Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Two-Fer: Blue and Grey Tweed Shop and D&G Karma Flashback, and Blue and Burgundy and the Queen of Prussia Flashback

Hello, my friends! 

I got dressed on Tuesday and did my weekly grocery shop, and also popped into the Velvet Crease consignment shop on the way home. I also had a Zoom call with Mom and with my long-time blogger friend Lorena of My Every Day Wear, so I stayed dressed up for those. As I was working on putting up our new curtains (I'll have pictures after the weekend, when it's all done), I didn't have time to blog all of that, so you get today's work outfit as well.

So, we have double outfits (two-fer the price of one!), what I found on my shop, AND double Flashbacks featuring a karmic thrift find and a funky pair of Fluevogs. Are you ready? Grab a cup of tea and let's get going! 

Outfit the First - what I wore for groceries and for my wee shop.
We've had very windy weather mixed with some sun, but it's been coldcoldcold the last few days. I'm dressed for all of it!

  • Sweater - Benetton, vintage 90s, thrifted; first seen here in November 2020 with the yeti coat
  • Skirt - Dolce & Gabbana, thrifted; last worn here in October 2019 with more grey for shopping
  • Boots - Steve Madden, vintage mall; last seen here in November 2020 for dinner with Tammy
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, consignment; last worn here in December 2020

I'm annoyed that this sweater's colour doesn't come out right in photos - it is much more green/teal than it looks here, closer to the colour of these glasses. 
It's a lovely colour, regardless, and it's 100% wool, so it's snuggly warm (I also had a camisole underneath it). 
The skirt is one I've had for several years, and we'll be taking a look at it shortly. 

Masked up - see, this mask matches the sweater in reality. 
It was far too windy to wear a hat, so I wore my new-to-me ear-muffs. 

Outerwear: I chose this Danier Leather jacket because it has an extra layer of insulation. I was actually quite warm by the time I got to town.
All ready to go, got my tunes for walking. My hand looks see-through because I moved it just as the camera timer went off. 
I've got my backpack ready too! 

  • Backpack - Able Leather

Outdoor stuff: 
I found this mask in my box o' masks and didn't recognize it - I'd previously worn it in reverse with a sky blue pattern on the front. This teal is better though, and since all my masks end up with a blurry lipstick blotch where my mouth is, that's how it will be from now on.

  • Ear-muffs - Michael Kors, consignment; purchased here for $13.50
  • Mask - Mom
  • Gloves - Cejon, thrifted

The stuff: 
I do love a tall boot with a short skirt - these were excellent leg coverage. 

Simple bling:
Mom's rings - I wear a thrifted hematite ring with the "volcano" ring to help keep it stable, as it's a bit big on me. 

  • Blue/silver ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Volcano ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Earrings - Glee, local

I spent about an hour going through everything at the Velvet Crease - I might go back and try on a hot pink Thierry Mugler jacket they had (it was over $250), to either let it go in my mind (if it doesn't fit), or to stalk it for further discounts (if it does fit). It's not the kind of piece that will be snapped up quickly. 

I did come away with this swooshy bias-cut maxi skirt. 
It's two layers of the same fabric instead of a lining. 

That pattern and those colours just scream "2000!" at me. Remember when we all wore this combination and had matching purses? I do!
The dark red, tan, cream/white and black are all great colours for my wardrobe - this is going to go with a lot. I'll be wearing this very soon.

It's by Jones New York, and is 100% silk. 
I paid $26.40 for it. 

They also had 20% off on earrings, so I bit on these silver ones that I've been eyeing for a while. 
They were $44.00 and aren't stamped with any kind of mark, but they are real silver and they appear to be hand-made. They are flat with that little mount in the centre, so they're really light and easy to wear. I love big earrings! 

Flashback: Dolce & Gabbana Tweed Skirt

I'm going to drop in my little story about visiting the Dolce & Gabbana store in Florence, Italy again:

When L and I were shopping in Florence, Italy (back here in 2014, the year after I found this blazer), we were treated very rudely when we went into Dolce & Gabbana. Both of us wear expensive glasses and shoes, and we were dressed fairly nicely (considering we were traveling!), but the salesperson there followed us around like we were going to steal everything in the store. He also dashed past us and scooped up his iPhone from a table and clutched it to him like we were going to take it. It was ridiculous. I've worked in retail - that is not how you treat customers, even if you suspect them of being shoplifters (you give those ones the BEST service until they leave!).

