Thursday, March 4, 2021

Glam Mom at the Castle, Blue and Pink Plaid and Cat Pictures

Hello, my friends! I had a lovely adventure today with my mom! We still aren't permitted to have social gatherings, but the one thing we can do is go for a walk (distanced, of course). Mom has Post-Polio Syndrome, so she can't walk too far or on hard surfaces like sidewalks. Fortunately, Mom's still able to drive and I'm close enough to Craigdarroch Castle to walk there and meet her. Why have we not done this before?
We strolled around the periphery of the field for a while, and then I convinced Mom to get her glam on! Exciting pics following...

My outfit! Of course I dressed up. A date with Mom? Duh! 
It was sunny and slightly warmer when I ventured out this morning on my Mental Health Walk, but by the afternoon, it was a bit chillier.

  • Jacket - Marc Cain, consignment; last seen here in September 2020 with a short pink skirt
  • Mohair sweater - unknown, thrifted; last worn here in November 2020 with burgundy and houndstooth
  • Skirt - Trina Turk, consignment; last seen here in November 2020 with teal t-straps
  • Shoes - Gadea, consignment; last worn here in November with grey and plaid

I re-purpled my hair in the shower and it's uneven, as usual. Most of it will fade out over the next couple of days. Don't care! 
I started out with this thin pink mohair sweater (I have a pale pink cami under it), tucked into the skirt, with the belt over the waistband. 

I knew I wanted to wear this jacket with both pieces. 
This easily would have been a work look in any other year! 

But then I thought, "I don't want to hide the belt when I do up the jacket."
"Hey, why don't I belt the jacket?"

So I did. 
I like this look much better. 

I had considered putting this jacket away until spring/summer but kept it out. 
I am nearly always craving spring and bright flowery colours by now, so I'm glad I was able to squeeze in a wearing of it. 

Masked up and outerwear - all of my accessories are hot pink. 
I carried my bag for the camera, my wallet and my keys. 

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted

Outerwear stuff: 
The last time I wore the jacket, I pinned this brooch to the front of it and it snagged like mad. I felt very clever, thinking of the pink beret. 

  • Mask - by Mom
  • Cashmere beret - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
I needed comfy easy shoes for walking on grass. It's still a bit muddy from the recent rain and snow. 

Blue bling: 
Getting my sparkle on! 

  • Necklace/earrings - Sherman, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Brooch - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Belt - Danier Leather
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

The belt was bought new at Danier Leather before they closed all their stores years ago - it also came in pink, green, yellow, purple. I am always watching for them in the thrift stores! 

A close-up of some of my bling, including the embroidery and beadwork on the jacket. 
It's hard to see in the pictures. 

Vizzini was nowhere to be found. 
"Hee hee, the Woman will never find me."

It's the first time he's snoozed in that corner since we redid the living room (I know, I have yet to show you). 

I strolled up to the Castle and waved at the folks in the office. They poked their heads out, thinking I was someone named Fern, but did tell me how much they liked my outfit. 
The classic "tourist" view. Link here to our Book Club tour of the Castle in September of last year (loads of pictures and links to history, etc.). 

I was a little early, so I walked around. I spotted this squirrel chilling out. 
"Num, num, num, just eating my acorn and laying back on my tail."

He dashed onto the wall, giving me a quick glare before taking off. 
"It's that bothersome person again!"

I sat on a bench and looked up.
Such a cool place. We mostly had it to ourselves (it's only open Fri, Sat, Sun right now). 

Mom grew up in this neighbourhood, in a Samuel Maclure house a few streets away - he was a prolific architect in Canada (link here). Her house was torn down (dangerously faulty/old wiring) and there's a condo there now.
But we'll always have the Castle. 

We both took a picture of this view. 
I wanted a picture of us together, even though we kept apart, and those stairs looked like a promising spot. 

I whipped off my mask at the last second - I wore it the entire time, even though we were outside and kept distanced. 
A great picture of us both! 

But I had even more fun in store for Mom. 

Way back in January, Ally of Shybiker posted a picture of herself here in a PANK robe. Anyone else interested in glamming it up, she asked?? Heck, yes, I was!

And I have had this marabou-trimmed robe for two months, trying to think of how to do a photo-shoot with it. I tried it on and it swamped me (I'm much shorter than Ally), and I just wasn't feeling inspired. As I thought about our outing today, I remembered the robe! 

Well, you might know I have a slight flair for the dramatic (*snort*). Guess where I get it from!?
"The delicate blossoms of spring! Won't someone free them from this iron prison?"

Look at that jawline! SO GLAM. 

Hamming it up is in the blood, apparently. 
"They can't just free themselves! Think of the flowers!"

That picture totally cracks me up. 

We were under a giant Gary Oak, with its gnarled branches, stark against the white sky. "Rail at winter! Where is the spring?" I encouraged her. 
"I see...a bud...a wee's so very far away..."

