Friday, November 6, 2020

Blue Cables, Grey Pleats and Snakeskin Bookends; and a Double Flashback: Yeti Jacket and Pringle Belt

Happy Friday, my friends! It's weekend time! Let's kick it off with a funky office look. 
Oh, so many favourite things in this look! Isn't it awesome when you can look at one of your own outfits and think, "I love every single thing here"?

  • Sweater - United Colors of Benetton, vintage 90s, thrifted; purchased here in June for $29.99
  • Skirt - Marc Jacobs, vintage, thrifted; last seen and Flashbacked here in June
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog, consignment; first worn here in September with leopard and a space jacket
  • Jacket - Kimchi Blue; last seen here in March on a shopping expedition

I'm happy to finally debut this wonderful 100% wool cable-knit sweater that I picked up in June at Flavour Upstairs. Isn't it a gorgeous colour? 
I love the short cut of it, and that it tapers in at the waist. L took one look at me in it this morning, and said, "Makes your boobs look good." 

It's by Benetton, and it's made in Italy, so we know it's classy. 
I let it shine against the grey pleated skirt. I knew I'd need to wear something with a high waist due to the short length of the sweater. 

Masked up - I bookended my snakeskin shoes with this grey snakeskin print mask from Mom. 
The tights are one of the Dots pairs I picked up a few weeks back for $1.99. 

Outerwear - it is crisp, clear and cold, dipping down to 5 degrees overnight. Brr! 
My Yeti jacket will keep me warm! 

Isn't it magnificent? We will be having a Flashback on it in a bit. 
I like how the cropped shape shows the bottom of the sweater - it creates a nice long proportion on the bottom for me. 

Showing off my black wool vintage gloves - they have rosettes of rabbit fur on them. 
I matched them to the fur rosette stick-pin at my neck (go look, it's there), and with the two fur-ball bobbypins that I bought for $4.00 each at House of Savoy a month or so back. 
Note the zippers on the underside of the jacket sleeves - this allows for opening and temperature control. 

  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair
  • Gloves - vintage, thrifted

The stuff: 
Another wearing of these lovely shoes. I ran a few errands this morning and a man shouted, "Nice heels!" at me. Um, thank you? 

Grey bling: 
The belt is quite something, isn't it? We're going to give it the Flashback treatment as well. 

  • Belt - Pringle of Scotland, vintage 90s, vintage fair
  • Cuff - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gift from L, vintage mall
  • Fur stick-pin - thrifted
  • Earrings - Glee
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Extra stuff: 
I don't mind fur or leather if they are second-hand. 

This one's for SAM (link here, go say hi! She's lovely), who wondered if I wear my lovely shoes out in the "wild" or walking to work in them? Answer: No way! 
I've had many, many different pairs of walking shoes for my trek to and from my office. In my previous job, I walked close to 9 km each way every day, so I wore trainers/sneakers/runners (I also wore full walking gear); at my current job, our office is downtown, a short 20 minute walk, maximum.

However, I value my "good" shoes - and my feet! - and rarely would walk to work in them. Sometimes I will go out on a break from the office and walk a few blocks in them on errands (as I did today), or on weekends, I might walk a couple of blocks if the weather is not wet, but I'm more likely to wear one of my a vast collection of shopping/walking/brunch shoes or boots if I need to get anywhere on foot. 

At this time of year, when we could get rain, black ice, or snow, I like my Doc Martens. I wear lighter shoes in the summer because my feet get too hot in these.
I bought these second-hand for about $70 (they were new!), and as you can see, I've thrashed them. They are still holding up well, about 6 years later. I also have a brown fabric floral pair for cold weather when I know it won't rain, but I usually default to the white ones as I'm more visible as a pedestrian in them. 

And now...Flashback time! 

Flashback #1: Kimchi Blue "Yeti" Jacket

This awesome jacket is a Dots purchase from December 2015 (here) - I found it in the end of season clearance section for $9.99! That still feels like a bargain. 
The "fur" (it's fake) stops just below the elbow, and the rest of the sleeve just a soft fuzzy fabric with zippers so that you can undo it. I'm wasn't really sure why until I started wearing it and discovered it's WARM. 

It's been worn a bunch of times (some fun outfits ahead!), sometimes to work, sometimes for weekends or special events, but it's been the "yeti" jacket from the beginning. 

I wore it to work in January 2016, where I "rar!"-ed at my coworkers and wafted the fur at them (it's very waft-y, like Muppet fur).
Because why not have fun with your clothes? and your coworkers? This is a weird-looking outfit to me - I think I was trying to go all neutral, but it doesn't quite work. I do still have that beaded top, and those boots will get a Flashback at some point. 