So why bring it up again? Because a couple months later, Karen and I were on a 4-hour marathon shopping trip here in December 2014, and I found this skirt at the St. Vincent dePaul thrift store. 

I often run my hands along the stretch of black/grey skirts just to see what leaps out as real fabric (wool, silk, cashmere, etc.), rather than looking at a million black/grey skirts. 
The thing that caught my hand was the soft silk/wool blend of this tweed, and then I noticed the Persian lamb. 
It's real - and it's a dark brown-ish colour. I dug around online years ago and found the matching jacket that went with this skirt on eBay - imagine basically a Santa Claus-style flared coat with big lamb cuffs, hem and collar. I didn't buy it, as it was over $1,000. No regrets. I don't need to be Tweed Santa! 

This is likely from the 90s, and although the content tag has been removed, it's lined in brown silk, and the fabric is wool/silk - my magic hands can tell fabric pretty accurately after all these years of thrift shopping! 
This is where the karma of the poor service at the D&G store in Italy came in. How good did it feel to thumb my nose at D&G when I forked over my $6.00 for this skirt? Pretty forking good! 

As usual, I wore it right away! This is in December 2014.
The wrap of the skirt tends to open right up to the waist, so I always wear a short, stretchy black half-slip under it. 

It also reads as a more casual skirt to me, so it's usually part of a shopping outfit where my bottom half is seen, but the top half is "meh". 
"Who are you calling "meh", Woman?"

Heh, that's me and Vizzini in February 2015, and I wore my red leather coat over this. Boots Flashback here

Because of the grey mix and the strip of dark brown, I tend to either do a solid-coloured top (as I did in the current outfit), or I go monochromatic with shades of black and grey. 
This was in October 2015, and would you believe those are the same tights I'm still wearing over 5 years later? Not bad! 

Here we are in February 2016, and this is one of the many yellow blouses that I keep buying (I'm still looking for the perfect one).
I've belted over the high waist here, and that's the one and only time I've ever done that.

This was in October 2016, when I was part of a corporate group that served breakfast at the local homeless shelter.
I remember that I wiped out and fell hard in those boots on the sidewalk - I'm glad I've since had them re-soled. Boot Flashback here

One of my better monochrome grey/black looks here in February 2017.
Only the skirt has survived. That grey cashmere sweater was worn around the house for a couple of years, until it was more holes than fabric. You will all be very happy to know I bought a bunch of moth-traps last weekend! 

One of my least favourite looks - Yvonne looks so much better in this velvet vesty-thing than me! And that cream blouse was horrendous on me, blech. 
This was in November 2017. Shoe Flashback here

Another example of a shopping outfit, from March 2018. 
Without the jacket, gloves and purse, this is just a cream sweater and spotty shoes. 

Again, a shopping outfit - this was in February 2019.
Shoe Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore it, in October 2019, and again, it's a shopping outfit. 
That sweater has migrated into my at-home wardrobe and I wear it a few times a week. Shoe Flashback here.

Mathy stuff: It's no surprise that my cost-per-wear is low on this skirt (11 outfits and counting!) at 55 cents per wear. It's still one of my go-to's in fall/winter for an easy shopping skirt. 

I like the outfits where I've put it with a coloured top or shoes best - what about you? What should I wear with it next? 

Outfit the Second - and back to the office I go.
No stair picture - it was too dark this morning. 

I've been wanting to wear this vintage jacket again for a while. So many clothes, so few opportunities to wear them! 

  • Jacket - Karl Lagerfeld, vintage 90s, consignment; last worn here in October 2019 with a blue belt
  • Silk blouse - Sylvia Lee for Barcelino per Donna, vintage, consignment; last seen here in February 2020 with green velvet and black leather
  • Skirt - 525 America; first seen here (2nd outfit) in October 2020 with floral cashmere
  • Shoes - Queen of Prussia Louise, Fluevog; last worn here in February 2020 with Etro and etch-a-sketch
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here a couple of weeks ago

I picked up this glorious blue wool blazer a few years ago - it's real vintage Karl Lagerfeld. 
Note the rounded, slightly padded shoulders, the asymmetrical lapels, and the curved "tux coat" hemline. 

And while it has some really cool features, it's a difficult blazer to wear.
I belted it last time, and kind of wish I'd done that this time. Ah, well. 