Reach for hope! For the future! 
Mom has always loved to dance - she trained when she was younger, and would be going to line-dance classes now, if they were permitted. You can see it in her hands and the way she holds herself - she knows the moves. 
"Let there be spring!"

I was down on the grass, shooting up at her. 

I played with the contrast and pulled the colour out to emphasize some details. Same pictures, just changed up a bit. 
I like how the pink robe's feathers look here. 
I love all the textures in these pics.
I like the composition of this one. 

But this is my favourite. The DRAMA. 
"Leave me be! It's all too much!"

Mom, you are a Glamour Girl! Thanks for being game for this! 

We sat and chatted for a while on some benches after that, and then went our separate ways. I was happy to see this plum tree nearly in full bloom on my walk home. 
That's one of the classic Arts & Crafts houses in the neighbourhood. Victoria is filled with these. 

I laughed out loud when I realized I was being watched. 
"Just move along, ma'am, nothing to see here."

What a funny face! He means business. 

Speaking's my little kitty, snoozing on the couch. 
"Wait, you were gone?"

I'm home now - get ready for some snuggles!


  1. Your mama deserves a standing ovation! Bravo! I think she'd be a hoot to hang out with.

    I must say you look very en francais today!

    I wish we had a neighbourhood castle - so jealous. We do have Parkwood Estate (Sam McLaughlin built it for his family back in the day) and they shoot the odd movie there, but it is definitely not a castle and so does not compare.

    1. She wasn't too sure about it, Nana, but I'm so glad she went along with me on this.

      It's totally the beret! Ha!

      It's pretty cool that it's there, isn't it?

  2. What a grand time you had with your mom.


  3. I love s belted jacket. And that baret looks so good on you, what a beautiful color. And what a fun photos with your mother! Fabulous, isn't it great that you can meet up in such a gorgeous place. Shelbee and I talked to each other after our Zoom meeting and said: why didn't we ever think of doing a Zoom together! Lol.

    1. I do too, Nancy. Thank you - I usually only wear it for warmth, so I'm glad I thought to add the brooch. Mom and I had fun doing this - she is now getting over the shock of seeing herself like that.

  4. Ha, you obviously have your taste for drama of your mum. She is just as crazy as you are haha. (Meaning this is a very loving way.)
    Great photos. And the amount of squirrels you see, amazing. I have never seen one for real.
    Barets suit you ever so well.

    1. She's a character, as am I, Greetje! I know how you mean it - thank you. :)

      The squirrels are everywhere here. Thank you - I only have a few berets.

  5. What a fun day out - I like how you wore so much pink and your mum did too with the robe! I smiled so much at the photos! it's great you were able to do this safely - sitting apart on the stairs was clever! :)

    1. It was a grand adventure, Mica. I like our touches of pink - like the blossoms. Yup, I made sure I was 2 meters from Mom.

  6. Ah delightful to have a peek at the outing with your Mom! Always makes me smile when you two spend time together, yay for being close enough to easily visit. As for drama, the gene doesn’t fall far from the source. :)

    I like your outfit and the one from your previous post - everything fits together with a splash of umph!

    Cheers to you, your Mom, L amd V for a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'm glad we were able to do this, Laurie - it was a lot of fun. Ha, you are so right - I take after Mom very much.

      Thank you! Happy weekend to you and Fred!

  7. Yay! I love what you did with this. An item like this deserves creativity and you two do it justice. Very playful, really cute. So glad to see how fun your mom is.

    1. Aw, thanks, Ally, I'm glad you approve. Glamour is not just about being pretty, but the feeling!

  8. What style, what grace! That's a good day out in my book and your mom's lovely. Of course she would be. Glamor queens for sure.

    1. Isn't she awesome, Sam? I'm so glad I take after her.

  9. How fabulous to meet up with your mum and what brilliant photos you took; surely your mum should have been an actress? The castle was the perfect backdrop to such dramatic goings on!

    Loved your outfit and glad you got another wear out of the jacket; the embroidery on the front is super. Clever move pinning the brooch to your beret...

    1. Ha, she says she WAS an actress: she was a teacher! I love that we were able to just hang out there with no one around.

      Thank you, Vronni! It's such a pretty jacket.

  10. Good Afternoon She, so I have just had a mammoth catch up of your posts! tch tch shold be working. Sorry have not commented lately. Well so many lovley outfits from past posts but for now I will just say how clever(yes I know I always sy it) you are., Brooches on berets, belts over coats you look fantastic for a date with your mum. So glad you could meet up at "your" lovely castle. The pics are fab. I wish I could see my mum she is in Aus. Anyway you glamourous lady thought I would say hi and thanks for the great diversion this afternoon. Shazxx

    1. Shaz! I've missed you. No worries, though - you have a life! Thank you so much for your kind comment - it was such a fun day. Aw, I hope you will be able to see your mum again soon. Take care!