I wore this in February the office supply store. 
I strode around, feeling badass, probably terrifying the employees at Staples. I still have everything in this outfit (hello, there's today's belt!), although the leather jeans are too tight right now. 

I remember loving this wacky outfit from March 2016 - I wore this out for Cat's birthday. 
We saw this outfit in the Flashback for those Hispanitas shoes (here). 

I cut L's head off, but don't we look fabulous getting ready to head off to an Urbanite at the Art Gallery in March 2016?
I'm doing a weird kicky thing, ha ha. Flashback on the Tod's shoes here

I strolled down to the pub in this outfit to celebrate my birthday in October 2016. 
L is also rather spiffy, isn't he? Vizzini looks dubious. I still have this dress but this is probably the last time I wore it. Shoes Flashback here

I wore this to a Vintage Fair with Elaine in November 2016, followed by drinks with the gang.
I can totally stand on one foot, why do you ask? Boots Flashback here. This was the one and only wearing of this dress - what a crap quality piece that was. Disappointed! 

I look so badass here in my ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS, in March 2017. 
I wore this to hop a seaplane over to Vancouver, where we hung out with Melanie of A Bag and a Beret fame. 
You'll forgive me the indulgence of this picture of the two of us - and enjoy Mel's MOVIE (here, scroll down) that we made while L and I were with her! L filmed the street scenes.

I wore it again that same weekend, over my (no longer in my closet) purple suede dress.
Fuzzy, sorry - I was taking the picture of my reflection in the hotel mirror. I think I still have those shoes? I'm not sure... [checks closet]. Yes, I do! 

I love this fab outfit, also from March 2017. 
I think I wore that for work. Don't you dress like this for the office? I have everything there except the skirt, which I passed along to Yvonne. 

Sometimes I like it as a jacket for warmth, as here in October 2017.
We just saw this outfit yesterday, in the Flashback for these boots here

L and I going for brunch in January 2018.
Aw, our matching furs! That vesty-dress thing was Flashbacked here

I may have done "monster hands" in this jacket before...
This was in September 2018. I adore that blue dress, but those shoes were too high and we had to part ways. 

This is another Urbanite outfit from October 2018 - I wore the jacket as my outerwear. 
I still have that lovely green satin dress - it's a one-shoulder cut and looks awesome on me (if I do say so myself!).

What a classy work outfit this is! I'm all snuggly warm in November 2018.
Sadly, my giraffe sweater was attacked by moths, but that cashmere skirt is still going strong. 

Apparently I missed wearing the jacket for all of 2019 (how??), and it didn't see the light of day again until the Victoria Film Festival in February 2020. 

This doesn't count as MY wearing of the Yeti jacket, but it does count as A wearing of it - I loaned it to Yvonne to wear for the evening. This is Cat and Yvonne... and Bill Nighy!
Pictures nicked from YAM's website, shhhh

Yes, Bill Nighy has met my jacket! You might know him from the 2003 seasonal movie "Love Actually" (he's the best part of it, funny YouTube clip here, link 'cause I love). 

I can't resist one more picture from this event of me and Yvonne, who has the sleeves unzipped ("damn, this thing is hot," she muttered). 
Partly because Randall and L are in the background - that's L in the creepy mask. 

Realizing my egregious 2019 oversight, I wore it in March 2020 for a weekend shopping trip. 
And then we had a pandemic. I also don't really wear it in spring/summer due to the extreme warmth of it, but now it's back in circulation, so expect to see it a couple more times this season. 

Mathy stuff: From a paltry $9.99, I've now worn it 17 times including today, bringing us to 59 cents per wear. I like that! Plenty more wear in it, although the faux fur is getting a little ratty. I guess I could wash it, ha ha.

Flashback #2: Pringle of Scotland Lion Belt

I don't track my accessories using my "last worn/seen here" system, but every so often a special piece comes along, like this amazing belt by Pringle of Scotland. I've seen listings on various reseller sites for belts with this same lion buckle (but not this hairy cowhide belt) for between $85-250+. 
That rampant lion is Pringle's logo, as you can see from the gold foiled print on the backside of the belt below. Pringle hasn't manufactured in the UK (Scotland) since pre-2000, so this belt is now at least 20 years old.

I found it at an vintage fair in November 2012, marked at $45.00, but I bought a bunch of things from the same vendor and bundled them (added up all the prices in my head, and offered a slightly lower "group rate" to buy the lot) for $80.00. Let's call this $20.00 since I bought a total of four items - math is fun!
I don't attempt to bundle very often - vintage sellers need to make a living too! - but it doesn't hurt to ask, and I would have been happy to pay the full price if they'd said no. But they didn't! 