The blouse is pure silk and I adore the pattern and colours. I've worn it with this jacket before, here in February 2019, just after Karl Lagerfeld died. 
I'd intended on wearing my flocked L'Wren Scott jeans (these) with this ensemble, but I've decided they aren't work-appropriate anymore so they've been downgraded to house clothes. 
Instead, I remembered this pretty swooshy knit skirt. I've previously attempted a full skirt with the blazer and it was too full, but I liked the longer hemline on this plus the slim fit-and-flare shape (the hem flips around wildly when I walk - so fun!).

Outerwear - brrr, give me all the furry things. 
The leather trenchcoat in case it snowed (nope, but up-Island got some). 

Outerwear stuff: 
For the mask, I picked a colourway that balanced all the dark red on the bottom of the outfit. 

  • Scarf - Danier Leather
  • Hat - Principles, thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Mask - Mom

Stuff stuff: 
But really, it's all about the shoes, isn't it? We'll be taking a look at these shortly in a Flashback. 

Blue bling: 
I poked around looking for a brooch but didn't find one I liked. 

  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback: Queen of Prussia Louise, Fluevog

Yet another pair of Fluevogs that I got on one of our anniversary jaunts over to the mainland; L bought these for me here, in March 2015. I didn't record how much they were at the time, but they were a new style and full price, so let's say $299.00.
Details I love: the burgundy colour has a metallic finish, and is rubbed off more where the leather bends, so that the colour is lighter/darker in places. Ankle straps - always a favourite. 
The scrolly bits on the heel, the heel cap and the toe. 

A custom buckle. 
They are quite high, but Fluevog makes comfy shoes - these are still good for me, even after 6 years! 

I wore them out for dinner both nights while on our trip to Vancouver, and did the same outfit both times (the evenings were with different groups of friends), so this counts as two wearings! 
Lounging louchely across the hotel bed. Dress Flashback here. I still have that necklace! 

I wore them to work when we got home, still in March 2015.
That's a skirt I picked up on that Vancouver trip and let go of a few years ago - it wasn't lined and I got tired of the print. 

I wore the shoes again in April with reds and purples. 
You'll remember this outfit from the blazer Flashback (here). 

Showing some leg here in May 2015 for an evening out with Tammy. 
I think I gave that purse to Cat. Dress Flashback here

This is a fun outfit from August 2015 - I mailed that Gaga-esque jacket to blog-friend Wendy Brandes a couple of years ago.
Only the shoes are left. 

Diving into some equestrian-themed stuff in October 2015. 
I regret giving up those 70s satin disco trousers - I was five years too early for the pleated-front/high-waisted pants trend, and couldn't get my head around these in my wardrobe. This is the only time I wore them...but I only paid $7.50 so I don't feel too, too bad. 

Proving that I'm wearing culottes in October 2016 - I obviously stored the shoes away for spring/summer that year, as I usually do now.
Blouse Flashback here

I love this December 2016 outfit. 
The combination of wines and purples, plus the pattern, plus my purple hair - it all works so nicely. I still have that cardigan (it's also in the equestrian outfit above).

I wore the shoes to Caro and Ronnie's Sweetheart Party in Feb 2017 with a cheap H&M dress that I only wore once (it was under $9.00). 
Showing some leg! That's my floral necklace worn on my head, which turned out to be a bad idea as it slipped and slid all over. Very annoying. 

I adore this outfit from October 2017, and I expect many of you will also really like it. 
That vintage wool skirt is gone - it was full of moth-holes. Jacket Flashback here

A shiny outfit from December 2017. 
Another skirt I didn't own for very long. 

L and I looking resplendent in our tartans/plaids for the Victoria Film Festival Opening Night Gala in February 2018. 
Dress Flashback here; fascinator Flashback here.

This was my first wearing of this long swooshy skirt that I purchased and wore in March 2018. 
I kept the skirt but the velvet top is long gone (not flattering, also Velvet Issues). 

This outfit from November 2018 was recently featured in the Flashback for the jacket (here). 
I'll have to pair the shoes and jacket again at some point. 

I'm deep into another one of my Velvet Phases in January 2019. 
I still have everything but the velvet jacket (it was cheaply made). We saw this dark purple Yves Saint Laurent skirt in Flashback here

A lovely outfit in October 2019 - I seem to have a strong record for October outfits! I must be putting in extra effort 'cause it's my birthday month, ha ha.
This is the second time I've worn these shoes with this blazer. 

And here's the last time I wore them, in February 2020, with my Etch-a-Sketch sequin skirt. 
Blazer Flashback here, just last week. 

Mathy stuff: All these outfits add up to 19 wearings, for a cost-per-wear of $15.74. That's pretty good - I know that will go down more over time. 

