather. 

Mathy stuff: Well, I have surprised myself! Today's outfit is the 31st wearing of these boots! Go, me! That brings me to $6.42 per wear, and I've got plenty more wear in these, so my initial outlay of $199.00 now seems like a very good investment. 

Do you have a favourite look out of these? Are caramel boots an important part of your wardrobe? 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. 
"It'll be tales of destruction unless you put me down this instant, Woman!"

Thank you - as always - for stopping by my little corner of the blogoverse. Stay calm, be safe and be kind.


  1. Those boots were certainly worth the investment, they look so good on you! I find shoes easiest to buy in person too, it's a challenge ordering online. Probably why I so rarely buy shoes now, haha! A shoe store isn't the easiest place for a kid to sit still and behave!

    I think you did a great job with the dress too - I much prefer that length! :)

    1. They really were, Mica! Thanks so much. I only ever order Fluevogs online, and only if I'm feeling confident about my size.

      Me too - it'll be worn a lot more now.

  2. Hello Vizzini! You are a handsome boy.
    I loved the puzzle dress before but I like it even more in the new midi length. I tried on those boots in Clarks' when they were in stock as they are pretty much my idea of the perfect boot too, sadly they didn't fit my legs are well as they did yours and they got left on the shelf (sob!)
    As ever, all your looks are great but worn with the jammy dress of February 2020 might be my choice. xxx

    1. He is, although he's not very happy in that picture, ha ha!

      Thanks, Vix! That's so funny that you saw those boots! Too bad they didn't work out for you, though.

      Thank you so much - that's one of my favourite jammy dresses, for sure.

  3. Morning Sheila, Glad you are in brighter spirits! Love those boots. Vix has put us onto a Clarks' outlet site that could be dangerous when I need shoes again. the castle looks lovely. Yea your alteration has made another jammy dress. I have only recently got into dresses and love that term Jammy. love your formula too for fab outfits. I think outerwear STUFF pics(which I struggle with) would be great but you put so much work into your posts already. I loved the story of Italy and returning back home to the local shoe shop, I bought a jacket and bag when I was there many years ago. Your cape as a skirt idea was clever. Have a great week end and I think your message to stay calm is a good one. Shazxx

    1. I'm the original requester of the mask pics, but replying to another Anonymous person it seems. Outwear pics would be awesome! Not sure why my name isn't showing up. Love the boots. Cheers, Kelly in Michigan

    2. Hello, Shaz! Thank you so much. Oh, a Clarks outlet sounds very dangerous, ha! The Castle is often so pretty in the mornings. You know me and jammy dresses - I do love them! Formulas are so useful for getting dressed, aren't they?

      I will do an outerwear Stuff picture - it's only a few seconds to do, and it's already sitting right there.

      Isn't that funny? And I had to shop locally to find what I really wanted. I didn't find anything good shoes-wise while we were vacationing!

      I had a few of those capes, but got tired of them eventually. Thank you, Shaz!

    3. Replying to scrapstoker here: Thank you for the suggestion! I'll be incorporating that picture into my posts going forward, Kelly! Thanks so much.

      If you have a Google profile and you're logged into it, Blogger will select that as your name. If you wish to continue posting anonymously, you can sign your name, Kelly, like Anonymous Shaz does (that's who you replied to). :)

  4. I love the look of the new length of this dress, your style vision was spot on to shorten it. These boots are fabulous and I love nearly all of the outfits you have created with them. I have a similar colour pair, but the heels on mine are a bit higher so not an everyday boot and I have not had any opportunity to wear them since the pandemic kicked in :(

    1. Thanks so much! I love the boots, and I'm happy that they are getting worn so much. I have been slowing weeding out my uncomfortably-high heels, sadly.

  5. Good call on shortening the dress. Your Mum seems to be a talented seamstress, could she make pockets for you from the cut-off part?

    1. I thought of that, actually, but as the dress doesn't have any side seams (just one in the back), I don't think it would work without causing issues.

  6. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling brighter. I've long accepted that some days are better than others, and I've learned to go with the flow and just let it be! Not that it's always working, but I'm trying! Wearing that divine Puzzle Dress again must have been a great pick-me-up, as well as it being light enough for the return of the Stair Pose and view of the castle.
    I can't believe how much better that dress looks with its new length! The belt is one of my favourites of yours, and those Clarks boots are fabulous - what a treat their flashback was! Loving your jammy dress formula!
    I'd love to see close-ups of your masks, so yes! We put ours into a bag which lives in our basement, and I wash a bunch of them together every couple of days.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sheila xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! My moods go up and down - I've kind of learned to just roll with them, and accept that sometimes I'll be sad/down/depressed and sometimes I'll be happy/up/contented. It did feel good to wear all this colour, and I am so happy that it's getting lighter in the mornings. Posts don't feel complete without the Stair Pose!

      Thank you so much! I am really happy with it. I adore the belt (so classy!), and as you can see, the boots have been a favourite in a lot of outfits! Jammy dresses for the win!

      Awesome, I'll be including my outerwear stuff pictures going forward. It was a good suggestion. L washes all his masks in one go too, but I just do mine one at a time as I wear them.

      I hope you had a good weekend, my friend!