  11. What a joyful post! I love the castle and both you and your mum are fabulous, I'd love to hang out with the pair of you.
    I love the shape of that beret on you.
    The Arts and Crafts house is stunning, they're very rare here. I love the pusscat in the window and your snoozy boy.
    have a fabulous weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. The clouds are lifting, Vix, and spring is in the air. I would love to hang with YOU! Maybe someday.

      I love them, and they are in nearly every neighbourhood here. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

  12. For some reason, I think your outfit has a certain Parisian flavour. Perhaps it's the brooch pinned to the beret? It's a fun outfit with lots of Spring vibes. I'm loving the belted jacket. I always forget to do that, but it's such a good look.
    Your Mum is amazing and yes, I see where you get it from, Sheila!
    The castle was once again a magnificent setting for your shenanigans, and I'm swooning over that Arts & Crafts house! Have a great weekend, Sheila xxx

    1. It's totally the beret, I'm sure! I loved the pink and the springy feeling of it.

      Isn't she awesome? I am glad to take after such an adventurous woman!

      Thanks, Ann! You too - happy weekend!

  13. What a fun post! I have very fond memories of Craigdarroch Castle. I bought a book in the gift shop about Robert Dunsmuir - fascinating history. My Dad went there when it was Victoria College. Your Mom's glam photos are gorgeous! Love the juxtapostion of the gnarly oak and the fluffy feathers. Your outfit is beautiful as well - very Chanel esque.

    1. Thanks so much, Robyn! Oh, how cool - yes, it's a great history. My grandad went there when it was Victoria College too! I wonder if they knew each other?

      Thank you - I really had a fun day. :)

  14. LOVE the pictures of your mama!!! You are indeed a "chip off the old block!"

  15. The elegance of a dancer is always seen, even in photographs. Your mother really rocked that pink robe. I love how dramatic and artistic the photographs are. It must be fun to have such a fun mother to hang out with.

    The walk you took together seems lovely. That castle house is spectacular. I also like your Parisian outfit. The pink sweater is lovely and matches nicely with the tweet jacket. The beret and the skirt are wonderful as well.

    1. Yes, once a dancer, always a dancer! She ended up having fun, despite initial doubts about the whole thing. She's pretty fun, though.

      It was a nice quiet place to chat and stroll. Thank you, Ivana!

  16. Your mom is awesome!!!! Lie mother, like daughter!

  17. This is such a sweet, heartwarming, super fun post. I'm deeply sorry that your mom has long endured the lasting impacts of having polio.

    Reading that reminded me of how my maternal grandma experienced, and was able to beat, TB in the early 1950s. Both illnesses are ones that tore mercilessly through recent generations, but which, thankfully are far less common today (especially polio). However, for those - like your mom and my grandma - who were blessed to survive, the impacts of these devastating illnesses follow one for life like a shadow.

    On a more upbeat note, this post just makes me all the more excited to one (post-Covid) day visit the castle again. I was all of 13, maybe 14, if memory serves me right, the last time that would have happened. In other words, a small eon ago! 😄

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Autumn - she didn't actually know anything about PPS until recently, can you believe it? I'm so glad polio and TB have been mostly eradicated.

      I hope you and Tony will make a trip over here when it's safe to do so! I would love to tour the Castle with you!!

  18. Your mom definitely knows how to strike a pose! Of course, that pink robe would make anyone act like a Glamour-puss. How nice you were able to have a little adventure with her. The castle is a wonderful backdrop for photos.

    1. Isn't she awesome? I love those pictures so much. It was a really fun adventure for us - we're lucky that it's practically in my backyard.

  19. mwhahah, lovely to see both of you enjoying some chatting and having fun!
    And lovely photos of your Mom! she's totally stealing the show!

    1. It was such a fun thing to do - Mom had a blast after initially being very reluctant to be silly. I'm glad she did, though - such a great memory.

  20. Hoorah for Glam Mum - she is rocking that PANK!

  21. I love this! I'm also taking The Robe of Pankness on location. Different than yours but possibly in theme - I'm heading to Nashville's DRAGON PARK.

    1. Nice! Dragon Park sounds very exciting! I hope you'll let Ally post your pics!

  22. OMG, Sheila, your mom is so fun! Get her on this Zoom call with us today, I want to meet her! What a fabulous outfit you wore for a date with mum! I would totally dress up for my mom as well. She always appreciated my eclectic style and I do wish she were still here because she would be my biggest blog fan ever! This was such a fun post. Thanks for sharing it and linking!


    1. Nope, not likely to happen, and I don't think she would enjoy it (she finds more than 2 people overwhelming), but you have such a big heart! Thank you! It's funny, my mom rarely compliments me, but I know she reads my blog all the time!


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