Burgundy shoes are almost as useful as red shoes in my wardrobe - do you own this colour? Chime in with your favourite outfit! 


  1. So many great outfits! When the pandemic is over we need to go for a shoppimg trip, I need inspiration in putting looks together. Hope you are staying warm!

    1. Totally, Dar! I would love to do that! Yes, staying warm - a fireplace is coming soon!

  2. Good morning Sheila, I would wear the outfit today in a heartbeat I can almost feel how warm that jumper is. Well so many great outfits(as usual) but as I was scolling I must admit Nov 2018 stopped me in my tracks. So that is ONE of my favorites. You certainly have amazing shoes! Loving the blue jewelery as usual too. Love how your shoes are part of your "story" ie. anniversary presents etc. Windy and grey here so back to scroll through this great post. Shazxx

    1. Hi, Shaz! Good morning! Aw, thank you - yes, it's a very snuggly jumper. I agree, that's a good one! I love my shoes and all the stories they help me remember.

  3. I love your work outfit, the colour combo of the jacket and the skirt together as well as the shapes of the pieces looks so good! I really like getting two flashbacks as well! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! It was fun doing two Flashbacks, but they are a bit of work.

  4. Yes! I had burgundy shoes in the 80's and they were super versatile (especially for the office). Lise

  5. It warms my heart more than the sun's heat that is seriously MIA at the moment here in Canada to know that you and Lorena share Zoom calls. I've had the joy of knowing you both online for many years now and yet wasn't aware that you two were that close. That's awesome!!!

    Big hugs & the happiest of wishes for a relaxing, lovely tail end of January,
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Autumn, if you ever want to Zoom with me, just send me an email (it's in my profile). I have never Zoomed or "met" Lorena before, but we've been blog-friends for over 10 years! It was like I'd known her forever. I would love to chat with you!

      Hugs to you, thank you!

  6. That skirt looks fabulous on you, what a great shape! Good to see that leather bag getting an outing, it's a great investment. The silver earrings are lovely, I'd have bought those.
    Flashbacks galore. Love the one of you and L in your gala opening night checks. xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I'm getting almost-daily use out that bag. I thought of you when I bought the earrings! :)

      Thanks, that was such a fun event!

  7. Love your grocery and wee shop outfit and I am definitely hearing you on colours not coming out right photos. Both my "real" camera and phone camera have problems with shades of blue and green. Isn't that weird? How cute are the ear muffs by the way. Perhaps I should look out for a pair, as they'd be brilliant at hiding the grey bits near my ears :-)
    Wonderful finds at the Velvet Crease, and yes, I do remember similar skirts, although funnily enough not the matching purses! The earrings are splendid!
    $ 6 for that D&G skirt? That's definitely Karma!
    My heart skipped a bit when I saw outfit the second. How glorious it is! I love it all, the blue Karl Lagerfeld blazer, the pleated skirt and that divinely patterned silk blouse! And the shoes, obviously! That heel is just wow - I wouldn't be able to walk very far in them without accidents, though! I always find your flashbacks very entertaining - even if your hair instead of the clothes often has my full attention - and this time was not exception. xxx
    P.S. Re. Zoom! I am certainly open to your suggestion but as I'm a notorious technophobe, I'll need to find out what's what first. I'll let you know xxx

    1. That is so annoying with blues and greens, isn't it, Ann? I also see it a bit with pinks/purples. I loved my ear-muffs! I had a pair in the 80s (purple ones) and it was awesome to have them again.

      The purses were probably a copy of a designer one. They were rectangular with colour blocks of red/tan/black/white.

      I know, such a nice little karmic nod from the Clothing Gods.

      Oh, thank you! I struggle with the blazer but it's SO cool and really old Karl. It's actually a really easy heel to walk in. I know, I love seeing how much I change - so quickly too!

      Think about it - you would have to download the plug-in to Zoom, but you don't require an account, and it isn't intrusive (they don't send me emails or anything). Let me know - I'd love to chat with you "in person"! :)

  8. I must say the snooty sales clerk definitely got his comeuppance! I swear the fashion gods follow you around when you go shopping! Great finds. I actually did finish a cup of tea while reading through your flashback, lol. So many pretty things!

    1. Well, not like he'd know, but it felt karmic to me, Nana! I find some amazing stuff, it is true! Thank you so much.

  9. The blue Benneton sweater! I tnink I owned that. There was a Benneton shop in Duluth and I think it was a shopping splurge when we were up there for the Edmin Firzgerald race.