  7. Okay, I can see the lenght of the dress works beter for you, but somehow I also loved the longer lengte. But I looove those boots. I have similar ones that I also have for about 6 years, maybe even longer. I think they are so cool and look amazing under any dress or skirt like you are showing! I'm a fan! Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. I get that, Nancy - I miss the longer length, but honestly, leaving it would mean that I wouldn't wear this very often. I'm glad I did it, though.

      I adore the boots - they are so awesome, and go with everything!

  8. Fear not, my sweet friend, that dress still has enough wow factor to knock a plethora of socks clear off, I assure you.

    Fantastic choice of length. It looks awesome and can now highlight your gorgeous shoes and boots all the more, too - so it's a double win.

    May sunshine, lightened spirits, and many more positives comes your way as winter continues (and beyond, too, of course!).

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Ha ha, thank you so much, Autumn! I'm really happy with the new length, and that I'll be able to wear this dress more frequently. I'm really looking forward to wearing it with some of my colourful shoes come spring.

      Thank you - sunshine is a good thing.

  9. Hello Sheila and a very belated Happy New Year! We've been dealing with some of life's curve balls lately and a death in the family so
    I've been MIA for a bit. Glad to see you are keeping up appearances and look your usual lovely self. As always I adore your footwear!

    1. Nana! I've missed you - I'm so happy to see you, but sorry to hear about the passing of one of your family members. That really sucks. *hug*

      Yup, I'm always here! Thanks, my dear.

  10. I so love that dress and it is a perfect length for you. I think that is my length too.
    Funnily enough I wore my Clarks caramel boots last week for the first time in ages. I bought min in 2009.

    1. It's my favourite length, Jane - so versatile. That's so funny that you wore yours this past week. Classic boots!

  11. Those boots are what you might call a 'workhorse' item. They are gorgeous; I, too like the subtle almost ombre effect around the toe and heel. The boots look fabulous with the newly shortened puzzle dress; very elegant.

    I loved all the flashback outfits - such a shame about the pheasant kilt; a truly unique piece! It was good to see the unsafe ocelot again, too!

    Take care

    1. Yes, they are definitely workhorses in my wardrobe, Vronni, you're totally correct! Thank you so much.

      It wasn't a proper kilt and didn't have any pleats or fullness - it opened right up when I wore it! I don't regret passing it along, and at least I have the pictures.

      Yup, it's getting cold here - I have to break out the warmest outerwear!

  12. woww, lovely to see your dress once hemmed and looking so fab with the stunning belt and boots!, totally amazing the way accessories enhance the colours of your dress!, brilliant!
    And lovely flashback too, this caramel boots are so amazing, their colour is just fabulous (and it's hard to find such a lovely colour, totally agree!) and goes so nicely with any reddish, wine and rust shade (and blue too!). Love them particularly when worn with your jammy dresses, but actually love every outfit!

    1. I am so pleased with how I did on the hem of it. Thanks, Monica!

      I love the boots - they do go with everything.

  13. Happy to hear you're feeling better. Sunshine is always good news. I think cold is easier to handle when there is some sun. I find that even those winter days that are quite cold are still much nicer if there is some sun. We've been having an awful lot of rain lately.

    You look so lovely in that dress. The pattern on the dress is amazing and the belt is phenomenal. I also love your boots. Great to see the fashion flashback too.

    1. I'm up and down, Ivana, and I've accepted that some days will be better or worse than others. The sun does really help, though. Rain is great (I'm a west-coaster, I'm used to it) but can be so dreary if it lasts for days on end.

      Thank you so much! I'm happy that I hemmed it.

  14. That dress looks great hemmed! The boots are fantastic. I don't often buy things retail but once in a while, when you see an awesome potential workhorse type item like that, you have to go for it. I have some caramel colored ankle boots I wear a lot, it's such a great/versatile color.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! I love the boots, and it was worth buying retail to get what I wanted.

  15. There is definitely something about a good quality pair of basic boots. But the way you style them is far from basic, my friend! The caramel color is lovely and I love the ombre effect of the leather as well. It gives them a bit of a distressed and much-loved vibe! And that dress is amazing! I love the colors and the print and the brown/caramel accessories really give it a unique flavor. I am inspired by all of the flashback outfits, too! And that amazing coat. Yes, ma'am, that is sassy and magnificent!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee! I do love a bit of distressing in my leather goods - it makes them look luxe and worn-in. Thank you! I love playing with colour (as you can tell).

  16. The puzzle dress looks great at that length. As you say, it looses a bit of the WOW, but you are going to get so much more wear out of it this way. Those boots really were an excellent buy, and the colour just gets richer with age.

    1. Agreed, Shelley. As cool as it was as a maxi, I probably would not wear it at that length.

      Yes, they're one of my favourite pairs - and that's saying something!

  17. I nearly missed this post with the lovely colourful dress and the boots... such good boots! You did well buying those.
    The jammy dress of January 2020 with that great belt is a good outfit too.
    Love you, got to go now.

    1. I'm glad you saw it! Thank you! Yes, I like that one too.

  18. Definitely worth shortening the dress if it means you'll get more wears out of it. It looks good that length.

    1. I agree, Mim - and normally I would not touch or alter a vintage dress, but since this one is handmade, I don't feel bad about it.


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