As I was in the middle of my 30 For 30 For 12 Challenge in November 2012 (one of my two all-neutrals months), I wore it right away. 
The belt is the only thing I have left in this outfit; those suede boots were magnificent, but they kept falling down around my ankles. 

I wore it with my leather cognac jeans in February 2013 during that brief window when I was a blonde. 
I still have the zipper rose brooch, and that cream brocade jacket. Bizarrely, the first few times I wore this belt, I got persistent emails from someone who REALLY wanted to buy this belt from me. No, dude, that is not cool. Go away.

We saw the belt in this outfit from the Fluevog booties' Flashback (here).
I liked that dress, but I don't miss it. This was in April 2013.

The cream jacket resurfaces here in November 2013. 
I have nothing else left from this outfit. Ugly shoes, blerg. 

I copied the Nov 2012 outfit again in October 2013, only with a different skirt. 
Hated those shoes (the leather was really hard), but loved that asymmetrical brown skirt and wore it until it started to come apart. It was a cool design, but poorly made. 

Weirdly, I seem to have not worn it for all of 2014. Again, how does that happen? The next time was in November 2015. We did a Flashback on those shoes here
As the belt's cowhide is unevenly coloured, sometimes the belt looks brown, but it's more speckled with white in the back. It goes with a lot. 

Here's another view of my "Rar, I'm shopping for office supplies!" outfit from February 2016.
I want to wear that again! Must bypass the chocolate this weekend! #clothesgoals

Ooh, I'd forgotten about this outfit from November 2016.
I still have that dress - it's leather - and the sheer leopard blouse. Two more good Flashbacks for each of those will ensue. 

The lion belt buckle just hooks into the belt-holes - this means it's very easy to get off (but sometimes it comes undone on me).
Like when one is wearing a jumpsuit, for instance, as here in October 2017. Only the cardi and the belt remain from this look. 

This outfit is from April 2018. I needed a big belt to rein in that top.
We did a Flashback on that Dries Van Noten skirt here; the teddy sweater went away, but I still have those spotty shoes. 

The belt is barely visible here in October 2018, as I used it to make this snakeskin dress look like a blouse.
I still have those shoes - they'll make a great Flashback. 

I like the belt over my leather peplum top here in March 2019. 
Those t-strap shoes again. That skirt was intensely itchy. Begone, itchy skirt!

I love this outfit from back in January 2020. 
I'm excited to wear that skirt again at some point. Flashback on the boots here

And the last time I wore the belt was over my black stomacher in March 2020, for our Vampire Anniversary outfit. 
Vizzini is helping - that's the skirt he likes to chew on! 

Mathy stuff: I have not worn this belt as much as I thought I had! Today is only the 15th time I've incorporated it into an outfit in 8 years - tsk, tsk, Sheila. However, I'm still at a paltry $1.33 per wear, and I plan on wearing it much more.

And now, my friends, I will leave you with...
A RAR! Never be afraid to be silly! 

I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure - have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe. 


  1. I love that Marc Jacobs pleated grey skirt. Such a beautiful vintage item! The quality can be seen even on the photos. Pairing it with those fabulous shoes and a blue sweater was the way to go. I also love your furry cropped jacket...such a fun item. I enjoyed seeing how you wore it in the past.
    Doc Martens are perfect for snow, aren't they? We don't get snow here often, it snows once in a blue moon in Mostar and in Split even less often, but when it snows I know what to wear- my doc martens boots. I have had my pair since I was 15 and I love them still. Have a nice weekend beautiful!!!

    1. Isn't it amazing, Ivana? It's really fine quality. Thanks so much!

      Yes, Docs are awesome in snow! We also don't get it often, so these are all I really have ever needed. That's so cool that yours have lasted so long!

  2. Morning Sheila, the sweater is gorgeous and what a good idea to team with grey so it pops. I think the photo with the gloves and hat on sums you up classy but funky! I am not going out at the moment but when I do you have convinced me to get more accessories. they pull your outfits together. Love my visits to your blog (PS don't you love it when your fellow compliments you like that! lol ) Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Thank you - I love the colour of the sweater, and so pretty with grey! Ha, ha, yes, that's exactly my style: classy but funky! Love it.

      Accessories are the key, Shaz! That's where you can be adventurous! Aw, that makes me so grateful to have such a cool and fabulous reader as you! Thank you!