    1. That's so funny, Sam! What a coincidence that would be!

  10. I love your coat/jacket collection! So many beautiful pieces and gorgeous looks! Have a fab weekend!

  11. Ha ha, fat finger to the salespersons over there. To arrogant for words. Love your new skirt. It's very cold here too, and when it's a bit warmer, some days, it's raining al the time. I hate this season. Want to go out!

    1. Heh, you got it, Nancy! I'm wearing the skirt today, so I hope you like it on me as well as on the hanger. Brrr, I'm so glad we have a fireplace now! I also want to go out and hang out outside! I miss my friends so much...

  12. Fabulous photos as always - you make dressing so much fun.
    I am excited to hear you spoke to Lorena.
    I must go back to her blog, last time I looked she hadn't updated it for a while.
    Take Care Sheila.

    1. It was so fun! If you ever want to try a Zoom call with me, drop me an email (it's in my profile) and I'll book a time that works for us. :)

      Lorena has been catching up after some personal disruption due to lockdowns in her country, but she is back.

  13. I noted your reply to the comment above mine, and I would love to do a Zoom call with you if you were interested. I remember when you found the D&G skirt - excellent score. As the thrift stores fill up with fast fashion junk, it gets easier to tell the quality pieces, but unfortunately, they are becoming few and far between. I hate when sales staff are snotty to customers; they have no idea who has $$ to spend, so being rude can lose them a sale.

    1. YES! I would love to Zoom with you, Shelley! Drop me an email (in my profile) and I'll book us a time. :)

      I have noticed that too - and with not being able to try stuff on in the thrifts right now, consignment has been my way to go. Totally! Silly salespeople!

  14. I love it all, Sheila! That tweed fur trimmed skirt is amazing! What a fabulous find. I always pass right by the rack of black and gray skirts because it is so tedious to dig through them and so many are just garbage. I never thought to run my hands through them feeling for decent fabrics! I am going to try that on my next thrifting adventure! Ooh, speaking of that, my sister is coming to visit in a few weeks (she lives about 5 hours away) and we have an entire day scheduled for thrifting! I am so excited! I have not seen my sister in a year and a half. And she is my fave person to shop with. I also am loving that you had some zoom time with Lorena! I just had a video chat with Michell of My Bijou Life on Wednesday night. It was so nice to have a conversation and see a face outside of the 3 faces in my house! I need more of that!


    1. Thanks so much, Shelbee! I love it too - and do try the "hand" trick to see if you discover anything exciting! Oh, I'm so envious of your shopping company - we can't do that here.

      Yes, chatting with Lorena was so fun! It's the first time I've ever chatted with a fellow blogger!

  15. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I just found two vintage Jones New York suits on my last thrifting trip last weekend. I paid $5 for one and $9 for the other. I am hoping to get them on the blog soon. If only the weather would become tolerable!


    1. Oh, nice! Their "career wear" from the early 00s is very good quality. I look forward to seeing them.

  16. Oh.... these Queen of Prussia Louise shoes are the best. I would buy them immediately. I have been looking through Fluevog's offering in the Netherlands but nothing I like so far. Let's wait for March when spring begins.
    The black and white skirt is a keeper and I like that dark red (burgundy) swooshy skirt.
    The photo with the culottes is such fun.

    1. Yeah, they don't make these any more, but they do have some wonderful shoes, Greetje. They should be rolling out a bunch of new styles soon, once their big sale ends. Thanks!

  17. Amazing shoes! I love an ankle strap too and the color is so nice. And the heel!

    1. Aren't they just a work of art, Ashley? Thank you so much.

  18. How nice you Zoom'ed with Lorena! She told me their lockdown restrictions are much harsher than ours and their delay to getting the vaccine is much longer.

    1. Yes, she mentioned that! If you want to Zoom with me, drop me a note and I'll book one!

  19. That blue sweater is fabulous. I really like all of the outfits in this post. You're so creative with your style Sheila. I always enjoy your flash backs. That February 2020 outfit in silver tones is so pretty.

    1. It's gorgeous quality in person, Ivana - very thick wool. Thank you so much!

  20. Lots of lovely outfits!
    Love your blue-teal sweater and the cool boots, rocking it!. Your D&G skirt is a fab piece, elegant and edgy!, love a quality skirt!
    And love your blue jacket, another fab piece and another lovely outfit!
    And those shoes are so fantastic!, lovely flashback too, and I have to agree that the December2016 outfit is particularly fabulous (purple!!) and October 2017 is also magnificent. Love these shoes actually!


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