  3. Absolutely love the color combo here. The greys make that wonderful blue sweater really pop! I 100% dress for myself of course, but it is nice getting thrown one of those comments from the significant other once in a while ;) Oh and I love the fun badassery the yeti coat lends to your outfits too, who knew a yeti could be so versatile!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I loved it too - it was a happy surprise. I agree, I also dress only for me, but it's nice when L likes an outfit or a certain piece.

      The yeti just makes me happy - good clothes do that!

  4. What a great shade of blue! It's fabulously vibrant as is the wearer! Your yeti jacket is so fun; love it especially with the green satin dress.

    The belt flashback really shows how diverse your wardrobe is and how much fun you have with your clothing! Imagine if everyone was as daring and creative as you - what an interesting world we we live in.

    1. Typo alert: "we we" should read "we would". My bad.

    2. Thank you, dear Nana! I love the contrast of the crazy yeti with more classy clothes, agreed.

      Aw, thank you - I love interesting pieces and combining them is my art. I try to encourage others to play with their clothes as much as I can.

  5. The Yeti jacket is such a fun piece, and as you've demonstrated in the flashback, it looks great with so many outfits! I am always impressed by your accessory selection.

  6. First of all, I apologize for not stopping by earlier. In fact, your post - and yesterday's - never showed up in my Blogger reading list, nor did I get an email. Thought I'd let you know. It was because I was getting kind of worried that I checked out your blog ...
    Anyway, on to Friday's outfit, which is indeed delightful in every way. I too love everything about it, especially the pleated skirt, the yeti jacket (obviously) and that amazing belt. The blue cable jumper looks fab on you (L. is right!) but I got a hot flush just looking at it. In my defence, it is still very warm here, for November (15 to 18°C these last couple of days). I'm absolutely loving the bookends created by those marvellous heels and your mask. Very clever. Your idea of wearing walking shoes for your trek to the office, and I'm absolutely in awe of you walking 9 km each way in your previous job! As always, it was a joy to scroll through your flashbacks, too. xxx

    1. Oh gosh, no worries, Ann! I often work some of my bigger posts in draft form, and Blogger doesn't seem to like either emailing them or putting them chronologically into Google Reader (I've noticed this with others' blogs too). I'm glad you checked in!

      Thank you - I love the fun colours in it. I'm jealous of your warm weather! The tights are more sheer in person, so the shoes don't contrast as much as they look in the pics. Walking is my exercise - I never mind having a good long walk in proper shoes! Thank you!

  7. No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You met Bill Nighy! Amazing!!!
    Your first outfit is JUST WONDERFUL! I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! The colour of the sweater combined with the floooooof! Absolutely gawjus!!!!!! I like L's purple shirt in the shot where he's lurking in the background and love your Tod shoes foot kickup! What a bombshell you are!x

    1. We did! I was so excited! He was just lovely, so sweet and kind.

      Thank you, Kezzie! I really loved it too. Ha ha!

  8. I was thinking you were enjoying your time off but now I see that the posts just weren't showing up in feedly, oops! I do love this outfit the blouse and greys look so good together and it's nice to see how much fun you've had with the jacket and how much wear you've had from the belt! :)

    Love Actually is my regular Christmas movie watch once the kids are in bed, every year, such a good film and it's so cool you've met Bill Nighy!

    1. Yes, Blogger's been acting up again, grrr. Glad you made it! Thanks, Mica - they're both such fun pieces!

      I love it too, even the slightly icky parts (through today's lens). I adore Bill Nighy!

  9. Thanks for the answer znd shout out! Your commuting shoes walk circles around mine. I am so inspired to ne bolder and put together when office life resumes.

    1. You're so welcome, SAM! I like being bold - it's both armour and therapy for me.

  10. That cable knit sweater really is such a gorgeous shade. It makes me think of both the clearest blue skies of summer and the way the chill of winter might feel, were it a shade of blue.

    Gorgeous ensembles one and all!

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. It's the most glorious shade of blue, Autumn. Thank you!

  11. I love the fur jacket, it elevates any outfit. And a shame the white floral boots are a bit worn as I really like them. I think I even like them better with your outfit than the pumps. What is happening to me?? So unlike me.

    1. I love it too - it's a star! Yeah, my Docs are very well-worn now - I've not treated them well, but that's why I bought them.

  12. Love your Yeti Jacket, it totally deserves a flashback and a cool name! ;DD
    I haven't noticed its long sleeves and zipper, which is something so useful and so amazing, love a cool detail!.
    Lovely belt too, it looks particularly fabulous over jackets and waistcoats, love its waist-defining properties!, so wise!

    1. It's been the Yeti jacket since I bought it - it's so apt. Isn't the zipper detail cool? Thank you so much, Monica!


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